Game sound


From the sound structure of domestic games, you can simply classify:


(1) Mono Sound Effect

Mono sound effect means a single WAV file as a separate sound effect, most of the sound effects in the game are mono sound effects, call and control far close, left and right.

(2) Composite sound effect

Composite sound effect refers to a sound effect of which is synthesized by the program instantly in the game during the game. Some games designed a composite sound effect engine for sound. The biggest advantage of this sound effect is that the elements can be reused, effectively controlling the download burden of the sound elements, and has changed. The disadvantage is that the difficulty is difficult, and the technical requirements are complicated. Representative game: Netease "Datang Hao Xia". For details of the production of composite sound effects, please refer to the "Game creation" January 2007, the video textbook written and made by the door of the month: "Detailed composite game sound effect".

(3) Tone Sound Effect

The sound sound is more like a small piece of music, usually flashed when entering the map, this sound is a category of music production, usually by music production Come. Representative game: The network "Huaxia 2OL"

Press the function classification

(1) screen sound

for the sound effect of the interface operation, the interface sound effect runs through the entire game Procedure, such as menu pop-up recovery, mouse selection, item drag, etc.

(2) NPC sound

All roles related sound effects, such as footsteps, running sound, etc.

(3) Environmental sound effect

Natural environment, such as wind, flame, lake, light, waterfall sound, bird, etc.

(4) Skill sound

Mainly refers to a variety of attack sounds, flame burning, knife dance, spear sprint, kick, hit, fire explosion and other sound effects.

(5) Sound Effect

Mainly refers to different scenes, different maps of music, such as different maps with different styles of music, and combat games in the battle scene in the game. Wait.


What format does the game sound effect? What is different? Which is better?

The sound effect of the game usually has the following format:

(1) .wav / mono (stereo) / 44.1khz/16 bit

online game sound It is generally used in this format and standard. WAV is a Window standard format. It can guarantee the best sound quality; at the same time, in order to mitigate the download burden, except for some environmental sound effects, most of the sound effects are using Mono mono-channel format The stereo position of the sound effect is scheduled by the program in the game.

Game sound

44.1KHz is the sampling level of the sound effect, 16 bits are sampling size, 44.1 kHz / 16 bits are Windows no compressed standard sampling format, that is, .wav / mono (stereo) / 44.1khz/16 bit The format is the most robust audio format in the Windows environment.

(2) .mp3 / stereo / 128k

Some games are also used. MP3 format, MP3 is compressed format, theoretical sound quality secondary. WAV. Since the MP3 file is compared to .Wav, there is more space to use .stereo stereo format, improve the sense of spare sound environment.

General. MP3 sound effects use 128K sampling rate, which is the best balance in both quality and file size. The requirements for file size is more stringent, with 96K, and the quality requirements can be used to use 192K sample rate.

(3) .acc

ACC format The sound effect is only half of the MP3, and the sound effect in the ACC format is usually used for mobile games, less for online games.

The general concept .WAV files can best guarantee quality,. MP3 is a balance between file size and quality, that is, the file size is small, and the sound quality also declines accordingly, so developers are usually more Tend to use the .wav format file. However, in actual operation, the quality of the sound is not completely determined by the format. If the source or sound material itself is not high, it is not imposed to improve its quality. For example, a sampling level is only 11.025 kHz sound effect, even if converted to a 44.1 kHz sampling level, it is also a quality of 11.025 kHz.

The format itself does not have a good disorder, which can determine which format sound effects according to the compatibility of the game engine.

Production step

1. Material selection / quote

sound production part is the material sound effect, the other part is the original sound effect, the first step in material sound production That is to pick a similar sound effect, usually select multiple alternate sound efficiency, and the original sound effect is recorded by the recording, and the outdoor quotes are used as a source, and the real sound can be collected or the sound simulation.

2. Audio Edit

After the original tone is determined, audio editing, such as splicing, etc. Audio editing is the most complicated step of sound production. It is also the key to the sound production. In a sentence, it is a technical means that the process is the process of turning the sound source into the sound required.

3. Sound synthesis

Many sound effects are not single elements, and multiple elements need to be synthesized. For example, the sound effect of the attacked may be composed of several parts, the synthesis is not only to put the two tracks, but also adjust the elements such as elements.

4. Post processing

The post-processing refers to all the sound effects of a game to make all sounds to a unified process. Normally, the number of sound values ​​is large, the production cycle is longer, and the sound effects produced after before, which will have some auditory access, which requires later processing to make it uniform. In addition, according to the game requirements, all sound effects are globally processed. For example, the game style is dark, and the sound effects can be enhanced to increase some Chinese bleak short waves (treble) to make the overall style of the game.

