Charge mailbox

Basic Concept

According to the "2004 China Email Research Report" in Aresearch, China's personal charged email users account for average China's electronic mailbox user Approximately 3%, consumption of 100 yuan according to the average annual annual basis per user, China's personal charged mailbox market size is at least 370 million yuan in 2004.


As the user market is more and more subsequent and email, of course, the more mainly reason is to be profitable, each email address provides websites. Take measures. The important feature of the launched charged mailbox is that online anti-virus and super anti-garbage function. It uses fiber channels, independent bandwidth, double backups, etc. to ensure safer and rapid mail. Among them, online anti-virus is developed with Jinshan Software.

The charged mailbox that will be launched will face individual users and enterprise users. Support for a variety of payment methods including mobile phone payment. Enterprise mailbox has mail all functions, corporate domain name settings and enterprise independent management. The VIP mailbox corresponds to different mailbox capacity, and the service content is divided into three series.

According to the "2004 China Email Research Report" in Aresearch, China's personal charged mailbox users accounted for approximately 3%, according to the proportion of China's email users. The average year consumption is 100 yuan conservative estimates that China's personal charged email market size is at least 370 million yuan in 2004.

Related Background

According to the new round of Internet investigation reports, the user's most common network function is still in the first place at 74.9% of the absolute advantages. In the latest statistics, the user has averaged a weekly, and the number of emails has risen from the previous week and 10 seals and 12.9 seals per week, and the user has an average of the E-Mail account. From the beginning of the year, 3.24 / people fell to the current 2.6 / person, and the email address plays an increasingly important role in people's lives.

Currently, for the website of profit stress, only the funds of the netizens can only protect the basic interests of the majority of netizens. The websites can no longer attract users with "free", but consider how to "charge" with more complete services, and e-mail as a user's use of the largest Internet service naturally become the primary consideration of website charges. So, some websites of China began to charge email, including 263, 163, 21CN, including many websites, have launched a fee mailbox plan.

However, it is not so easy to stay in China's chargebox market, not so easy, and the email address is not just a simple collection process from free, it involves a variety of concepts and services. First of all, in terms of the website, it is a transformation from information production to the sale of goods; secondly, for users, it is a transformation from the recipient from free products; third, for the mailbox itself, it Transition from an ICP's attached product into an independent commodity; at the same time, for the services provided by the website, it has also experienced a transition from non-profit-to-real business operations. To complete this transformation, truly improve the process from free to charge, it is necessary for Internet companies to have significant transformations from internal ideas (including customer service awareness, product design ideas, etc.). The charged mailbox must truly win the favor of netizens, and must grasp the needs of users and provide a variety of more detailed value-added services.

Service item

Facing the user's needs, the advantages of the charged mailbox in the user's eyes, each mailbox service provider can be described as a trick, constantly provide various types of charged mailboxes service. A number of charged electronic mails, including anti-virus kits, mobile mailbox, internet mail box, diamond mailbox, etc., are launched in front of 263 online, is the supporting value-added service made by it.

In Sina's launch, it also includes a business mailbox, mobile mailbox and VIP mailbox service, and Sina will also provide a personal photo album service. 263 Online President Tianjian said: "The charge is a general trend, the key is whether the service provided by the user will attract them. Therefore, to continue to accept the user's opinion, then improve it as soon as possible, immediately implement it in practical applications, only this can Get the user's recognition. "Shi Shun Yun, Director of Sina's product market:" The network is from free charge, in fact, the fundamental performance of the network. The initial stage of the charging process is the least good, but once everyone identifies the network products. The use of shopping and shopping in the supermarket, the days will be better, and the days will be better. Of course, the service is still the most fundamental, the quality of service quality is the recognitude of your charge project. "IRESEARCH The data finishing of the "Fourteenth China Internet Development Statistics Report" announced by the China Internet Information Center, high reliability, security and stability is the most valuable function when the mailbox user applies for charge mailbox, totaling 63%, Prove that the current Internet users consider more security factors on the function of the mailbox.

Charge mailbox

Analysis Report

China Internet Information Center issued a Chinese Internet Hot Survey Report in 2004, and reported two parts: China E-mail and online shopping. The following is a complimentary email usage:

1, the advantages of the charged mailbox

relative to free email, the respondent believes that the main advantages of the charged mailbox behave as less spam, safe and stable The electronic email capacity is large, and their proportion exceeds 30%, and the other options have fast access speed, and there are many additional features. These aspects make the charged mailboxes are different from the free email, which is the cause and value of the existence, so the charged mailbox is only better in these aspects. It is better than the free email market to occupy the quality of the mailbox market. More share.

