Master's class vocational education

International Education

In order to adapt to the social needs of technical skills, the level of vocational education in Finnish has continued to improve, gradually improved by secondary vocational education to undergraduate and master's level of vocational education.

Master's class vocational education

Domestic education

my country's higher vocational education has formed a relatively complete system covering the four levels of college, undergraduate, master's degree. Specialty level vocational education mainly develops high-skilled talents. Bachelor-Level Vocational Education is mainly divided into application type undergraduate and teachers' undergraduate, application-type undergraduate education pays attention to strengthening practice teaching links, and teachers' undergraduate focus on strengthening students' "double teacher" capacity building. Master's class vocational education includes master's degree in professionalism, master's degree in master's degree and master student of full-time vocational and technical education, should clearly develop its own training objectives, adopting flexible education teaching models, and increase practical teaching links. Ph.D., vocational education, specialty for doctoral education, major in professional technological education, should focus on promotion of degree applicants to emerge in the actual contribution of the degree in the field, and stimulate innovative results. The Education Department of Master's Professional Education Teachers' Training Work.

Teacher Cultivation. Selected 46 universities such as Beijing University of Technology, Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, launched the implementation of the "Vocational and Technical Education Field of Vocational and Technical Education" in the Implementation of Educational Technical Education and Cultivation of Master's Professional Educational Teachers and Broadcasting Vocational College Teachers Increase Academic Channel.

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