Motor Engineering Manual

"Electrical Engineering Handbook" (The Electrical Engineering Handbook) is a large comprehensive reference book China first introduced the basic content of the electrical engineering discipline. 1974 by the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Chemical Industry, Jiaoyu Bu together constitute the editorial board, committee director Shen Hong, and "Mechanical Engineering Handbook" while the compilation. To participate in the book written by experts, scholars, professors 570 people. From the beginning of 1978, sub-articles have been published booklet, 1980 at a time 50 kinds of pamphlets. The first edition published in 1982 bound volume. Electrical book by subject knowledge structure, is divided into the basic theory, electrical materials, and the power supply system, the motor, power transmission equipment, industrial electrical equipment, electronic components, instrumentation systems and Zidongkongzhi nine volumes, the total volume index. The book is ten volumes, about 1250 million words, 7200 Figure, 2900 table. Are attached in the foreign references Parts of the body. The main audience for a variety of technical workers. The book comprehensively summarizes the electrical production and scientific research of the Chinese experience and achievements, while absorbing some foreign advanced technology. Written and drawn on the line based on the overall outline profile, reflecting the common, focused and easy to understand, concise, intuitive, then check the classification principles, focusing on the professional basic content, commonly used formulas and data, the key issues and linkages to adjacent areas Motor Engineering Manual

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