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Precision Sex: is relative to traditional advertising media, mobile advertising has a congenital advantage in accuracy. It broke through the traditional newspaper advertising, TV commercial, online advertisement, etc., and the huge coverage of the huge coverage arrived to the marketing effect, and there was a big transcendence in the number of audiences, broadred. The mobile phone advertisement can be sent directly to the user's mobile phone according to the actual situation of the user, and truly realize "precision transmission" on the user's mobile phone.

Instant Sex: The mobile phone advertisement is mobility from the phone. The mobile phone is a personal belly, its portable portability is stronger than any other traditional media, and most users will bring the phone around, or even 24 hours is not turned off, so the influence of mobile media to users is all-weather, advertising Information reaching is also the most timely.

Interaction Sex: Mobile advertising interaction has built a interactive exchange platform between advertisers and consumers, allowing advertising mains more timely Understand the needs of our customers, making the initiative of consumers, improved their own status.

Diffusion Sex: mobile phone advertising diffuse, reproduction, referring to the user can use the advertisement that the self believes in WeChat, SMS, micro The way of popularization is forwarded to friends and family, directly spreading information or disseminating advertisements to relations people.

Integration Sex: The integration advantage of mobile advertising is achieved by 3G technology, mobile advertising can pass text, sound, image, animation, etc. Different forms show mobile phones will not only a real-time voice or text communication device, but also a function of entertainment tools: audio and video function, game terminal, mobile TV, etc., is also a timely financial terminal: mobile phone e-wallet, certificate劵 Accepting tools, etc.

Measuring: For advertising owners, mobile advertising relative to other media ads is also its measurable or traceability, making audiences Accurate statistics.

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According to the data released by the Internet Advertising Bureau, hereinafter referred to as "IAB"), 2012, global mobile advertising revenue increased by 82.8%, $ 8.9 billion, higher than $ 5.3 billion in 2011. Among them, mobile search advertisements have increased by 88.8%; mobile display advertisements have increased by 87.3%; mobile information advertising has increased by 40.2%.

Anna Bager, Vice President, vice president of IAB, said in the statement that "Mobile is beginning to become a powerful advertising medium. Now in the world, advertising activities can be planned, and can be more Media global networks are purchased, but mobile international influence is continuously improved and strengthened, providing exciting new platforms for content and exchanges. "

The following is mobile advertising revenue in various regions around the world Distribution:

Asia Pacific: 41.1% ($ 3.586 billion)

North America: 39.7% ($ 352 million)

Western Europe: 16.9% (14.99 $ 100 million)

Central European region: 1.2% ($ 1.76 million)

Middle East and Africa: 1.2% ($ 109 million)

Mobile Ads

Latin America: 0.5 % (50 million US dollars)


Mobile ad is very similar to Internet advertising advertising alliance (represented by AdSense), Google distributes the advertisements of many advertisers through the AdSense advertising platform On the small and medium-sized website where the AdSense advertisement code is placed. The mobile advertisement is represented by ADMOB (ADMOB has been acquired by Google, and the future may be integrated into adsense for mobile).

Mobile advertisement currently has two main forms, and the domestic advertising platforms are representatives with rice, over-form, and colorful fruits. Admob is mainly embedded in the Banner (banner) in the app, and then open the web page through the browser after clicking the ad. IAD inherits Apple's elegance without opening the browser, showing cool advertisements directly in the application.

The advantage of mobile advertisements is to position. According to a report of a research institution in the United States, the location-related advertisements can effectively improve the advertising hits, even 50%, although this data may be too high, 10% -20% is reasonable. It is necessary to know that the clicks of the most accurate search advertisements in Internet ads are only 2-3%.

The future development trend of mobile advertising is mainly reflected in the more advanced evolution of mobile communication, and today Weibo WeChat is one of the advertising forms of information, anytime, anywhere. The most convenient and most influential advertising form of Weibo and WeChat in mobile advertisements.

Network promotion is a variety of ways, such as the top ten of China's top ten popular network services is the microblog, Weibo has become another dating of netizens and the information exchange platform, and it is also a large platform for commercial products. . "Hunger Marketing" is the rise of domestic smartphones, created 3 minutes and 15 seconds to sell an amazing record of 200,000 mobile phones, thereby visible to the infinite charm of network promotion.


