House mysterious

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House Mixie 1

太 液 舟 迥 2 , West Park hidden to 3 .

Unexpected speech, the chicken is early open 4 .

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House mysterious

1. House Xuanling: House Xuanling (579-648), Qizhou Linyi (now Shandong) people. With Wei Zheng, Du Ruzhen is equivalent to the important assistant of Tang Taizong. For fifteen years, Xiang Yan is thirsty, the amount is only used, and the history is called.

2. "太 液" sentence: Han, Tang Jingcheng has too liquid pool, like Penglai Wonderland, said that the pool is "boat" is "舟". Jiong: Far.

3. West Park: refers to Xiyuan. The book of Xuanli Chaoji, the Book of Books, the Chinese book is close to Xiyuan.聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽

4. Chicken: "Historical Records, Meng Ting Jun Chuan" contains, and the Valley Guan Chichao is released.

白 话 <

The same too far pool like Penglai Wonderland is far away, and the Xuanling in Xiyuan is talented.

The rooster sing is not bright, and the door has already opened it for them, and the Xueliang's housing is busy in Xiyuan busy to quit them.

Creative Background

Li Shimin is when Qin Wang, Housing is a literary waiter, participating in the machine, and strategies. After the temptation, a long-lived screaming, helping to build a "chaise" treatment, the time ratio Yi Yin, Lu Wang, Xiao He, Cao Shen. Li Shimin is intimate, leaning against left and right hands. Dang Taizong, not to be poetry, during this time, three writing poems said that "Wei Feng Fu", "House Mixing" and "Qiqiu Shengqing Graded House Xuanling". "House Mixing" is a national demand for Xuanling.

Works Appreciation

Literature Appreciation

This is a poem of praise in Xuanling, although it is a far-reaching meaning, but it can be seen that Li Shimin Sliced ​​with mysterious age.

The first sentence of poetry is the music of the past tour. The Tai liquid pool is a lake in the Daming Palace, and there is Penglai Mountain, which symbolizes overseas hills. In that year, Qin Wang Li Shimin Yanchao is "18 Bachelor", Xing Literature Museum, when people call "Deng Yizhou" ("Tang Hui Shizhou", Penglai, one is one of the "three gods" It can be lifted, meaning the same. The second sentence "Xiyuan is hidden", Housing is "Wen people have good, if you have yourself" ("Old Tang Book, Biography"), "Cancer, often," ("Tang Club People who want to "fifty-seven). At this point, Li Shimin is very understanding that the verse is full of gratitude.

After the two sentences "Dating the model, the chicken is early open", it is closed, and the pedestrian also passed from closing, this is not generally referred to, poetry is a gift , The meaning is praised "Xing Xing night", "diligent Wang". Look at the surface, a few poems, mutual mutual, but one and Li, the relationship between the room is worth playing.

Player Reviews

Xi'an Jiaotong University researcher 无 利 "ancient poetry]: the main purpose of this poem, is intended to be a national demand for Xuanling. Although the housing is very far from the "Tai Liuxian", it is very easy to travel, but he is busy "leads to the talents. The sky is not breaking, and the Yue Jie, who is not far away, has driven, and our close I have already opened it for them. The four poems, the writing will be dripping, the meaning of Xiangxian is looking for.

Author's introduction

Li Shimin (599 1 649), Tang Taizong Li Yuanzi, Jiuxi Cheng Ji, politician, military home, calligrapher, poet. Its people are valerian, and they are very good as the country. It is very good at serving Jian Yanya. Breaking the emperor's aim, its cabinet institution There is a prototype of the modern parliament. During the period, the average field system, the rental schedule and the government, the development of the imperial examination system, so that the social economy has resumed and developed, and the historical name "Treatment of the Treatment". Its open-minded cultural policy and yourself Advocating and engaged in poetry creation, there is a positive impact on the prosperity of Tang poetry. "All Tang Poetry" poems.

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