Yuxi Ebei War

Battle Deployment

Japanese Army

Japanese army is the threat of China Air Force and Yuxi troops to the southern section of Pinghan Road, concentrated 5 teachers, 3 The troops of the brigade, divided into 3 roads to Yuxi and Ebei attack.

Chinese army

In order to smash the Japanese army attempt, the Chinese Chiang Kai-shek National Government Army Army Army In Nanyang, the firstater forces in Nanyang, in the Nanyang area, and Li Qing shop. Block the Japanese army and use the Air Force bombing Japanese army rear traffic line in Yuxi and Southern Shaanxi.

To break the Junxi, the Chinese Chiang Kai-shek National Government Army team, destroy the southern section of the Pinghan Railway, the aircraft, the threat to the side of Wuhan, the 12th Army commander Eagle Senxiao, Hubei All of the four martial arts, about 70,000, more than 100, cavalry 2,000, 106 aircraft, respectively, in the northern area of ​​Jingmen, Ebei, Ye County, Lushan, The area near Luoning, and the maintenance is maintained in Nanyang Northeast, with a strong part of Hanshui, another area near Luon, to the Luke offense, threaten Shaanba. With the group's attack, there is also the 39th Division of the 34th Army of the Qianyang. It was captured by Jingyang, Fancheng, and Gucheng; the 12th army attacked the first army in Shanxi, from the south of the Yellow River County is attacking.

As the attempt of the Crushing Japanese army, the military committee, the military committee, the military committee, commander Liu Wei, to ensure the main force in the southeastern region of Nanyang, with a strong force in Biyang, Fangcheng and in Fuyang, Nanxun, south, Take the region and the enemy's decisive battle between the river and Danjiang in a timely manner. Order 1 Hu Zongnan in Nanzhao, Li Qingxian and Changshui Town blocked the enemy, destroying its offensive; order Li Pixian, the 10th Apass, attacking the Japanese army of Pinghan Railway, destroying traffic; Yuxi, Shannan base Air Force assistance 1, the 5th battle area, plan to surround the Japanese army to annihilate in Yushaniannea.

Battle through


March 21, 1945, the main force of the Japanese army of Jingmen North Jinjin, the third, the fifth, One of the 11th brigade offensive offensive to the fifth theater, in Tongwiling, Yanchi Temple, one line with a fifty-ninth army. On the 23rd, the Japanese army aggravated to attack oneself. On the 24th, the fifty-ninth army main and the sixty-ninth army attacked the Japanese army in the Oujia Temple, Wujiayu and the Eight Tuo River, the Japanese troops were more dead. On the 26nd, more than 4,000 Japanese army reinforcements continued to attack, defeated the night, once in the middle of Nanzhang City, defended by the defenders. On the 28th, the Japanese army captured Nanxun, the seventy-seventh army of the defenders, recovered in Nanshan on the 29th.

The Japanese army is in the maintenance of the European Temple, and the sixty-nine military division of Fancheng and the southwest of the northeast of Fancheng and Xiangyang. The Japanese army who trapped in Xiangfan to the Japanese army of the old estuary; a Japanese army who will be the same as the West River. On April 2nd, the Japanese army and the defenders seventy-seventh, and one of the fifty-ninth army has a battle, and it is trapped on the 4th. In the morning of the morning, more than 2,000 Japanese army strike to Taihongshan, and the two divisions of the defenders work together. On the evening of the 10th, the Japanese army gave up Nanxun and retreat to Jingmen. More than 4,000 Japanese people near Xiangyang came along the Weihe West, and the 69th army of the defenders gave up the Zhe City.

The 22nd group army is resistant to the front of a teacher, and the side of a teacher is attacking, and it is attacked into the Zhe City on the 12th. More than 2,000 Japanese people in the south of Googheng were severely hit by the defenders. The fifth theater ordered the pursuit of the forty-first army with the fifty-ninth, seventy-seventh, the sixty-ninth army pursued the direction of Fuyang and self-loyalty, and the House, the Oujia Temple, the small river Town, Xiangyang, self-loyalty county, paid the Japanese army, and the 18th cautiu City. At this point, the Western Western River is resumed in the pre-war.

