Equity proportion


This indicator reflects the capital provided by the creditor's capital and shareholders to reflect whether the basic financial structure of the enterprise is stable. In general, shareholder capital is greater than borrowing capital, but it cannot be generalized.

Equity proportion

From the shareholders, in the inflation exacerbated period, the company can pass the loss and risk to the creditor. During the economic boom, companies can obtain additional profits. During the period of economic shrinkage, less borrowing can reduce interest and financial risks. Property Right Right is a financial structure of high risk high compensation. The property rights ratio is low in low-risk low payment. This indicator also shows the capital of the creditant's investment by shareholders' equity, or the degree of protection of the interests of the creditor when the company is clear.

Distribution Issues

Technique As an intangible asset, the same treatment and rights should be enjoyed as other assets. Technical investment is an invisible asset investment, the equity of the technical shares and the equity of other asset shares, and the proportion of technical shares will not be limited. Technical investment and capital investment cooperation development new products, the risk of both, the risk of capital investment is greater than the risk of technical investment. Regardless of the proportion of funds and capital stocks, the management regulations of the joint-stock system should not be fully used, and the controlling rights should be relatively large, and the investors mainly based on capital investment.

The status and discipline rights after civilian capital and national-funded cooperation have mainly dependent the size of the equity. Therefore, the research center of the Bang Court will give a view, in addition to a small number of industries that require high monopoly, state-owned enterprises should try to reduce the relative control status, truly changing the state-owned capital "a unique" pattern, which is conducive to private capital Equality and fair cooperation with state-owned

Related Provisions

Seven (bureaus) of the National Science and Technology Department (Bureau) launched the "Several Provisions on Promoting Science and Technology Achievements" in March 1999 (hereinafter referred to as "provisions"). "Provisions" pointed out: "With high-tech to the limited liability company or non-company enterprises, high-tech costs can reach 35% of the company or enterprise registered capital, except for the agreement." How to understand "technology The price amount can meet the 35% of the company or the company's registered capital, "Guo Lihong, the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that technology as an intangible asset, defining the proportion of funds in the company or enterprise, to ensure the national tax, to ensure the reduction in the financial sector Bad debts, it is very important. At the same time, it also pointed out that "the proportion of" IMF in the intangible assets "and" proportion of intellectual capital as pretext "cannot be mixed. Since the technology is an intangible asset, it should be equivalent to other forms of assets. The proportion of technical equity is based on the proportion of technical shares, and the equity is the basis for interest distribution. The restriction equity is equal to limit the technology. The value, limiting the proportion of the distribution of technical equity, which is unfair to the intangible assets of technology. The problem is already clear that the technology should not have sufficient and lower than the proportion of investment forms, which can only analyze and negotiate according to the import of technology and the investment of the company or enterprise development and the benefits will be analyzed. The proportion is proportional to each.

According to the principle of shares, the principle of profit distribution is generally based on the share ratio, and the distribution of interest is the ultimate goal of each equity. Interest distribution is not only the return of various investors, but also the embodiment of shareholders' contribution. It is fair reasonable investors for the same investment by equity ratio. However, investors in the two different investment methods of technology investment and funding are not fair, and it is also unreasonable. Because the interest distribution of two different investments of technical investment and capital investment is completely implemented in accordance with the interest allocation of the same investment, there is no consider the general rate of funds, the general return and investment of capital investment, and no technical natural value is considered. Fixivity rate and technology investment.

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