Enterprise information system


changes in the market factors

form of market globalization. In the context of global economic integration and globalization of markets are still evolving. Enterprises are facing increasingly heavy peer pressure of competition at home and abroad.

Due to the changing needs of producers, prompting suppliers to form the supply chain. With the continuous development of the modern economy, the manufacturer of the product vendors put forward higher requirements. Producers require suppliers to provide highly integrated products to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency. For these reasons forcing suppliers closely together to form a supply chain information exchange between enterprises put forward higher requirements.

enterprises to improve management of the factors

Information technology not only for business transactions between enterprises, enterprise management and internal control processes of information technology the pace is accelerating. The use of network technology, system integration technology, information technology, internal communication channels to enable enterprises to be more smooth, more coordinated operation.

use e-commerce to improve the quality of service requirements. Because in e-commerce conditions, improve market transparency, the development of new products with lower prices and cheaper services to remain competitive. Suppliers are concerned, they feel the need to provide faster and better information than service orders were. Meanwhile, e-commerce can improve service quality manufacturers.

In today's society, information has become an important class of commodities trading, such as the product contains historical information database, information has become a corporate asset. More enterprises to obtain corporate information for internal business decisions.

corporate network can use to win more customers. For example, through electronic bulletin boards, home page and other business information systems.

factor in policies and regulations of government

according to the requirements of national policies and regulations, companies want to finance department, tax department, the environmental protection department and other government departments such as the increasing number of reports submitted, to disclose relevant information, under this pressure, enterprises improve efficiency and save manpower resources, the urgent need for electronic information processing and exchange. Competition among businesses

E-commerce market matures factors

Enterprise information system

provides information and telecommunication services become more intense, which will lead businesses to provide more many updates and e-commerce products and efficient service.

From the four important factors driving force of e-commerce companies see the formation, development of e-commerce business is a very urgent task, only to speed up the development of e-commerce, companies can get new and bigger forward momentum.

information technology

related to the construction of enterprise information throughout the enterprise management system, information can not be used to represent the local module. It requires multiple forces of society, especially the power of professional information technology consulting companies to work together to build. Enterprise information technology is not so much a technological revolution, as it is the operation of the business reform. That is, to borrow advanced tools (information technology) for the management of enterprises reasonable integration, enhance its core competitiveness. Thinking of building enterprise information management philosophy and with the development of information technology and evolving, spiraling the way, is a "discard" process.

flow of enterprise information construction

First, in determining the information technology projects in detail needs to join one embodiment of the steps prior to analysis, namely "analog on line" training methods of operation and intuitive understanding of the whole picture of enterprise information construction. Secondly, the introduction of project management ideas in information technology implementation process, from the time, cost and quality results in three areas to ensure the implementation of information technology projects. Finally, after information technology project implementation, to ensure the establishment of relevant operating system, a system that guarantees results of information technology projects, while doing preliminary work for the new pre-research needs to prepare for the next phase of information technology, thus realize the whole information can be sustained, healthy and orderly development.

enterprise information is a very difficult and complex systems engineering, information technology has been completed on the strategic choice of companies, it is imperative on tactics, with external neutral, third-party information technology consulting institutional knowledge, experience and strength, effectively grasp and solve some of the problems with regularity, universality and strategic information technology planning and construction process to ensure the smooth progress of information technology and its eventual success.

enterprise information in e-commerce environment

e-commerce as a competitive strategy should focus on the following five aspects to strengthen and build up advantages: < / p>

consolidate existing competitive advantages. Enterprises should have on the existing and potential customer requirements demand a deeper understanding, so that companies develop marketing strategies and marketing plans will have for the scientific order to facilitate the implementation and control, the successful completion of marketing objectives.

strengthen communication with customers. According to the enterprise network database to store a large number of actual and potential customer data, determined to provide customers with specific products and services to better meet customer needs. At the same time, by means of a network database, it can also make purchases of satisfaction and sales of products survey analysis, to discover and solve problems, to ensure customer satisfaction.

obstacles to intruders. Although the use of information technology costs declining, but the establishment of an effective, comprehensive e-commerce system is a long-term system engineering, need to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Therefore, once a business has implemented an effective e-commerce systems, it is difficult to competitors into the company's target market.

development of new product and service capabilities. There are many large companies began to implement e-commerce market size of their database products and services is also growing, on the one hand to meet different levels of customer demand, on the other hand the company also received a lot of new information about the new products on the market.

stable relationship with suppliers. With large US retailer Wal-Mart's case, its e-commerce system allows the company to develop complementary goods and procurement plans based on retail sales, and procurement plans through the network immediately sent to suppliers, but suppliers timely delivery to selected retail outlets. In an increasingly competitive retail situation, it is Wal-Mart, with its stable and harmonious relationships with suppliers, so that inventory costs to a minimum.

in e-commerce conditions, the traditional boundaries between organizational units is broken, the re-integration of organizational forms of production, began to establish a direct customer service working group. E-commerce model will enable enterprises to one-way transmission of information from the "one to many" type to the two-way "many to many" type conversion. A significant feature is to change from centralization to decentralization. Due to the introduction of e-commerce, business activities to break the constraints of time and space, the emergence of an entirely new form of business organization - virtual enterprise.

enterprise network management

e-commerce in digital networks and equipment to replace the traditional paper media, thus introducing a new way of trade in services . In this way breaking the traditional pattern of operation of the logistics enterprises mainly one-way, to achieve a new mode of operation is based on the logistics, information flow at the core, as the main business flow. A significant impact on e-commerce enterprise marketing management change is the most sales channels and marketing strategies. Piling way past the network will be in place, people purchase directly from the Internet, the traditional personal selling to lose most of the market. Managers of the target market selection and positioning will be more dependent on the information available and make full use of the network. Companies can realize electronic payments, settlement funds, transfers, credit and other activities through the Internet banking system.

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