Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall

Memorial Introduction

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Jiangsu Xinghua City Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall

The basic exhibition of "Zheng Banqiao Life and Art Achievements".

Historical Development

Kangxi 32 years (1693), Zheng Banqiao was born in the ancient panel of East Gate of Xinghua County, Jiangsu Province. At the time of the year, Huayan 12 years old, Gao Fengha 11 years old, is 10 years old, Wang Shi Shen 8 years old, Li Wei 8 years old, Jinnong 7 years old, Huang Shen 7 years old. These future "Yangzhou Bad Monsters", such as a piece of chess, scattered on the soil of the life of the Kangfu. The ancient plate bridge is a wooden bridge on the east of the ancient city of the ancient city, and the alley in which Zheng Boqiao's former residence is called Zhu Lane. The board bridge once said: "There are two rooms in the house, the southern part of the bamboo ..." This is the hut of the bamboo, the Xinghua City government has repaired it in 1983.

The south side is a biased house, and the north is a genuine house, commonly known as "Zhengjia Datipan House". The two masters of Zhao Puchu and Liu Haica were written "Zheng Banqiao's former residence" and "Bangqiao's former residence". From the hall, see a wall, and left the left, the yard is Lu Yu, and the old bamboo new Excluding fragrant, Poles, bananas, but moss tired, hints for a long time.

In 1993, the Xinghua Municipal Government has expanded its museum, Shu Tong, and the two ancestors have written the name of the museum. The new hall and historical relics are all in the first floor, Li Yuan is connected to the new cultural village of the ancient city.

Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall

Estate Overview

Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall, also known as the Xinghua Museum, located in the central location of the urban area, covers an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters, the powder wall Diwa, the jelly surrounded, three-layer antique architecture. The in-house garden is standing, Kistler is repaired, there is a pool, the pool, the pool, the dog teeth, the part of the poor, in the summer, the pool is full of sleep, the red snorkeling, there is a taste. There are mainly "Zheng Banqiao Life and Art Achievements", "Xinghua Many", "Shi Ni", "Shi Ni", "Shi Nai", "

The four places on the south are hanging 47 plaques, which records the 74-priority of the priority in the history of Xinghua. It is the back of the future, and the inscription is from the hands of contemporary calligraphers. Very high art appreciation value. Former residential North house, there is a paint painting. The couplets on both sides of the paint are Zheng Shiqiao in Fan County. "Autumn is in the summer rain, spring is looking for." Original on both sides of the Ranshi map and ink Bamboo maps are all original, and they have been collected.

Zheng Banqiao bedroom in the east, cabinets, suitcases, lamp stations, etc. His old things he use, and the future people show "hard-to-confused" other imitation products. The west of Tangwut is Zheng Band Bridge's milk mother, the room is displayed in the main year of Zheng Banqiao, as well as all kinds of research Zheng Banqiao work, papers.

The east side of the yard is the kitchen, there is woodcut contrast: "Cabbage Blue Salt Noodles, Watti Tiamei Flower Tea", is the brother of Zheng Boqiao wrote to him. The thoughts on the south side have the brick engrave of "talking and rain", and there is a new bamboo to play proudly, such as the shadow of the bridge "to delete it."

真 真 件 件 件 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 书 书 书 书 3 3 书 3 3 3 3 书 3 书 3 书 书 书 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 书 书 书 3 件,,,,,,,,,,,, Zheng Banqiao, Painting and Calligraphy made by Shi Ni.

The basic exhibition of "Zheng Banqiao Life and Art Achievements". Exhibition "Zhaoyang Zheng's family spectrum", the relics of the bridge, 7 versions of "Zheng Banqiao Collection", the replica of the bridge ink, and related research, information and scripts, golden stone, legendary stories, etc. The main residence of Zheng Boqiao, which was jurisded in the Memorial Hall, and made a Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty. Powder wall, Lanzhu Xiao, maintained "Ocean Just Why, the flowers are not in many". Therefore, there is an unpredictable small painting and calligraphy exhibition, and the artistic achievements of Zheng Banqiao are broadcast.

Fan County Memorial Hall


Zheng Banqiao Memorial Memorial House Village, Xinzhuang Township, Fan County, Henan Province.