Mobile advertisement This emerging advertising industry complies with the trend of mobile marketing, it is a new marketing method that relies on mobile terminals, and has preciseness compared to traditional media. Interactivity, flexibility, and personalization, compared to traditional media advertising services, more attention to convenience, users watch scenes and network bearing capacity.

Based on such differences, such advertising platforms have unique operation methods in advertising production, brand selection, service organizations, etc., will become a new favorite of precision marketing in the future. The disadvantage should be that the user is universally compare the mobile phone advertisement, because the SMS advertisement is notorious, but the picture and the text advertisement will gradually be accepted by the market. If your own products are suitable for mobile advertising, you can seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity.

Charge method


The most scientific method for charging is to charge your advertisement in accordance with how many people have. Visual charges have become a practice of mobile advertising platforms. CPM (Thousand Cost) refers to how much advertising costs are all in the advertising process during the advertising delivery process. Traditional medium uses this pricing method. On the mobile advertising platform, CPM depends on the "Impression" scale, which is usually understood as a number of times of advertisement in a fixed time. For example, a single price of a built-in advertising banner is 1 yuan / cpm, meaning that every thousand people see this ban-Ner, then receive 1 yuan, such push, 10,000 people access home is 10 yuan. As for the fee of each CPM, it is necessary to take a fixed rate based on the price level of the mobile phone application (i.e., the number of browsses). International practice is that each CPM charge is from $ 5 to $ 200.


Take each billing one bill. Such methods plus click rate limits to strengthen the difficulty of cheating, and is the optimal way of promotion. However, there are many people who feel unfair, for example, although the viewers have not clicked, but he has seen advertisements. For these, the advertisements have not clicked, advertising has become a busy alive. There are many mobile applications that don't want to do such advertising, it is said that it is because traditional media have never done this.


CPA pricing method refers to the actual effect by advertising, ie the valid questionnaire or order of the response, and not limited to advertising. The CPA's pricing method has certain risks for the website, but if the advertisement is successful, its income is much larger than the CPM's pricing method. As far as I know the 7-day hotel, some of them is so dry, pay 20 yuan to the website according to the registration of a member. The three charging methods of CPM, CPC, and CPA can only be more suitable for you.

No matter the CPM, CPC is also CPA, the advertiser can choose according to its own product characteristics, which is the same as the traditional Internet advertising. Due to the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the mobile advertising platform also has a charging method (pressing each purchase), but the general effect is not good enough, and the reason is more inconvenient in the mobile payment.

At present, most of the mobile advertising platforms in China support CPM, CPC, CPA billing. When choosing mobile advertising, the advertising master can more consider the stability of the mobile advertising platform and the media resource depth.

Cool fruit is based on the CPA, on March 14, 2014, TCPA, Transparency Cost Per Action. It is intended that the developer can take the lead in the client interface to all developers through the Cooking Platform, which is clearly monitored to the user's specific installation, and the CPA unit price corresponding to the advertisement.


CPS (COST Per Sales): Convert advertisements for the advertisements in the commission of actual sales products. That is, it is a commercial cooperation approach to a certain proportional commission based on success sales.

CPS Advertising As a CPA Advertising, the advertiser is to avoid advertising cost risks, and pay the advertising site sales in accordance with the actual sales of the advertisement. CPS is suitable for products that have accessible and payment function web pages in the Internet. In the field of mobile Internet, many mobile advertising platforms are also trying to use.

Development status

2013. In July, the 2012 global mobile advertising market revenue increased by 83%, reaching 68 billion, of which the search engine contributed 53% of income, grew up from the previous year 2 %. This group of data means that the mobile search market shows a strong growth momentum, which has accounted for the half-wall of the mobile advertising market.

This data report is basically consistent with the development of the domestic mobile search market. In 2013, the domestic mobile Internet has entered the development expressway, and there is a group of later people to enter the mobile search field, launch various types. Mobile app, mobile search into the era of "group hegemony".

However, mobile search is different from the PC search, and it is difficult to successfully copy the PC search to the mobile platform, and the mobile search also differentiates, and the vertical feature is more pronounced. This will be a new challenge for search engine companies, and will be a new opportunity for the later people who move search the market.

Although major search engines are actively laying out of mobile search market, mobile search market is still in rapid development, and the pattern does not form. It is reported that the largest share of the current mobile search field is only about 30%.

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