Inner Huada Battleship


May 26, 1916, "Nevada" joined the Atlantic fleet in Newport in Rhode Island, and began to perform tasks in the East coast and Caribbean until the first time World War. After Norfolk, Virginia, the "Nevada" was started on August 3, 1918, and Ireland Bantry Bay, July 23, and joined the British big fleet. It then cleaned the battlefield in the North Sea. In December, US President Wood Wilson took the "Washington" to France Brest, it escorted.

On 13 December 1918, the "Nevada" battleship was sent to the US President's "Washington" (ID-3018) to France.

During the two Wars, the "Nevada" battleship was served in the Atlantic Fleet, the Pacific Fleet. In September 1922, it represents the United States in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. From July 1925 to September, it participated in the US warship to Australia, New Zealand's voyage, to the Far East's allies and Japan show that they have the ability to sail to Japan. In the 1920s, it also added 4 76 mm high guns.

"Nevada" battleship "Nevada" battleship was taken in Panama Bay in the 1920s. It has already installed 4 76mm high guns: 2 seats in the bridge and the foreigners, 2 near the living boat crane. The aircraft diverter is in the sector stern.

August 1927, in January 1930, "Nevada" has conducted a large-scale modern modification at the Norfolk Navy Shipai, and the entire building is almost reconstructed. It uses a new tribed mast, 10 portboard side guns are moved to the main deck, the original 2-gantry 127/51 deputy cannon is canceled, replaced by 2 76 mm high guns. In the bridge, 8 127/25 cannons were arranged on both sides of the front mast, and the rear mast is 2 76 mm high guns. The stern increases aircraft dash, and the ship width is increased to 33 meters. Its steam turbine is aging, replacing the steam turbine removed from "North Dakothe". The ship has been serving in the Pacific Fleet.

1934, the ship modified a gun-fired system, including an indicator, a rangefinder.

Modified "Nevada" in September 1934, the "Nevada" battleship is modified in the naval shipyard. This photo can be more clearly seen by fire control equipment such as some rangefinders installed.

The "Nevada" in the dock circles in 1935, the "Nevada" battleship is in the dock of the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard. You can see the two barefades underwater defense against torpedo.

December 1941, after completing the night war training, "Nevada" is equipped to the F-8 berth in the northeast corner of the "Battleship Street" in Pearl Harbor. On December 7th, in the first wave of air hoc in the Japanese Army, "Nevada" first entered the counterattack, and it was the only battleship in Hong Kong, but it was also hit by a fish thunder, two three bombs. , The ship will sink. At 8:50, "Nevada" tried to open pearl port with a slower speed, but was pursued by a dozen Japanese aircraft, and 6-10 bombs were hit, a big explosion occurred. In order to avoid sinking in the port, "Nevada" is turned left to the left, and it is stranded at the corner of the Naval Hospital. 50 people were killed, 109 were injured.

The injured "Nevada" battleship pearl port air strikes, "Nevada" battles were bombed between the 1st and 2 turrets, which was the front deck it was damaged. The photo was photographed on December 12, 1942.

"Nevada" injury is not heavy, February 12, 1942 was saved, and then the Pearl Port and the West Coast were repaired.

Repair "Nevada" battleship This large component is the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard to be temporarily manufactured by the "Nevada" battleship. In the air strike in Pearl Harbor, the ship left side was hit by torpedoes. This component just completed in early January 1942, but the repair work was not successful.

Repair "Nevada" Battleship February 16, 1942, the "Nevada" battleship resolves, is preparing to enter the dock repair. Two days later, it entered the No. 2 dock in the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard.

Repair "Nevada" Battle Marine Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard Workers are manufacturing a framework for temporarily repairing a bomb blowing in the left end of the "Nevada" battles.

Repair "Nevada" Battleship February 17, 1942, Hawaii Dry Corporation's lifting barge helped "Nevada" battleship entered the No. 2 Dock of the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard.

From May 11 to 18, 1943, it participated in the Battle of Ashilissa, providing firepower support for the troops that landed Atur Island. In June 1943, the "Nevada" once again returned to the Norfolk Navy Shipyard for modification.

After the modification has arrived in April 1944, the "Nevada" turned to the Ocean participated in the firefighting of Normandy landing campaign. From June 6th to June 17th, and on June 25, it not only slammed the coastal fortune of Shetburi, but also shells 17 miles from the coast, prevent the German assembly and counterattack. The enemy coast artillery shot 27 times, but did not affect its shooting.

From August 15, 1944 to September 25, it participated in the landing operations in the southern France, and the 340mm coast of Turning Turning. This cannon is dismantled from the French battleship in Hong Kong from the beginning of the war. After this battle, it replaced the gun lining in New York and then went to the Pacific Battlefield to participate in the battle of Sulfur island.

February 16 to March 7, 1945, "Nevada" has been providing firepower support for the Marine Corps. On March 24, it participated in the battle of Okinawa, and the Japanese army in the landing preparation stage. On March 27, it was hurt by a suicide aircraft, 11 deaths, and a main fortune column was damaged. On April 5, 2 crew were killed by the coast of gunfire. "Nevada" has been fighting from Okinawa to June 30. From July 10th to August 7, it and the third fleet she hit the Japanese Island.

During the World War, the "Nevada" battleship has received a total of 7 battle medals. After the war, it stayed in the Tokyo Bay and then returned to Pearl Harbor, which was assigned to the target ship of the bikini atomic bomb trial. In the atomic bomb trial in July 1946, it survived and returned to Pearl Port. On August 29, the ship retired. On July 31, 1948, the "Nevada" as a target boat, in Hawaii, the BB-61 "Yi Ahua" battleship and three heavy cruiser's artillery, torpedo sink. Until 2006, its wreck has not been discovered.

May 2020 US "Naval Times" reported that in the southwest of Pearl, there are more than 15,400 feet or 3 miles of sea farmers.

Performance data ​​h2>

Standard drainage amount 27500 tons

length 583 feet

10 seat 14-inch main gun, each of the front and rear Pack and one-two-in-one

Deputy gun 33 5-inch artillery

air defense artillery 40mm high cannon, 20mm high cannon

host design power 26291 horsepower

Design speed 20

Design, 1300 people

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