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Greece beautiful scenery and ancient culture attracts many tourists every year. Greek tourism is a source of foreign exchange to obtain and maintain international balance of payments an important sector of the economy.

The Hellenic Republic is located in the southeastern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, three facing the sea, three-quarters of the land is mountainous, coastal

up to 12,000 kilometers; the Greek area of ​​131, 944 square kilometers, including the Greek mainland, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea in the many islands; the Greek landscape diversity, numerous mountain ranges, endless plains, pearl harbor; Greece is Europe's ancient civilization, 2700 years ago began to have written history; Greek history and unique natural scenery of the Mediterranean to attract tourists all over the world; Greece is not only the cradle of Western civilization, but also rich and valuable historical heritage; these have no heritage historical value match;

consumer goods

Greek FOLI FOLI become Chinese tourists love; olive oil, wine, pistachios, statues and other handicrafts also become Chinese tourists will buy gifts .

State of Tourism

According to preliminary statistics, in 2011 to the European tourist arrivals totaled 2.88 million people of Chinese tourists traveling to Europe, 92 million people with French as the main destination, France has become China tourists the largest tourist destination country; by 2015, the number of Chinese tourists travel to France will exceed 500 million people;

2011 years of Greek tourism is estimated at approximately 50,000 people, accounting for the number of Chinese outbound tourism 7.2 / million copies, accounting for the number of tourists in Europe 1.7

%. Behind the average level of 2%. About 10,000 people in Greece in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou consulate visa; number of stations to 25% of annual Greece, 75% of guests arrange a visa for other EC countries; French majority.

As a major tourist destination in two parts of the Greek tourism, traditional European and American countries visitors (such as Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, etc.), but also developed countries emerging tourists (such as China, Russia, India, Korea, etc.). Traditional country tourists travel tourism is relatively planned, more concentrated time in the season 6--8 months, mainly to leisure, there are sightseeing. Emerging countries mainly tourists to sightseeing, tourists traveling the country to focus on the holidays, supplemented holiday. To the momentum of economic development of developing countries is projected visitors to gain momentum.

Since the financial crisis, the country's traditional tourist evident in the decline, the number of tourists in 2010 to reduce about 10 percent from 2009. While emerging countries still have to increase visitors, an increase of approximately 15-20%. National Development and emerging economies to make up for the shortage in the number of traditional national tourism.

market factors

favorable factors

According to Chinese travel agencies Quiz: Greece is one of Chinese tourists favorite European tourist destination, we have to do a good job market pioneering, convenience and quality service to attract more Chinese tourists to travel in Greece.

A special mention is the Chinese tourists to Greece tourism growth in 2010 to travel around Greece number about 30,000 in 2011 to grow to about 50,000 people, is estimated around about 50%. Growth momentum is very strong.

Of course, 2011 was a year of special cases, the reason is because of the earthquake in Japan caused by nuclear contamination, Egypt and other countries in North Africa move by the situation, the financial crisis affecting the euro continued to depreciate and other factors.

Greece is the euro-zone countries, due to the depreciation of the euro also contributed to reduced prices and other factors can also promote tourism non-euro area countries of tourists to Greece, so beneficial to enhance the competitiveness of tourism.


Since the Greek sovereign debt crisis strikes, increased procession; the economic difficulties caused by the increase of theft, deterioration of public order, in Greece Place de la Concorde and a number of tourist attractions, has always been each type doping personnel will place theft cases increased significantly; there are closed because of the strike attractions such as the Acropolis strike shut down, the enthusiasm of the great damage tourism visitors, causing damage to the reputation, because Chinese tourists traveled to Greece just to see the Acropolis in Greece this magnificent style, if Acropolis closed, all the way to let visitors how disappointing!


Suggestions for Greek tourism:

1, the government tourism departments and tourism operators work closely with

Government tourism agencies work actively and closely with tour operators, tourism in Greece to do the Chinese market promotion, because Greece has the world's irreplaceable rich tourism resources; we have to let Chinese tourists know, here's the myth, beauty, food, culture and comfort you how hospitable hotel.

2, the government should also support efforts to increase tourism in particular

The Government should also support efforts to increase tourism in particular, to restore the vitality of the industry management, organization and offer promotion platform for the industry has a stage to display their space; we also actively cooperate with Greece and bridge Chinese travel market, we need Chinese tourists can visit you off, we also actively do to pull strings tower bridge; Greek Culture Association trade magazines and tourism markets organize the promotion of good Greek tourism market platform in China.

3, improving tourism hardware facilities

improving tourism hardware facilities, providing for different tourist crowds of demand, especially high-end product requirements, such as golf courses, cruise and yacht market , wedding honeymoon market, summer camp market, diving, fishing, sporting events, a lot of projects, we also help you understand the preferences of Chinese tourism; take appropriate measures to improve it.

4, raise awareness of service and service level tourism

raise awareness of service and service level of tourism, China and Greece have very friendly feelings between the two peoples, it is to guide Chinese tourists travel to Greece spiritual foundation, reduce the number of artificial barriers, fully embodies the friendly tourist destination, so we just want to do a good job of promoting and facilitating tourism market work;

5, plans to launch Greece Walks hundred islands plan

we plan to launch Greece hundred islands Walks program, in order to avoid all Chinese tourists are concentrated in Greece Mick Josse and Santorini Island, Cyclades Islands can be extended to and Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, were thinking mining Adams, Zakynthos and other 100 inhabited islands. We hope that China and Greece as the new Silk Road to connect East - Western civilization, to promote the development of tourism between the two countries through the exchange!

6, to relax visa, to provide the necessary travel information in Chinese

Greek government to relax visa, to provide the necessary travel Chinese data; management industry's hotels provide a suitable Chinese people's breakfast and help them live a variety of eating habits. Greece further growth of our tourism industry is still relatively optimistic. By 2015 we hope to have 200,000 Chinese each year travel to Greece.

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