This product uses raw materials such as upper flour, cotton sugar, sesame, sesame oil, Zuo Yang Ding, orange cake, etc., is fermented, and crisp, bag, more Folding is folded, baked with a fire, crispy delicious.

The main material is a pineering. The ingredients have a white sugar, a big sesame oil or peanut oil, sesame seed, fragrant tea, food base. 3 key must be grasped during production. First, according to the characteristics of the season, determine the size of the manner, how much release the base, master the water temperature and water volume. The second is the key to grab the knead, do a long, wide, thick, and take the middle of the dosage after Lazi. The third is to pay attention to baking, first use the fire fire fire, after burning, brush the furnace, furnake oil, and the bottom is uniform to be uniform. The baking time has to be up to 4 hours, and it is necessary to be uniform. The fire is not good, not the furnace is scrapped, that is, it can't come down, it is shocked, so it is called "Kung Fu".


Fang crisp, can become a representative reflection of Jiangdu, when it is its quality, so that the fake person "Sweets the horse", the "Ziwei Parking" . The first is that it is paying attention to it, and it needs to be selected, etc., the white sugar, the meal oil or peanut oil and the sesamer, and the fragrant strip. Second, it is necessary to grasp the seasonal characteristics, the size of the fertilizer, how much the base, and the surface water temperature, and the water volume are needed. Once again, it is the key to catching the knead, the same is long, wide, and thick. After Lati, it will be struck in the half of the umbilical, and the recipe. Finally, pay attention to baking, first with wooden firefighting, after burning, brush the champion, furnake oil, look at the bottom and lower, and can be put. It is easy to say, do it, you will be baked for 4 hours, and it is necessary to get even down, the fire is not good, not the furnace is scrapped, it is can't be broken, it is shocked. It is because it makes it very expensive, and the fire is difficult to master, so the crispy name "Kung Fu".

The taste of the crisp is good, see the appearance, the upper sesame particles, the crystal clear is translucent. The in the body layer is laminated, the thin, crisp, not hard, soft without sticking, the entrance is instant, sweet and pleasant. A good pagress, landing in the ground, the touch is broken, and its crisp is difficult to describe in words. Because of this, the food is not only in Yangzhou, but also talked to it in the overseas Chinese, some people also compiled it: the image is embarrassed, the famous crisp surname; the gift of friends and relatives; It is sweet and fragrant; it is hierarchical, hierarchical; Jiangdu special product, reputation is full.

Jiangdu's crisp, Taixing's yellow bridge biscuit, Gaoyou's Qin Yue, Thailand, the hem of Taizhou, these four refreshments have been the famous product products in Yangzhou suburbs.


Jiangdu's crisp, because its surface is covered with sesame seeds, so it is also known as "方酥". There is also a beautiful legend. It is said that the Fairy Temple (now for the fairy town) has the original tea restaurant, and the crispy bread is hard, how can you sell it, this makes the boss to hurt the brain. This is known by the fairy of the fairy temple, she has been helping. This day and a half night, she turned into a Xiangyun drifting into the tea restaurant. Herened the silk row skilled in his body, wiped some of the fine lipid powder, and sprinkled some sweet butter, then volume 32 floors , Stacked four four squares, put it in the heart, slowly warm, straight to the full house. Sleepy boss was hit by this wonderful aroma, got up, and only saw 1 square crisp on the board. The boss left and left the right, suddenly resulted, finally made a sweet and delicious, crisp, and became people's favorite to play.

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