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The principle of the first spirit of spirit

FAR Johle believes: "Thinking of a plan and guarantees its success is one of the greatest happiness, this It is also one of the most powerful stimulus of human activities. The possibility of this invention is the first spirit of people. The autonomy of recommendations and implementation also belongs to the first spirit. "

Fandoney It is the most powerful stimulating factor that consulted people's enthusiasm and enthusiasm for people's self-realization. For leaders, "need to be very inch, and have some courage to inspire and support everyone's first spirit." Of course, discipline principles, unified command principles and unified leadership principles, etc., will make a restriction of people's first spirit of organizations.

Individual introduction

Henry Fayol, 1841-1925), one of the main representatives of classical management theory, is also the founder of the management process. He was born in a middle class family in France. At the age of 15, I was studying in a public secondary school in Lyon. After two years, I was transferred to San Titan National Mining Institute for two years. It is the youngest student in the same academic year. When he graduated from 19, he obtained the qualification of mineral engineers. In 1860, he was appointed as a team of Menteri, Fuxiangbo, a team of Engilti Mine. He has only cherished this career in his long-lived business career. In 1918, his retirement was the general manager of the company. He continued to serve as a director in the company until the 84-year-old elderly died in December 1925.

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