Chief Culture

Basic Overview

CCO establish a central figure in the implementation of the undertaking to develop

and the establishment of corporate culture system in line with business development strategy as a corporate culture management system, vision shaping, refining and marketing businesses, common values ​​and mission, is the core of business continuity. The company also is becoming a new favorite to become the "corporate culture spiritual leader." CCO play in the enterprise management activities in an increasingly important role, it can directly improve the long-term operating performance, it is the basic driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. CXO variety, chief culture officer CCO is a member recruits, people both familiar and strange.


normal operation of modern enterprises, rely on the smooth flow of goods, capital and information flow? Corporate culture and business process reengineering are closely related. Chinese companies have begun to set up CCO for the position. In people's impression of them, other than the CEO set the CCO, it is difficult to obtain a sufficient degree of recognition and influence from both internal and external, that is difficult to achieve the level of Chief (Chief) of. At the same

, even if not to the extent Chief of CCO, but it can also lead to corporate image blurred or distorted, especially when there are some differences in personality traits and heads of state enterprises CCO or behavior patterns, which cultural dissemination of corporate internal and external factors are very unfavorable. Whether traditional or high-tech business enterprise, information transformation is not a simple matter, it will involve every aspect of business, need to integrate various resources, from strategic planning. There are companies which need a senior management that specializes in leadership and cultural aspects of the system, the chief cultural officer for this position also came into being. Has the charisma and character consistent corporate image of the head of state enterprises, can largely enhance the degree of recognition outside of the corporate culture, and create tremendous business value directly or indirectly.

Chief Culture


culture is an important part of enterprise content, it is invisible, difficult to use a standard format to determine the performance described. Corporate culture is invisible, CCO is a tangible thing, is a carrier. Meaning CCO arise, mainly to strengthen the awareness of the importance of corporate culture. A unique cultural tradition of business, but in fact is the CEO of the company approved the idea, or the CEO of the company to accept the idea of ​​a polymer, a lot of it is being affected by the impact of specific objective factors change.

CCO should first have to pass their own thorough understanding can find the root of the corporate culture, finds its source; secondly there should be high-tech theoretical knowledge of corporate culture, corporate culture has accumulated, with practice, but also need the guidance of theory, and then return to practice; again enterprises have a high degree of recognition and love, to love their own business, loyalty to their own businesses. He should have a right to make recommendations corporate culture, decision-making and implementation of the right. Any resulting post

professional quality

is the business to a certain stage of the inevitable product of the development of enterprises to any stage are likely to face problems, which we usually say "Impediment "rigid means factor, the simple use of systems, policies, procedures or

Xu not an effective solution, you can imagine how important this time of cultural traction Yes. In addition, the cultural heritage of their own needs, like enterprise knowledge system, but also need to constantly update and change bad culture is sure to become enterprise development "Obstruction" factor, any business leader must be able to continue to It found that healthy, in line with the business philosophy, helps gather forces to promote the cultural essence of corporate strategy development, and to influence the actions of their employees through effective manner or instruction symbols. Has the charisma and character consistent corporate image of the head of state enterprises, can largely enhance the degree of recognition outside of the enterprise, and create tremendous business value directly or indirectly.

Learning Standards

1) learning is a must, and learning ability is a must, but not just to obtain qualification certificates "CCO" away learning, credentials only to represent you ever participated in learning what the topic, it may be able to influence your career, but it does not determine your future, only this career path to take.

2) participate in the crown of "CCO" and other words in the training class is rich corporate culture theory, a good opportunity for the information of corporate culture stories, experience, etc., but not the only acquisition theory and corporate culture case, experience and other information channels.

3) If you obtained the qualification certificate "CCO", which might be able to lay a good foundation for the future to become "chief culture officer," but "CCO" does not belong to you other enterprise feelings of deep, deep sentiment of the corporate culture, innovative enough, learning ability, strong ability to work staff are likely to be more than your good "chief culture officer."

4) "CCO" new professional career, are all employees, retirees and even a new professional career, as long as he is fit make the enterprise culture construction, and any workers are likely to be become " CCO ", and not be restricted by education.

5) in order to become qualified and excellent "chief culture officer" must be rich in a variety of self-knowledge, information and other activities related to business management, in particular to increase the effective and innovative skills, and even it is necessary to experience, participation in other business management activities.


CCO is to generate business through a certain way, a senior manager or authorized full-time or part-time business leaders to the only division, with overall responsibility for leading enterprise culture construction and promote the work; his role is to assist top business leaders, or under the leadership of top business leaders, with the actual business, leadership, organize and promote the enterprise culture construction work, boost business towards corporate purpose or vision direction, healthy, harmonious and stable development. It can be generated from corporate culture management division or corporate culture division, or you can not produce from the corporate culture management division or corporate culture division, but he was certain corporate culture management division or corporate culture division leaders in the work of the corporate culture.


"CCO" should not be a specific position, its symbolic significance greater than its actual business management. It is a strong enterprise information released to internal and external, expressed concern corporate enterprise culture, and put a lot of effort on the culture. Corporate culture is only human resource management a concern, but also the result of human resource management, but out of human resource management is to improve the individual to an enterprise-wide level, to avoid the enterprise confusing some of the management responsibilities aspects, it is necessary swing clear CCO and human resources positions.

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