Legal and other organizations unified social credit code

Social Credit Code General Refers to French and Other Organizations Unified Social Credit Code

Basic Cases

Legal and Other Organizational Unified Social Credit Code System, equivalent to bringing legal persons and other organizations with a national Unified "ID", this is an important part of the commercial system reform. Although the central government has repeatedly highlighting the reform process, but due to the specific work involving various departments such as industrial and commercial, quality supervision, taxation, also known as the "hard bones" of the reform. How to crack the interests of the department to obstruct this hard bone? The Prime Minister pointed out that the scientificness of social credit code should be repeatedly argued, and the strength and speed of reform advance cannot be relaxed. Since the reform has entered the deep water area, the interests of the touched department will inevitably. But this should not be the "blocking road" of reforms, and it is even more "island" that cannot be changed.

code introduction

Standard regulations Unified social credit code with 18 Arabic numbers or uppercase English letters, are 1 registration management department code, 1 institution category code, 6 Registration management authority administrative area code, 9 principal identification code, 1 check code.

consists of five parts of the registration management department code, agency category code, registration management agency administrative region, the main identification code (organizing mechanism code), and the code code code code, and the organization involved, the legal person , Other organizations, organizational code, unified social credit code, etc. have made a provision.

Legal and other organizations unified social credit code

Development History

On 4 June 2015, the State Council executive meeting decided to implement legal persons and other organizations to unify social credit code systems, enhance social operation efficiency and credit.

September 22, 2015, learned from the National Standards Committee that the National Standards Committee recently approved mandatory national standard GB32100-2015 "legal persons and other organization unified social credit code coding rules". This standard will be officially implemented on October 1, 2015.

At the end of 2017, the national corporate credit information publicity system was fully built. The publicity system is real-time to pay credit information on the corporate side, and the unified social credit code is indexed under the enterprise name, and gradually form a "national network".

As of the end of March 2018, the national legal person and the illegal organizational stock code conversion rate were 99.8%, and the deposit of the stock was 82%; the national industrial and commercial stock exchange rate was 95%.

Composition Features

First, an organizational code is embedded as a body identification code. Uniqueness through the organization code ensures that the social credit code will not be completed. In other words, the uniqueness of organizational code is perfect "genetics" to unified social credit code.

The second is to increase administrative division code before the organization code. This combination is not difficult to find that it is the tax registration certificate number. This improves the compatibility of the unified social code, and the tax authorities can be easily upgraded to the new credit code system in the transition period.

three is the first two to the registration organs and institution categories, so that the unified social credit code is more clear and efficient in the application, the first place facilitates the management of the registration authority, can be used as a retrieval entry, the second bit can Accurate to organize organizations to make it easy to refine the puncturing.

4 is a large capacity of the body identification code of the unified social credit code. By digital alphanumeric, plus the exponential growth, ensuring that a large number of organization can be accommodated for a long period of time.

5 is that the unified social credit code bit is 18, the same number of ID cards, this clever design can be registered, retrieved, fill in the future "two-yard two" applications. Table and other unity.

six is ​​that the main body identification code in the unified social credit code has a check bit, and it is also a check bit, and it is a double check compared to the ID number, ensuring the number. accuracy.

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