Jiangnan University Marxist College

College Overview

Marxist College is responsible for the ideological and political theory of undergraduate students and graduate students, and studying the development of Marxist theoretical disciplines, building a master's degree in Marxist theory and creation Doctoral work.

Jiangnan University attaches great importance to the teaching of ideological and political theories. Since 2006, Jiangnan University Ideological and Political Theory Leading Group and "Jiangnan University Marxism Theoretical Research Center" were established, and the school party secretary and serve as the leadership group The team leader and decided to fund the annual funding funds for the construction and discipline development of the ideological and political theory curriculum of Jiangnan University.

Jiangnan University attaches great importance to the construction of the ideological and political theoretical classes. The school has 61 ideological and political theoretical courses, including 64% of the associate professors and above senior titles; 74% of teachers with master's degree. .

Professor Zhu Tongan is a member of the Zhangzhou Political Society, Jiangsu University Academic Committee, Jiangnan University Teaching Master, Professor Liu Huan Ming as Jiangsu Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Steering Committee, Jiangnan University Academic Committee member .

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Graduate Office


Jiangnan University Marxist College

One Series (Marxism Basic Principles)

Second Series (Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics)

Graduate Cultivation

Since 2003, Jiangnan University has begun to build a Master of Masters and Ideological and Political Education Majors in Jiangnan University. point. The Marxist Academy has a master's degree in the theoretical first-level discipline, recruits Marxist basic principles, the history of Marxism, China's research, foreign Marxism research, ideological and political education, China's modern basic problems research, etc. Six secondary The graduate student of the discipline, more than 20 graduate tutors, nearly 100 graduate students.

Marxist basic principles Professional research direction mainly: Marxism and contemporary society; the theoretical research of Marxist political parties; the basic principle of Marxist law.

Marxist Development History Professional Research Orientation Mainly: The History of Marxist Public Law Theory; Research on China 's Modern Legal System.

Marxist China 's research professional research direction main research direction: China' s Marxist theoretical system research; the theory and practice of socialist economic construction in Chinese characteristics; Chinese characteristics socialist political civilization.

Foreign Marxist research focuses on: Marxism and Western political culture; Western Marxist Society Theory.

The direction of ideological and political education is mainly: the theory and practice of ideological and political education; school ideological and political education and management; ideological and political education and social work.

The research direction of modern Chinese basic problems research is mainly: China 's modernization research; research on the history of modern modern thinking.

Jiangnan University Marxist College and Wuxi New District Party Working Committee have a master's workstation. Every year, the Marxist Academy selected some graduate students with high quality and strong research capabilities, entered a master's workstation in Wuxi National High-tech Development Research Institute. It is mainly conducted with this major, related to dissertation, and obtains the research work in the economic and social development services of Wuxi New Area, and obtains the required credits or achievements.

The development of graduate education, in order to promote the construction of Marxist theory, improve the theoretical depth, teaching level and teaching quality of ideological and political theories, and launch a solid discipline basis.

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