Certification recognition


certification means that the certification body has proved product, service, management system complies with the relevant technical specifications, related technical specifications, or standards for qualified assessment activities.

recognition means a conformity assessment activity by the capacity and qualification of the certification body, inspection agency, laboratory, and certification activities engaged in review, auditing.

Certification recognition

The certification and accreditation system is a third-party evaluation system at home and abroad. It is based on standard and technical specifications, and the management system, personnel capacity, etc. To make an evaluation, one of the foundations of national quality and technology is also an internationally practical approach to promoting quality management work, playing an important role in quality improvement.

Development history

In August 2002, China's qualified assessment of national accreditation is established;

In September 2003, the "Certification Accreditation Ordinance" is implebined; / P>

In February 2006, the State Council issued the "National Medium and Long-term Scientific and Technical Development Plan", the certification and recognition work was first written in national scientific strategic development planning;

June 2009, The "Food Safety Law" promulgated, clearly stipulated that the establishment of the qualification system for food inspection agency, registration (filing) management system for import and export food production enterprises;

in March 2011, "National Economics and Society Development of the 12th Five-Year Plan Outline "announced;

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