Tianjin famous snacks. Has a old name for more than 60 years. The founder of Chi Naizhai opened the store to sell the cake in Tianjin Shenzhuang Street. Due to the quality of the product, it is very popular, so that it is the favorite food of the lunar calendar, and it has been introduced to this, it is one of the special snacks. The difference between cake is a stuffing in the cake.

Chri-lace fate dry appearance is white, do not stick tooth, do not fall, soft taste, unique flavor.


Zhilai Fair, starting in 1928, the founder costs for sale in Shenzhuangzi Street with Chitro-Zhaizhai. This kind of food is very cheap, and the lunar calendar is the most in the lunar calendar. The difference between Zhizhijaci dry and Tianjin Yangcun cake is the latter without a filling, the natural taste, the former, in the production process, in the production process, in the production process, the bean sand, sugar, red fruit, pineapple, etc. Square, pepper, melon, walnut kernel, green silk, etc. In the 1950s, in the 1950s, in the process of capitalist industrial and commercial reinforcement, he took the lead in public-private joint, combined with a nearby snack bar, and the font size is still called "Zhuzhai". In the "Cultural Revolution", the increasing impact increased by the impact, and the name of Zhaizhi is dead. After the reform and opening up, in order to save the traditional flavor food, the original river Eastern Diet Company invites the fees, and selection the apprentice, allocation to the facade, and rebuild Zhai Zhai, revitalize traditional food. Under the support of the superior company, the expectation of the masses, the cost of increasing the cakes production process is not retained to the apprentice, and the apprenticeship will improve the process, and the sesame seeds will develop from a single variety to 6 series varieties. To adapt to different people's taste. As a domestic exclusive food, the company has applied for a patent for Zhizhijie dry.

Zea-lace, Zeng, was called Tianjin Quality Food: In 1987, he received a high-quality trophy in the "Star Cup" food competition; in 1988, he was recommended as Jinmen Food in 1988. " One of the four ", participate in the national first food fair, and won the bronze medal with other" three ", during the 11th Asian Games in 1990, Chi Lai Zhai was invited to enter Beijing, to demonstrate, sales tasting, Praise.


Select high-quality small station rice, Jiang rice noodles as a skin, supplemented with high quality red bean bean sand, sesame, peach kernel, strain, melon, orange , White sugar, red fruit, rose, cream, can be made into a stuffing, and the filming is steamed.



The appearance is white, non-sticky teeth, not removed, soft and soft, and unique.

The rice is soft and white, the stuffle is arbitrarily prepared, the entrance is soft and dermatoprost, no mouth, do not stick tooth, more incense, cool heat.

Production method


small station rice, glutinous rice, bean pan stuffing, pine tires, melon seed kernel, walnut, green plum , Melon, orange peel, green silk, etc.


1. Rice, glutinous rice soaked with water soaking soothes soft, top milling into rice noodles.

2. Pineon, melon seed, walnut, green plum, melon strip, orange peel, green silk cut into pieces.

3. Take the wooden mold of the cake, first load a layer of rice noodles in the mold, then add a layer of bean plate, add rice flour to smooth, then use the knife to lay a small square, sprinkled Tongzi, melon, walnut, green plum, melon, orange skin, green, steamed 10 points in the preheated steamer, cooked.

Essentials 1. The material must be strict, and the best rice and glutinous rice are used, the rice noodles are delicate and coarse granules;

2. Filling heart can be free modulation.

3. When steaming, use a fire, and the air is steamed.

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