Baruch Sbinosha

Synonym Spinosa generally refers to Baruch Sbunosa

Personal Profile

Sinoa (Baruch de Spinoza, November 24, 1632 - February 1677) On the 21st), the famous Dutch philosopher who accepted the training of Latin, but in the work of Latin, Sinoa to contact Cartesi et al. Its this is the Jewish, the Jewish church has been expelled from the border at the age of 24, after the age of 24, lives with hard life. He finally moved out of the Jewish residential area and used a grinding film to conduct a philosophical thinking. Subinain has been lived in a hidden life. It does not admit that God is a natural creation of nature. It is believed that natural itself is God's migids, and his studies are called "the God of Sbinosa", which has a lot of impact on the French martial artists in the 18th century and Germany. At the same time, it also prompted to go to materialism, religious naturally transition. In 1673, Brandenburg, Emperor, invited him to Hydeburg University as a philosophy professor, and the conditions are not to mention religion, but Sbinosa refuses, he died due to lungs at the age of 45.

The ancestors of Sbinosa is the Jews in the town of Espinoza, Sron, Srion, Spain. In 1492, the Spanish government and the Catholic church persecuted to Jewish religion and racial persecution, escaped to Portugal. After 1592, he fled to the Netherlands. Grandfather Abraham De Sabina is a very respected Jewish businessman, who served as a job in the Amsterdam Jewish public; father Michael De Sbinosa inherited his father's career, operating import and export trade in Amsterdam, And serve as the president of the Jewish Communisians and the School of Jewish Church.


Sbinosha is born in the Netherlands. His parents have been living in import and export trade. The life is quite worse. Sbinosa has also entered the local Jewish school, studying Hebrew, Jewish Code, and medieval Jewish philosophy. The work of the mosroscopy hurts his health. He inhaled a lot of toner dust during work, which has a direct relationship with his death.

Personal Ideas

Important Speech

Politics is free.

The Netherlands at the time had certain freedom, but not democratic.

Ideological freedom, action abiding.

Everyone in a free country can freely think, free comments.

There is no reason to have a reason to lose.

Just as light exposes itself, it is the same as the darkness of the surrounding, the truth is both a standard and a false standard.

wisdom, not a death, but a thoughtful thinking.

Democratic Policy Free On

Sbinosa believes that only democracy can guarantee ideas and freedom of speech. He opposes the monarchy, saying that peace is peaceful on the surface of the monarch, in fact, acting as a slavery. He also degraded the aristocracy and said that the nobles of the nobles rejected the outstanding people of other classes. He believes that democracy is the best, in democracy, people can express their opinions.

Sbinosa is distracted from the experience of ideological freedom from its own experience.

Spencers from talent human rights, excluding the suppression of ideas and freedom. While promoting the freedom of mind, Sinoa also emphasizes people to follow the law in action.


Subinosa's work is the "Ethica Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata", referred to as "Ethics" ) The work has been published after the death of Sciosa. The book is written in the geometrical way of European miles, and a group of axioms and various formulas are given from middle life, prove, inference and explanation. His other two important works include "Tracta Atus Politicus'). The theme of "Theology Political Theory" is the Bible criticism and political theory, and the latter only talks about political theory.

Spencers' "ethics" discuss three different topics. He first gave a stronger to learn from the shape, and finally turned into a variety of blazing and will psychology, and finally explained an ethical concept of previous forms and psychology. In order to go to school, it is a variant of Cartesol, and psychology has also taken Hobs Handmark, but ethics is unique.


Sbinosha's shape and the upper school system is the type of system founded by Badenid, and the entity is only one, that is, "natural is God's body". Descartes believes that there are three entities of God, spirit, and substances (of course he believes that only God is the real entity, the so-called entity, Carteshe believes that it is able to exist and there is no need to rely on other things. Class events). Sinoa will never agree with this view, in his view, thinking and delayed the property of God (ie, natural or entity). God also has an unlimited other attribute, because God must set up unlimited. Individual souls and monolithic substances are all desperate things in his opinion, but it is "God in". The individual who believes in Christians is never affordable, only to have more and more people who have a personal life. Limited things are limited by their physical or logical realm, in other words, it is not a certain thing to limit: "Regulations", "the existence" "exists" can only have one, it must be absolutely unlimited.

Emotional Theory

This part is placed behind the spiritual nature and origin of the origin. This discussion is later launched "people's spirit to God's eternal and eternal essential nature. There is an appropriate understanding "this amazing proposition. "The blazing disturbed our hearts, blinded our intelligence and seeing the whole." According to him ", all things as long as it is comfortable, and strive to keep their existence." So I have love, hate, and disputes. Third volumes of psychology is completely a mental psychology. According to his opinions, "self-insurance" is the fundamental motivation of all kinds of blazing, but our own, affirmative thing is something that integrates us with a whole, not to protect the outer surface separation. We have integrated this, and self-insurance changes in nature.

Philosophical idea

Philosophy, Sbinosha is a one-dollar or pan God. He believes that there is only one entity between the universe, namely the overall universe itself, and "God" and the universe are one thing. His conclusion is based on a set of definitions and axioms, through logic reasoning. "The God of Sbinosa" not only includes the material world, but also the spiritual world. Sinoa also believes that "God" is the "intrinsic cause" of everything, "God" will dominate the world through the "Natural Law", and everything happened in the material world has its necessity; there is only "in the world" God "is completely free, and people can try to remove the external constraints, but they will never get free will. If we can think of things is inevitable, then we are more likely to be integrated with "God". Therefore, Sinoa proposes that we should "in the eternal" (Sub Specie aternitatis).

In ethics, Sinoa believes that one person is as long as the external impact, he is in a state of enslavement, but as long as God is agreed, people will no longer be subject to this effect. And to get relatively freedom, and therefore get rid of fear. Sinoa also advocates ignorance is the root of all sin. For death, Sinoa's famous saying is: "Free people think of death, his wisdom is not about death, but meditation for life."

Sinoa is thorough The decisor, he believes that all the appearance of things has an inevitable role.

Sbinosha's philosophy is very similar to Stoge philosophy, but he has sharp differences in Shandochi in an important point of view: he fully opposes that they can overcome emotions. On the contrary, he advocates that emotions will only be replaced or defeated by another more emotion. He pointed out that there is a key to the active emotions and passive emotions, the former is relatively understood and the latter is not. He also pointed out that knowledge with passive emotional real motivation can transform it into active emotions, so it is foreseen that a key idea of ​​psychological analysis of Sigmund Freud.

The portrait of the Sbinosha

Subina is printed in the old series of 1000 Dutch shield banknotes, which is the Netherlands introduced the legal currency before the euro before the Euro.

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