Implementation Measures for the Ministry of Education directly under the Normal University


The General Office of the State Council forwarded the Ministry of Education and other departments of the Ministry of Education (Trial) Notice of the Ministry of Education (Trial) Notice

National Office [2007] No. 34

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, various ministries and direct institutions:

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Central Committee The Ministry of Personnel Department "The Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education" The implementation Measures (Trial) of the Normal University Normal University (Trial) "has been consent to the State Council, now forward it to you, please implement it carefully.

The Office of the State Council

May 9, 2007

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Ministry of Education directly under the Normal University The Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Free Education (Trial)

Implementation Measures for the Ministry of Education directly under the Normal University

The State Council decided to practice teachers and students in the Ministry of Education. This major measures are to further form a strong atmosphere of respect for the teacher, so that education has become the most respected cause of the whole society; it is necessary to cultivate a large number of outstanding teachers; it is necessary to advocate educators to run schools and encourage more excellent young people. Making a lifelong education worker. The implementation of this implementation approach is now implemented by the Ministry of Education.

1. From 2007, the new students enrolled in the fall of Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Huazhong Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Southwest Normal University Economics University educate. It is necessary to establish a large number of outstanding teachers and educators to lay the foundation for the cultivation of a large number of outstanding teachers and educators.

Second, free education teachers are exempt from tuition fees during school, and they will pay free to pay for accommodation, and subsidize living expenses. The required funding is arranged by the central government.

Third, the Normal University of the Normal University is implemented in advance, and it is preferred to teach the education in advance, and the excellent high school graduates who are interested in teachings, lifelong teaching.

four, before the admission of the free nature, I signed an agreement with the school and the source provincial education administrative department of the school and the source of life. It is committed to graduating for more than ten years of primary and secondary education. Free teachers graduates working in urban schools should first go to the rural compulsory education school to teach service for two years. The state encourages free teacher graduates to teach long-term, lifelong teaching.

Free Normal graduates have not been engaged in primary and secondary education according to the agreement, and they must refund the free education fees and pay the liquidated damages according to the regulations. The provincial education administrative department is responsible for performance management, and establishs the integrity of free nature students. If you have a special reason, you cannot fulfill the agreement, you need to apply for approval by the provincial education administrative department.

5, free teacher graduates generally return to the province of primary and secondary schools in the province. The provincial government should make a planning, and do a good job in receiving all the work of free teacher graduates, ensuring that the free teacher graduates from the primary and secondary schools have been teaching; the provincial education administrative department is responsible for organizing people and graduates Two-way choices are performed within the range of demand, earnestly arranged for each graduate school. All localities should first prepare an indicator or take the advanced approach to arrange the free teacher graduates. If necessary, the provincial government can establish special turnaround.

Free Normal graduates can flow between schools or engage in education management in the school during the agreement.

six, there is a wish from teaching and eligible non-normal professional outstanding student, within two years of enrollment, the plan can be transferred to Normal University in the Ministry of Education and the school, and will be returned by the school according to standards, accommodation Fees, reissue the living fee subsidy. Free nature students can make a secondary professional choice within the scope of the teacher in accordance with the school.

seven, free nature students graduated before graduation and in the agreement, the departure graduate students may not be applied.

Free teacher graduates meet the requirements, can be admitted to the graduate students of the Education Master's degree, the professional courses, the teaching and assessment, and the awards of the award, awarded a master's degree, a master's degree in education Certificate.

Eight, the Ministry of Normal University must seize the good opportunities for the free education of teachers, focus on cultivating the goals of excellent teachers and educators, and vigorously promote teachers' education reform, especially based on basic education development and curriculum reform The requirements are carefully developed. It is necessary to arrange a teacher to teach free teacher, and select high-level teachers as teachers' education curriculum teaching, establish a teacher-cultivation tutor system. According to the requirements of the teacher, the behavioral requirements, strengthen the education of teachers. Strengthen the practice teaching link, improve the system of teachers and students to the school to primary and secondary schools. To make students build advanced education concepts, students who love education, have long-term teaching profession, which will become a strong foundation with excellent teachers and education experts in the future.

nine, it is necessary to cultivate the work of excellent primary and secondary school teachers as an important indicator of the level of schooling of Normal University. The policy tilt is given to the policy tilting in a positive and contributing to the free education work of the Implementation Teacher's Free Education, and further increases the support of teachers' education.

10, all relevant regions, departments and schools must profoundly understand the major and far-reaching significance and impact of the special teachers and students of teachers and students, effectively and responsibilities, work hard, and ensure the smoothness of this major initiative. Implementation. Governments at all levels should take effective measures to give positive encouragement and support for free teachers graduates for primary and secondary education. Central Finance gives certain support to the central and western parts of free teacher graduates. Local governments and rural schools provide the necessary workplace conditions and turnover housing for free teacher graduates to rural teach services. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Personnel, and the central government shall, in accordance with this approach, combine the actual and refinement of the implementation of the local students, and grasp all the work of teachers' free education.

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