Business representative

and the concept of salesman is a person responsible for a specific business operation. For example, the person responsible for purchasing, the person responsible for sales, etc., can be called a salesman when the bill is made. Not a special salesman.

Business representative position responsibilities

Business representative work responsibilities

1, obeying superior leaders, timely completion of sales tasks and work indicators.

2, under the guidance of the regional manager and the dealer, the product promotion of terminal maintenance work and traditional circulation channels (not less than 15 days per month), assist dealers to complete sales indicators .

3, regularly visiting terminal customers, understanding end customer needs, implement sales policy and promotional policies.

4, collect the details of the terminal customers, establish an end customer visiting plan and report to the regional manager.

5, the day work summary, the development day work plan, and regularly report to the regional manager, accept the work guidance from the distributor and the regional manager.

6, pay attention to the market trends of dealers, competition brands, end customers, and feedback to the company in time.

7, regularly understand the actual number of dealers inventors, and assist dealers to order timely delivery.

Business representative

8, assist and supervise the price system and the dealer area, which is strictly prohibited.

9, comply with professional ethics, and keep the company's trade secrets.

Daily, every year, monthly work schedule is arranged

1, register the distributor's inventory and sales report once, and report it once every 5 days.

2, contacting the key terminal client dealer or part-time promotional personnel to contact the business, supervise the dealer delivery (do 1 time every 3 days, and do a good phone record).

3, visit all key terminal customers, and fill in the visiting record, not less than once a month, and report the issue to the regional manager.

4, visit the secondary key terminal customers, understand the market situation, must not be less than 3 times a month, each time may not be less than 10, and fill in the market survey record, and report the regional manager.

5, analyze the market situation per year, check the funds in place, formulate the delivery plan, and report the company to sell in-service, and copy the regional manager.

6, prepared the monthly work summary and market conditions per month and the sales plan summary report, and report the regional manager.

7, timely processing quality problems, the mass complaint of the regional market must be handled within 8 hours, and report the company's sales in writing in writing.

Business representative requirements

1, there is extensive knowledge; not only business knowledge; also includes other fields;

2, very understanding customer psychology Understand the needs of customers;

3, communication skills are strong; and the ability to talk to strangers is strong;

4, on the basis of maintaining existing customers; active development New customers; constantly accumulating customer resources;

5, having a good team spirit; professionalism; independent analysis and solving problems; good communication skills and persuasive ability; can withstand Working pressure.

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