Engine display and unit warning system

synonym EICAS generally refers to engine display and unit warning system


EICAS has a very important position in the cockpit meter design. Compared with the old-fashioned instrument, EICAS has the following advantages:

⒈ has full monitoring and a variety of display functions. EICAS can monitor the engine and the aircraft systems in the full process of flight, and continuously display data;

⒉ has real-time integrated display. EICAS can display the comprehensive information of the aircraft in real time, which makes it easy to monitor the aircraft;

⒊ has storage capabilities. EICAS can record the engine to continuously record certain automators and other systems of the engine and other systems, for the ground maintenance personnel to troubleshoot; grade alarm function. In the flight, the warning information is designed in different colors to express the urgency and failure of response.

Engine display and unit warning system


EICAS typically displays multiple sets of key data at the time of flight, such as engine per minute, temperature, fuel capacity, and hydraulic pressure. Other systems monitored by EICAS also include hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, electronic systems, degenerative systems and hand-controlled faces.

Eicas is a key function of modern glass cockpit. In modern instrumentation, software shows instead of most of the traditional instruments; the usual display will include flight attitude and navigation information, but generally there will be a display specifically display EICAS information.

EICAS "Unit Warning System" (CAS) section replaces the ANNUNUNUNUNUNUNCIATOR PANEL in the old-fashioned aircraft, the corresponding indicator light is automatically lit up when the aircraft fails. In EICAS, the system failure is usually displayed on one side of the EICAS display in the form of a text list.

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Implementation principle

Boeing 767 The EICAS 700 system is included in two EICAS computers. The computer receives approximately 450 simulation and discrete signals from the engine and aircraft system sensor, and 17 digital data signals are exchanged with related 12 computer systems through digital channels. Normal When the left EICAS computer is used, the display / number variable, the comparison is generated, and the display page is generated and the two displays are driven. Once the left EICAS computer fails, it is automatically converted to the alternate right EICAS computer driver display.

EICAS is done using multitasking embedded real-time operating system.

Boeing 767

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