Zheng Banqiao

Zheng Banqiao is one of the famous thinkers, literary artists, artists, "Yangzhou Eight Blasting" in the Qing Dynasty, once in Fan County, Henan Province (Fan County) in Henan Province (Fan County, Shandong Province) Knowledge 5 years. He left Fan County and still did not forget the people of Fan County for a few years. He used to be a poem: "Fan County folk situation has an ancient wind, a group is a peaceful inclusive. The old man went to see the relationship, but hope to be inherited and the annual fence, express it. He is the feeling of the people of Fan County.

Memorial Hall

Zheng Banqiao Memorial covers an area of ​​28 mu, the main building "three landscape" will showcase the life, writing, painting of Zheng Boqiao, except the three poetry paintings exhibition outside. There is also a building such as "Jinshui Bridge", "Band Bridge Former Residence", "Hi Gallery".

Zheng Banqiao


Zheng Banqiao's three-handed world is a leader of the "Yangzhou Eight Blame" in the Qing Dynasty. Zheng's family is studying, it can be said to be a brother. Mozhu became the main subject of Zheng Boqiao painting. In his pen, Zhu also turned into a character. Yellow bamboo is unyielding, humble, can be said to be a photo of the lofty quality of Banqiao.


Zheng Boqia (1693 ~ 1765) Qing Dynasty painter, calligrapher, poet. Famous, word brave, board bridge. Xinghua City (original Yangzhou) people. "Yangzhou Eight Blame" represents one of the characters. 6 years old, with his father, 16 years old from the native land, 17-year-old reading in Zhenzhou (now Yizheng) Maojiaqiao, 20 years old from the township plant garden, 23 years old and Zhenzhou Jiangcun Church, 24 At the age of 26, I settled in Xinghua Zhuzhen Town. At the time, I had a good time, and I would like to have a living before and after 30 years old. 30 ~ 40 years old, father, son, wife have died, the family is difficult, relying on the day of selling. At the age of 40, Nanjing will be taken. At the age of 44, I went to Beijing to try, and the eighty-eighth scholars of China Mixi. Qianlong seven years (1742) Spring, Ren Shandong Fan County (now Henan) county order. In the eleventh year (1746), Weixian, Shandong Province was sold.

The following year, the county was disased, he opened a position to borrow food in the people, and made the grain of the rich. Treat civil and help people, do not help rich business, because of the crime, in 18 years (1753) is dismissed. Therefore, when Jinan Zhu Qinglei is a plate of "Kangxi Xiuxi Yongzheng, Qianlong, Qianlong," Jianlong's thirties, in Xinghua City, rising the garden, 73 years old, buried in the Yidong Zhuang (now Xinghua Town, Town, Town). There is no child behind, and Zheng Tian, ​​Zheng Tian, ​​who is son.

Zheng Banqiao (60 photos)

After returning Yangzhou, it is a living by selling words and painting. Zheng Banqiao's good painting, especially for writing Lanzhu. It is also good calligraphy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Also good poetry, the work understands smooth, and is not bound by Shen Yun. Among them, "吏", "private punishment", "ally", "escaping", etc., describe the people's hardships; "family book", "road", etc., naturally frank, praise the world. People call Zheng Banqiao poetry, book, draw three. Zheng Banqiao, self-edited "poetry", "words", "small sing", "family book", and friends ". Today, there is more than 1,000 poems, more than one hundred words, more than ten songs, more than one hundred depths, more than one hundred pieces, order, judge, inscription, cross, existing paintings A thousand.

Qing Zhang Wei Ping "Song Xuan Essay" Review: "Banqiao has three absolute: painting, poetry, book. Three truths in the three: 真 气, 曰 意, 曰 曰." Qing Jiang Bao Ling "ink Lin Pu ":" Banqiao Book is a half, claiming six half books, very thin, and is also a painting method. "Banqiao believes:" The so-called tailor, never cut, it is true Tailoring; the so-called scratch, never cut, and true scratch. "Li Zejing thought that when the" US Trisks "said," Zheng Banqiao, Huang Wei scoop, Jin Dong Xin, Li Fu Tang, Luo 2 People directly from Ren Bo, Wu Changshuo to Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshu, Liu Haishu, and Pan Tianshu, and Liu Haisai. This is the same as the "Dream of Confucianism", "Red Mansions", etc. " Cloud: "Poetry disdain", his poem is near Xiangshan, letting mem, there is a Wei Dynasty. Banqiao "Tao", uses Wang Wei, Bai Juyi poem, showing a clear-time picture, like a mountain water painting. "Ten Ten" represents the highest achievements of the Aquarium in the Qing Dynasty.

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