Do you have a game sound? What is the most difficult?

From the technical level, it is not difficult to make sound effects. The hardwareware knowledge that needs to be mastered is relatively simple, and the operating tool is relatively simple. From the equipment situation mentioned earlier, do not need so many devices, each category can choose one, two, such as audio editing software, Nuendo, Samplitude, Sonar, SoundForge, etc. Waiting for the world's top mainstream software, which is very powerful, can meet most of the audio editing functions, from our moon, we are used to using Sonar and Samplitude to make sound production, especially according to video in the case of. From another aspect, these software have commonality in many ways, mastering a paradise.

We said it is not difficult, refers to the technical level, but from another perspective, sound efficiency is difficult, especially the original sound effect. The sound effect is a matter of service, so the sound active consciousness and feeling of sound effects is the key to determining the quality of the sound. This is often listening is not bad, it feels not a taste. So we believe that the most difficult game is the most difficult to cultivate a keen sound feeling and use technical means to transform it into a real sound.

Production room

Setting up a game sound production room needs to meet the following three aspects:

1. Hardware facility

large The hardware facilities include high-performance computers or special audio workstations, professional audio interfaces, display (preferably double display, more convenient to synchronize video and audio), MIDI keyboard, mixer, monitor speaker, hardware, etc. It should be noted that some magical sound effects are composed of melody, and this sound effect is more like a small piece of music. It is necessary to use the keyboard to make it in the way, and the advanced sound production room needs to set up special recordings. The shed is proposed, and the small-scale production room can make basic sound absorbing decoration make the recording to reach a certain level.

Overall, the hardware device of the sound studio is lower than the threshold of the music production room, and most of the sound production can be completed independently of the computer.

2. Software Environment

Software Environment includes two aspects of operating tools and sound material, operating tools include audio workstations, effect plugins, surround sound software, audio and video synthesis software, etc. Wait, common audio editing software has Audition, Vegas, Nuendo, Logicaudio, Samplitude, Sonar, Soundforge, WaveLab, common audio editing plugin kits have Wave, TcWorks, VoxEngo, UltraFunk, etc. With the development of machine technology, more and more audio editing work began to move to intuitive and convenient software platforms. The above tool platform and effect plug-in are characterized, and it needs to be used according to individual operating habits, satisfying hardware conditions, etc.

The material set is the source of the material, the material set combines most of the earth on the earth and the effect on the earth, except for some original sound effects, most of the sound can be clipped by the material. accomplish. The world's most professional and most comprehensive, most widely used in movies, advertising, games, and Soundideasgeneral6000 Soundfxlibrary, HollywoodedE, BigfishSoundscan, LucasfilmsoundFXLibrary series set sound integration, etc.

3. Producer

The hardware and software environment of the sound production room is easier, and the production personnel is the key to the sound effects of the game, and the producer needs a deeper game. Background, familiar with all kinds of game sound, familiar or masterless audio editing software, and master related recording technology, the most important thing is to have professional sound listening ability. This is critical to the game sound efficiency, and an example is a little short wave, and ordinary people may not distinguish, and professional audio editing with keenly-hosted ability should have distinctive ability, especially When the sound effect has multiple sound elements.

Composite sound effect

Composite sound Effect Overview

Composite sound effect is a more complex game sound effect in the game in recent years, in production, composite The sound effect is relatively difficult to say, and the composite sound effect needs to develop a dedicated sound effect for the game development, it is still not more common in domestic online games. Usually the composite sound effect is applied only to NPC skills (or attack classes), because other categories sound effects such as interface sound effects, environmental sound effects are relatively single, which is realized for single sound sound effects and set cycles as needed.

The principle of composite sound effects

We all know that ordinary mono sound effects triggers a single sound in the game, such as background music, when the game is entered Play the background music to the background music, and control the position of the sound in the distance and left and right directions. In this case, the sound is independently, as we mentioned earlier, background music exists independently in the directory of the game sound effect, the program is just a background music this independent sound effect call and control.


Game music generally refers to the background music of the continuous loop in the game, usually independent of the state of the game operation and the game, and the game sound is usually a specific scene. Or behavior trigger the condition of music playback, if there is no behavior that can trigger music, do not play. Game music and game sound effects are part of the sound effect in an electronic game. Modern video games typically have both game music, and a game sound effect.

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