Commodity loss


commodity loss refers to those designed damaged goods and is a commodity that cannot be sold or purchased, as well as dissevantably lost goods, and of course, including product quality, etc. After the reason is sold, the goods returned back by the customer.

According to statistics, the annual commodity loss of the world's retail industry is as high as $ 160 billion; in our country, it also reached 25 billion yuan. The first month of Shanghai a supermarket is 600,000 yuan, but the commodity loss exceeds 100,000 yuan, and it is restless.

Some losses can be avoided, but some are inevitable, how to effectively control the loss of goods, and control it within a certain range, which is an urgent need to solve the problem.

Loss and preventive countermeasures result

According to relevant information, 88% of all loss is due to the clerk job error, the clerk, 7% is 7%. Customers have steal, 5% is a manufacturer, including the loss of the loss of the staff to theft.

1. Strengthen internal clerk management, prevent the clerk from stealing

Theft has a variety of expressive forms, such as internal collusion, supervision, directly take the payment, and use the top-off time to take goods. For example, several senior clerks in Shanghai, several senior clerks of the home appliance department use their familiarity of the geographical environment, colluding inside and outside, and the supervisory time is over half a year, causing economic losses of up to hundreds of thousands.


(1) Develop a special punishment for theft of the clerk, which is published, which is released, strictly enforced.

(2) Shopping situation is strictly stipulated on the store staff, and the clerk will go shopping or reserve goods at work at work.

(3) The store shall have invoices and cash regions in the rest time, and the security personnel are inspected to check

2. Strengthen the work management of the clerk, standardizing the process of the clerk operation

department supervisor should give the clerk with a clear division of labor, ready to work before opening the store every day, such as checking the price on the leaflet and price card matching, commodity price The situation, etc.

Commodity loss

Warehouse management will directly affect the loss of loss, arrange special personnel to supervise, and make the warehouse management standardize, reduce the loss in the warehouse.

The cashier 's behavior will also cause great loss. If the cashier and customers deliberately leak some goods by familiar relationship; the commodity special period has passed, but the cashier is still selling special sales. Therefore, we must strict the job discipline of the cashier and develop relevant penalties, strictly enforce it.

3. Causes of commodity deterioration, damage, etc. Causes due to damage to packaging, it is not possible to sell due to packaging and other damage, damage, food deterioration, expiration, etc., should pay attention to check the quality of goods.

Products In the storefront show, due to the display of the display, the commodity loss is caused, if the location is not good, it causes damage to the crash of the traveler of the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically exhibit goods.

Shipping damaged goods refers to damage during transportation, and due to the damaged goods found during the receipt. Therefore, carefully examine carefully during the receipt process.

Loss caused by external causes and prevents

1. The loss of the supplier is improperly mishapsed. If the supplier misunderstands the amount of supply; with a low-cost commodity, high-priced goods; unauthorized entry commodity; with the returned product entrained goods; collude with the clerk.


(1) When the supplier returns, you must record and check.

(2) When the supplier replaces the bad goods, there is a need for return or first obtain the bill of lading, and the department shall retreat after approval by the department.

(3) The empty box after the supplier must be opened, and the paper bag is to be folded to avoid taking the goods.

2. Customer misconduct or theft caused by the loss

If the customer is entrained with goods; the customer is not properly returned; the customer is dirty during the shopping process; leave the box, take the goods in the goods.


(1) Prohibition of customers from bringing large backpacks or handbags, please put backpacks or handbags into the desk or wrapper.

(2) When the customer carries a small backpack, you should pay attention to its purchase behavior.

(3) Division of specialists strengthen the patrol of the store, especially pay attention to the dead angles and multiplayers.

(4) Sales for valuables or small commodities.

(5) Regularly conduct anti-theft education and training.

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