Japan First Fifth Division, the First Western, Independent Endior Tourism, the fourth brigade of the cavalry, a third division of the chariot on March 21 3 The road to the fifth, sixty-eighth, fifty-fifth military position attack. On the 24th, the defenders gave up Li Qingbian to the first line of the River, and retired Nanyang. On the 25th, the Japanese army attacked Nanyang and the main force continued to wear. On the 26th, the 4th brightener of the Japanese Army has entered the old estuary and near the port. On the 27th, he fought in the old estuary and the forty-fifth army. The other part of the Japanese army attacked the town, the inner, Xixiakou, and the first army of the army will compete. The Japanese army has crossed inner, and attacking the fifteenth army to the firstater. On the 28th, more than 6,000 Japanese army attacked Deng County, the cultural intention, and a teacher in the fifth and the fifth theater was transferred to the northwest, Li Guanqiao, Zhenping, and the inner areas. On the 29th, Li Guanqiao's Japanese army arrived against the thief, the Japanese army near the inner and township, and the Qing Dynasty, and the Sichuan offense. The sixty-eighth military in the fifth army, the new eighth army and the fifteenth army in the firstater, although the eighty-fiveth army were resistant, and major casualties were paid, but the Japanese army attacked. On the 30th, Sichuan lost. The 89th Army in the Fifth Theater stopped the Japanese army in Jingjingguan.

The Nanyang Guardian Year 68th Army and the advantage of the Japanese military battle, broke into the southeast of the city and continued to attack the Japanese army. The Japanese army who siege old river has repeatedly struggled, and all were repeated. Due to the death of Fuyang, the old (River) Bai (River) road is threatened, and the defenders are striped by the Japanese army in the Northeast of the Old River in the Northeast of the Forty-Five-Year Plan. The main force is transferred to Googheng near April 2. More than 5,000 Japanese army returned to the Chongyang store, the eighty-fiveth, the seventy-eighth army in the firstater, and the charm of the charm. On the 5th, the defenders launched the offensive, defeated the battle to the 7th, and the clogs were detached, and 4,000 Japanese army were destroyed. On the 8th, the old estuary was lost, and a teacher guarded himself. On the 12th, the forty-first army in the fifth army, the forty-fifth army took a counterattack, the Japanese army of the old river, thief, and Li Guanqiao. On the 15th, the Japanese army retired from Deng County, and he added Li Guanqiao, the old estuary, and captured the new field on the 17th. The main force of the defenders transferred to the north of Zaoyang. On the 28th, the defenders have an old mankou, until May 1, and the Japanese army across Fuyang.


At the same time, more than 4,000 of the Japanese army first, one of them attacked Changwei Town on March 23. The main force of the 38th Army in the firstater, the ninty sixth army, greeted, warned to April 9, and repel the Japanese army. On the 10th, the Japanese army turned to the Xixia, at the end of the month, both sides confronted in the nearby regions of Changshui Town. The defenders were attacked to the Japanese army of Shaanxi County. The Japanese army was resended, and a sixty-ninth division is more than 5,000 people, from May 16th to 22nd, Lingbao direction attack. The firstater the fourth group army main and the fortieth army cooperated to attack the Japanese army, repel it, and the two sides were heavy, and the war pre-war is restored to the 29th.

Battle Results

Yuxi Ebei Warliary 42 days, Japanese troops occupy the interests of Henan and control the Old River Estuary Air Force Base, basically achieve war. Chiang Kai-shek's national government army concentrates 70,000 people resistance, and 4,000 people under the first division of the enemy. The two sides fought 8 days, the Japanese army captured the old estuary. By mid-April, the Japanese army except for the West Gorge and Laohekou.

The Japanese captured the old estuary although it was reduced in the air, but because the Chiang Kai-shek National Government Army broke around before the old estuary, the airport facilities were completely destroyed, so that The base is reduced after being destroyed, and the Japanese army is equal to no.

Campaign Evaluation

Yuxi Ebei Huayuan is an eight-year war in the eight-year war, and the last battle of 22 general meeting. Although the "Asian Empire" dream has not been exhausted, the Japanese army has died in the Pacific battlefield, the sea, the air force loss is exhausted, and the Japanese army of China's battlefield has been in the battlefield of 1944. After the battle of the war, Gui Liuhui battle, Yuxi Ebei War, Xiangxi Battle War, etc. have been strong, the line will be collapsed, and China's growing high-rise anti-Japanese enthusiasm has become the trend of the original, and Yuxi Eba will fall. The last victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

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