Le Zhengshi's Confucianism

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"Han Ai · Diseases" Related Confucius "Confucian Society is Eight" in "Le Zhengshi Confucianism", but this school is unknown. The latter has no history, but only has a surcharge, temporarys the no name.

Jin Dynasty Tao Yuanming, "Shengxian Group Accept" clearly records

eight Confucian

two [husband], it is scattered in the world, China, into the source of Bai, for the Confucianism. The residential rings, the horses, the scorpion, and the food, with the self-residents, the Confucianism, and the son. In the crown, the movement is smooth, the big makes it as slow, and the little makes the puppet. Yan's poem is the road, which is irony. Meng's book is the way, and the long Confucianism. The paint carousel is a road, and it is convinced with Confucianism. Zhong Liang's passed, with yin and yang, is a Confucian, which is the blindness. Le Zhengshi Biography Spring and Autumn "is the way to spend the content. Gongsun's spread is easy to clean and refine.

Le Zhengshi's Confucianism


is not tired, not decorated, not honored, not in the public, this Song Yu, Yin Wenzhi. The frown is a dress, the squat is sued, and the day and night will not be self-reliant, the Qiqi, Wuhouzi's ink. Different from the back of the noodles, this is not ink, this bitter, dental, Dumingzi's ink.

The above text, and the other side of the Han Ai Zi Zi, the right number. Because "Zhuangzi" was edited by the Jin Dynasty Guo Yiang, so I only saw half of the "world", I can only see the criticism of Moh, the famous family, the man who cautiously arrived, the family of Laozi, the name of Huizi. After breaking, it is not repeated to see the conconishes of Confucianism. However, Guo Hua will not think that the Tao Yuanming, who meets a reading, does not seek understanding. Lazy lazy, "Zhuangzi, the World", directly copy, the three-ink text is as follows.

属 简

Taiwan scholar Zhang Gao commented:

According to the pen, the so-called "Spring and Autumn" calligraphy in the past, can be summarized as two categories: one, Focus on the content thinner, such as "Zuo Zhuan" so-called "punishing evil and persuade good", "people can make people make people make people, good people to persuade, prostitutes," and "raw scholar" And more 焉. Second, the side of the refresher, such as "Zuo Chuan", "传", "micro-display, emotion, gentle, do not sweat", "micro-optic,", Du pre-called a quoruts, Belong. Qian Zhongshu said: "The so-called" Spring and Autumn "calligraphy ', the first testist is neglected." That is to refer to the words, the article.

It can be seen that "the thing" can be used as the ideological content of the Spring and Autumn Stylus, that is, according to the time of the year, the time of the day, Du Prequispad: "Spring and Autumn", Lu Shiji Also. Notepad, at the time of the day, in the day of the month, in the month, the year is in the year, so it is far away, and the same is different. The history of the history, there is a must have a first thing, four hours Therefore, it is wrong to think that the name of the record is also. "

" Word "can be used as a rhetorical law in the spring and autumn brush, that is, when narrative history, select accurate words to express its value judgment. The "ratio" is the premise of the "Spring and Autumn Pen Law", which also means the screening of the history, reflects the basic ethical values ​​of Confucius; "resignation" is the words Convenient, resignation, things, and righteousness are the basic level of "Spring and Autumn" text, "the words" means the cutting and extension of writing. The purpose of "belonging to the abstain" is to clear the priority, to have the consequences, knowing the trend, can know.

So, why did the pre-Qin period attach great importance to the resignation? In fact, in addition to the recognition of the importance of writing, "whose words are free, not far away", from the restrictions on real productivity conditions. By introducing the words of Sun Mine and Zhang Xuecheng, Yan Yuan and other words, the ancient times, because there is no secrets of today's paper, can only use the paint bamboo slip method to come to the document, and the time is laborious. In such cases, Qian Zhongshu believes : "Spring and Autumn" work, his troubles, the next Han Jin, the power is half-mean. The text has to be saved, resignation, so that it will be "Spring and Autumn" The brief nature of the text, for the provincial text, it has to attach great importance to the use of the word, which is actually the objective cause of the "belonging to the abstain".

The rules in "Spring and Autumn" need to find different points in similar events, but also to find the same point in different events, "Spring and Autumn" has different writing methods for similar events. And the means, thereby forming a spring and autumn brush method, showing the characteristics of "rumors" that era, reflects the appeal to establish a new order

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