Zhao Yuanyi wife

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, Zhao Yuanshui's wife: "Zhao Yuanyi's wife is a woman in Qinghe Cui. Father is famous, there is his record. Her family is coming Standard, children are respectful from the gift. Yuan Zhu father has made a servant, and the family is very rich. Therefore, the door is also very high, and Zhao's family is hiring. Yuan Zhen also respects Cui, although the feast I don't dare to laugh, I will returning, relying clothes, I have etiquette. When Yu Wenhua and rebellion, Yuan Shi also followed Hebei, will be accompanied by Changan. Arrive at the mouth, meet thieves Attack and looting, Yuan Wei only escaped. Cui is detained for the thief, the thief asked her to make her own wife, Cui said to the thief: "I am a child, as a servant wife, prison prisoners today. Naturally, you will die. If you become a wife of the thief, you can't. "So the thief smoked her clothes, let her shape be out of the bed, the bonded to the seat, will be insulted her. Cui is afraid to humiliate , If there is no strength to rebel, but I have to listen to the punishment, I have to listen to the punishment, I don't dare to make it back. Please let you solve the rope. "The thief gave her a loose. Cui's thief wore clothes, take the thief's sword, lean Standing on the tree: "Want to kill me, let the knife saw. If you want to find it, you can force me!" The thief is angry, the chaos shot Tri. Zhao Yuanxi later caught the thief who killed his wife, dismembered him Before you pay homage to the spirit of Cui, "

Zhao Yuanyi wife

It seems that Zhao Yuanyi and his family are all everyone, not all of the gratifiers. Look at it later to meet Tang Taizong, although still With the old rigor, there is still its rule. "In the retreat, the drifting etiquette." It was later rebuked by the Tang Taizong, and he died, on the other side, on the other hand. It is because of the tragedy of the family, the country, the family is not intention, and the family will have a pessimistic threat.

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Zhao Yuan's wife Cui's, Qinghe people also, there is also a gift. In the end of the End of the Endy, Yuan Hui followed Hebei. Will return to Changan, to the mouth of the mouth, only to avoid it. Cui is arrested for the thief, please think that his wife. Cui Shi: "Our family, for the servant, today's death, you can die, it will not be a thief." The thief ruined its clothes, and the bed is above the bed. Cui's fear is humiliated, fraudulent: "This is hard to be in place." The thief released. The wife is standing by taking the thief knife and leaning against the tree: "I want to kill me, let the knife saw; if you die, you will come to you." The thief was angry, and the chaos were shot.

Yuan Yu has to kill his wife, and the branches are born with the sacrifice.

On: Women are mainly fascinating, and its morality is soft, and the Subai is the most suspended, and it is not very good. As for the perspective of the distance, the heart of the festival, the history is not able to win, the history of the high, the history of the examination, and there is also no way! Wei Yan's narrow woman, all three people. From the Lord of Wang Gong, the next wife, cover the quality, the heart is more than the stone, or the loyalty, or the literary mining can be called. Although the church is in front, Yuan Kai is behind, it is more than its US sellen. Therefore, the lanter is ignorant, and the cover is niche.

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