China's College Market Research Association

Construction purpose

The purpose of the learning is: adhere to the four basic principles and the current various laws and regulations, contact China's marketing practice, combined with the teaching process of higher education institutions Question, in the principle of "100 pairs, hundred flowers", regularly, inappropriately, various forms of market-learning research and exchanges, to make their own contributions to China's market education and research.

Main responsibilities

Society is mainly by organizing professionals from all walks of life in colleges and communities in colleges and society, engaged in academic research in market learning, and promoting China's marketing progress.

Organizational Articles of Association

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 Society Name: China 's College of Education. English name: China Marketing association of university, English abbreviation CAMU.

Article 2 This Association is a non-profit academic group that is engaged in market education, research, and scholars in advances across the country.

Article 3 This purpose: adhere to the four basic principles and the current various laws and regulations, contact China's marketing practice, combined with the problems encountered in the teaching process of higher colleges, The principles of hundreds of homing, hundreds of flowers are regularly, and various forms of market-learning research and exchanges are regularly, and they have made their own contributions to the prosperity of China's market education.

Article 4 This will receive the guidance of the Ministry of Education and accept supervision and management of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State Administration.

Article 5 This site address is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Chapter 2 Business Scope

Article 6 of the Business Scope of this Council: Organize professionals from all walks of life in colleges and communities in colleges and colleges, engaged in market learning, engaged in market learning Academic Research.

(1) Provide communication opportunities for colleges and universities in colleges and universities in colleges and universities through regular (eg, seminars, such as different topics); P>

(2) through publications, providing a research results in the national colleges and universities in market education, professionals from all walks of life;

(3) forming nationality Market-study, research case library, database, establish a national market-learning research information network;

(4) Through various ways training market, market, market, market, market, marketing management;

(5) Provide professional assistance in business communities and other departments in various ways, such as consultation, etc .;

(6) collect market learning theory at home and abroad Research dynamics, establish different forms of cooperation and exchange relationship with institutions and groups related to foreign countries.

Chapter 3 Member

Article 7 This member is divided into unit members and individual members.

Article 8 Apply for the participation of the Meeting, you must have the following conditions:

(1) Adjust the charter, there is a willingness to join the Member;

(2) There is a certain impact on the business (industry, discipline) field of the Member, at least in the provincial (including provincial) academic publications; "

(3) There are at least one of the experts and above experts. "

(4) actively participate in academic activities of this club;

(fifth) pay the contribution on time.

Article 9 Applications Applications:

(1) Submit a meeting application;

(2) submit a representative professional, academic research results One;

(3) Signed a recommended opinion by experts above the book;

(4) Submit the Society Standing Council discussion;

(five ) Establish a member file by the Secretariat of the Society, issued a member certificate.

Article 10 Members Enjoy the following rights:

(1) Participating in the director and voting rights of the Association, the right to vote;

(2) has the right Participate in all kinds of academic activities organized by this Council;

(3) You can give priority to all kinds of professional information and other relevant information provided by the Society, and give priority to all types of training and consulting, exchange activities organized by this organization;

(4) Enjoy the criticism, proposal and supervision of this party;

(5) will be voluntary, free, free;

Article 11 The following obligations should be fulfilled:

(1) Implementing the resolution of this party, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of this party;

(2) Completing the work assigned by the Society;

(3) Actively participate in the various activities held by the Society;

(4) paying the contributions in accordance with the regulations;

(5) is timely to the society, and the relevant information is provided.

Article 12 Member retire should be written in writing and return to the membership certificate. If the member does not pay the conference fee for 1 year, or does not participate in this event.

Article 13 Membership If there is a serious violation of this Articles of Association, the Board or the Standing Council can be adopted.

Chapter 4 Organizations and person in charge of the organization, the highest authority of this Association is the membership representative conference. The author of the member representative conference is:

(1) Develop and modify the charter;

(b) Election and dismissive director;

(3) Discussion and decision Importance of learning development;

(4) Review the work report and financial report of the Society;

(5) decided to terminate the matter.

(6) determines other major matters.

Article 15 Member representatives shall have 2/3 of the member representatives to attend, and its resolution must be valid for more than half of the representatives.

Article 16 of the Member Representative Conference 4 years. For special circumstances, it is necessary to pay by the Council, and shall be approved by the Council vote and reported to the business authority and approved by the community registration management authority. However, the longest replacement is no more than 1 year.

Article 17 The Council is an executive agency of the Member Congress, and the leadership of the Conference will carry out daily work during the closing period and is responsible for the Member Congress.

Article 18 of the Council of the Council:

China's College Market Research Association

(1) Resolution of the Executive Member Congress;

(2) Election and the President of the President, Secretary-General;

(3) Preparations Member Congress;

(4) Report Work and Financial Status to Member Congres;

(5) Decision The absorption or distingdom of the member;

(6) decided to set up agency, branch office, representative agency and physical institution;

(7) determines the employment of the main person in charge of the branches;

(8) Leading the agency of this Society to work;

(9) Develop internal management system;

(10) determines other major issues.