2, all aspect satisfaction evaluation

When evaluating the satisfaction of all aspects of the charged mailbox, 1 point is very unsatisfactory, 5 points are very satisfied, the more points The higher the degree of satisfaction. Most of all aspects of the evaluation are divided into 3-5, and there is less proportion of 1-2 points. From the evaluation mean, the safety and access speed is higher, the average of the accessories capacity and filter spam is lower.

3, the future use expectations

(1) Continue to use

, when you ask if the charged mailbox user continues to use the charged mailbox, there are 93%. The respondent expresses the willingness to continue use. This indicates that although the impact of free mailbox expansion, the charged mailbox can maintain existing users with its superior service characteristics, but they want to get further development, need to be more in services and characteristics. effort.

(2) Main reasons for the charged mailbox

is currently using but not intended to continue to use the charged mailbox, the main reason for free email, free email meets the needs and free The mailbox improvement has a greater 60%.

(2) Analysis of the improved factors of the link

According to the satisfaction evaluation of each link and the analysis of factors, the satisfaction - importance matrix is ​​established, including the improvement of the link as importance High and satisfaction evaluation is low. It can be seen that filter spam is the most urgent aspect.

Related Evaluation

"Computer News" 2007 No. 39 F: 4 major charged mailboxes: Netease charged email capacity, additional service Rich, personalized function, fast delivery, strong anti-virus capacity, suitable for photographers, music fans, writers, and software fans who often use cyberspace. Simplify the operation steps of the upload file, and improve the single file capacity limit and upload speed of the network file cabinet.

The attachment of the Sina's charged mailbox is large, the core function is professional, and the non-spam function is powerful. It is suitable for photographic journalists, digital pictures, and digital pictures editing. Need to enhance the stability and speed of the large attachment mail, increase the setting page of the antivirus option.

Sohu fee mailbox has fast, functional, easy to operate, compare computer beginners, if you like network storage or need to send a large attachment, Sohu charge mailbox should meet the requirements, powerful The mail classification function is suitable for white-collar workers with large email. Need to increase the ability of anti-virus mail, upload the stability and speed of the file, and the speed of the charge.

263 toll mailbox has a large email, super anti-spam gateway, can send multimedia mail and a large number of greeting cards, send and receive email, etc., compare business people who need to send a large number of pictures, files. It is necessary to improve the speed and stability of the uploaded large file. From the four charged mailboxes, the future charged mailbox should improve the quality of personalized services, such as the stability of the network space and the success rate of the stability of the network space, and the success rate of the stability of the network space. On the other hand, the charged mailbox should segment the service object, rich product line, increase the user's choice,

NetEase pay mailbox investigation

According to Ai Rui consulting data, In 2007, the account of personal charged mailbox has reached 10 million, and netizens have become more and more preferences for the charged mailbox. It is also increasingly concentrated. In 2007, the payment email users' interest in security is 71.9%, the attention rate of the email anti-virus is 62.7%, and the value of the mail anti-garbage function is 55.2%. The mailbox operator focuses on the improvement of the functions of the user's attention rate, and has achieved breakthrough results, and the entire market shows a state in full swing. But in the face of increasingly rational mailbox consumers, is it sufficient to attract users with a technical factor? The answer is negative, the real market competition is whether the product can give the customer invisible "value".

The so-called "value": defined in the customer's use of email processing, commercial exchange, and a distinguished experience and convenience in the process of private transactions. Exclusive active personalized service ensures real-time, stable, safe, efficient completion of users, and the powerful diversified business functions makes the mailbox to improve work efficiency, which makes you more focused on your business. Important decision, invisible "value" naturally highlight.

To achieve this efficient service level, there must be professional technical backing, more importantly, there is a need to have powerful customer management. The author recently learned the NetEase VIP high-end mailbox, found that its new high-end "mailbox housekeeper" service, under the foundation of NetEase 11-year technology, has been leading the "high value, high level" Effect, this service is not limited to the traditional passive suggestion acceptance and product risk, more comprehensive active service channels to provide exclusive service channels for high-end users or companies - find their own service channels through customer coding; one-to-one mailbox service - - A user assigns two mailbox managers; 24 hours a day, high-efficiency response - exclusive 2-hour technical response service channel, while improving personal office efficiency, experience the exclusive high-end service experience.

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