Historical review


"Comment" criticized Confucianism. Li Wei criticized the Confucianism that "the Guanbao Belt, the Political Scholars". Especially despise the hypocritical pathologists, pluralism and disclose. The people of the rule of law are warmly praised. He followed the "Collection" to the Qin Shihuang after the "Emperor Hero", and commented on "The Emperor Baby, Li Song, Tianli, Have a World", saying that the Qin Shihuang "is the sacred is the magic, and it can not be talked." Praise the outstanding role of Xiao Hikan law, to make Jia Yi, shackles, fight against the Huns, and then say that "famous" is "" cut "," it is useful ".


"Historical Review" The earliest forty years is printed in Nanjing, the next year, there is a Materials to mass. Due to several prohibitions, this book is extremely small, and Quanzhou City Cultural Reliculture has hidden people. In 1974, the China Book Company made a re-printing according to Quanzhou.

Historical review


The contents of its content is divided into two parts: "history" and "history".

"Historos" is briefly recorded in the form of "Tang Yu to Yuanzhang's 3,724 years", according to the order of the dynasty, each Dynasty A "Ji", then record the major historical events in the Dynasty and the time order. Scored "Three Emperor Five Emperor", "Summer Ci", "Commercial", "Qin Ji", "Post-Qin Ji", "Hand Ji", "Eastern Hanki", "Han Ji", "Jin Jin Ji "," Song Ji "," Qi Yi Nei Dynasty Wei "," Liang Jiheng North Chaoyao Wei "," Chen Jiyi Zhou Zhou Qi "," Ji "," Tang Ji "," Liang Liang Ji Jianan ", "After Tang Ji", "Afterward", "Post Hanki", "Wen Ji", "Song Dynasty", "South Song Dynasty]," Yuan Ji ". Material mainly collected from the official revision history of the feudal era, and also referred to the other historicals related to the "meeting" and "submission of the document".

"Comment" with "Batch" "Comment" form, through the eyebrow, clip, breakage evaluation and the historical people, historical events, express the historical figures, historical events , Write the author's read history and feelings. According to the initial statistics of this person, "batch" and "comment" of "Netital Comment", the text is very simple, and the full book is 635, and the 859 is written. The section is 1599, a total of 3083, which is more than 90% Circular, comment no more than 20 words. Especially the eyebrows, the words or two words, a total of 371 places, accounting for 58% of the total number of eyebrows, although the speech is simple, but all cuts (see Lin Xiaoping " 批 要" "History Study" 1998 No. 4).

The whole book is seen, the number of words with the number, the text of the eyebrows, the number of words after the paragraph. The first layer of clamping is more than the first layer of the first floor is a more intuitive evaluation; the eyebrow has a reminder, the meaning of the discussion; the segmentation review is more general, analysis and conclusions, is a higher level.


The comments of the book is lively, easy to understand, and introduce a lot of proverbs into the comments, making historiography more tangible, and easier for the public .

mainly shows four characteristics: the freedom of thought, the aestheticity of emotions, the form of scattering and comments.

All in all, the history of "Historical Commentary" has shown a strong personal characteristics in history, or in historiography. Moreover, since the author is mainly evaluated from the historical figures and events from the perspective of reading history, some are targeted, although in the form of dispersion, it has produced the enrichment of the thoughts (see Leo ". To be> Several Characteristics of the Historiography of Historiography, "Shangqiu Mother" (Social Science Edition) "1985 No. 2).

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