Article 19 The Council must have 2/3 or above, and its resolution must be valid for 2/3 or more of the meeting.

Article 20 The Council held at least one meeting a year; the situation can also be held in the form of communication.

Article 21 This Council establishes a Standing Council. The Standing Council is produced by the Board of Directors and exercises the authority of Article 18, first, third, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and is responsible for the Council during the meeting of the Council. The number of executive director does not exceed 1/3 of the number of people.

Article 22 The Standing Council must have 2/3 The executive director attendance can be held, and its resolution must be valid for 2/3 of the executive director.

Article 23 The Standing Council held a meeting at least half a year; the situation is special, and the communication form can also be used.

Article 24 The daily office of the Standing Council is the Secretariat of the Society. The Secretariat is determined by the Standing Council.

Article 25 This highest leader is the president.

Article 26 The President, Vice President of the Society, the Secretary-General, the Secretary-General must have the following conditions:

(1) Adhere to the party's route, principles, policies, political quality Good;

(2) There is a great impact on the business field of this meeting;

(3) The highest president, Vice President, the Secretary-General's maximum age is not more than 70 years old;

(4) Secretary-General is full-time;

(5) good health, can adhere to normal work;

(six) unreported political rights criminal Penalties;

(7) has a full civil capacity.

Article 27 The president, Vice President, and Secretary-General of the Secretary-General. The president, Vice President, and the Secretary-General must not exceed the two sessions. If the special situation is prolonged, it is necessary to pass by the member representative, and the business executive unit shall be reviewed and approved by the community registration management authority.

The president of this Course is a legal representative of this Council. The legal representative of this Council may not have a legal representative of other groups.

Article 28 This President's president exercises the following powers:

(1) Call and host the Council, the Standing Council;

(2) The implementation of the resolution of the member representative, the Council (or the Standing Council);

(3) Represents this Society to sign the relevant important documents;

29 Article 29 The Secretary-General exercised the following powers:

(1) Hold the Office of the Office to carry out daily work, organize the annual work plan;

(2) coordinate the branches, representative agencies, physical institutions to carry out Work;

(3) Nomination of the deputy secretary-general and the major responsible persons, branches, representative agencies and entity agencies, decision;

( IV) Employment of the office, representative agencies, and physical institutions; handling other daily affairs.

Chapter 5 Asset Management, Urban Management

Article 30 This Counterty Source:

(1) Fund;

(2) donation;

(3) Government funding;

(4) Carrying an event or service within the approved business;

(five Interest;

(6) Other legal income.

Article 31 This will charge membership fee in accordance with relevant state regulations.

Article 32 This Fair must be used in the development of business scope and undertakings of this Article, and may not be allocated in the members.

Article 33 This Council establishes a strict financial management system to ensure legal, true, accurate and complete accounting information.

Article 34 This Council is equipped with professional qualifications. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accountants must conduct accounting accounts and implement accounting supervision. When the accounting staff moved or left, the relevant provisions must be clearer according to the relevant regulations.

Article 35 The asset management of this Association must implement the financial management system stipulated by the State, accept the supervision of the membership representative conference and the financial department. Asset Sources belong to national allocation or social donation, funding, must accept the supervision of the audit authority, and will be announced to the public in an appropriate manner.

Article 36 This will receive a financial audit of community registration management agencies and business executive units before the replacement or replacement of legal representatives.

Article 37 The assets of this Association shall be invaded, private and misappropriated.

Article 38 The salary and insurance, welfare treatment of the full-time staff, and refer to the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the business unit.

Chapter 6 Modifying Procedure

Article 39 The revision of the charter of this conference shall be considered by the Council's voting through the report member representative meeting.

Article 40 The charter of this will be revised on the 15th after the membership representative conference, and the business executive unit is reviewed and reported to the community registration management authority.

Chapter 7 Termination Program and Termination of Property Processing

Article 41 This will be done by the purpose or self-dissipating or due to discrete, merger, etc. The meeting or the Standing Council proposed to terminate the motion.

Article 42 This Council will end the motion shall pass the representative vote of the member meeting, and the business executive unit review consent.

Article 43 Before the termination of this Council, it is necessary to establish a clearing organization, clean up the creditor's debt under the guidance of business executives and relevant organs, and deal with good matters. During the liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.

Article 44 This will be terminated after the registration of the community registration management organ is terminated.

Article 45 The remaining property after the termination of this Council, under the supervision of business executives and community registration management agencies, in accordance with relevant state regulations, business related to the aim of this Society.

Chapter 8: Article 46 of this Chapter of this Chapter, July 27, 1999, the membership representative conference vote.

Article 47 The right to interpret this charter belongs to this executive council.

Article 48 This chapter will take effect from the date of approved by the community registration management authority.

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