Yuexi White Opera


western white drama in Guangdong Province, local opera, is a kind of folk theater with western vernacular singing, performances form of puppetry and stage two types prevalent in Lian Jiang, Suixi counties. White opera, mainly popular in Lianjiang, during the Spring Festival is one of folk celebrations. White western drama, commonly known as "white drama class", in Lianjiang urban and rural areas is quite popular, loved by the masses. White western movie, a rod puppet theater, tracing its origins began in the Qing dynasty Qianlong period. At that time, Ann Town has become an important commercial port in western Guangdong, a prosperous economy, culture growing prosperity. Six miles from the village of Long An Town of song farmers created a "bamboo play", this play, with the local vernacular folk singing, accompanied by homemade simple puppet, usually two to five people can show (starring one person, one person assist puppeteer, a person knocking bamboo). Because bamboo with strike rhythm, also known as "Muyu class." This is the drama of the white shape.

western white opera popular in the city and adjoining southwest of Lianjiang County Suixi and Guangxi Autonomous area, there are 200 years of history. Mainly rod puppet theater, there are the characters played by theater and opera. Popular lyrics, music, singing sounds beautiful, unique musical accompaniment, performing simple fun, full of cultural and artistic characteristics, deeply loved by local people. White opera libretto structure is basically the traditional seven words, folk format, content according to the circumstances and flexible inserted activities sentence. A character asks the mouth into white, white rhyme, verse white, and white hero. Flexible use of various character asks can receive different results. Which includes a plate chamber music, songs and percussion.


Ching Yong, between dry years, farmers near Lianjiang An Town to local folk blend Chin, Lim saltwater rap song and record for the arts; there are folk artists to stick head puppet show with this rap, rhythm hit with a bamboo, bamboo when people call the play, called Muyu classes. Dry, between Kerry, tendons ancient artists to create their own add-stringed banjo, to replace bamboo flute accompaniment, then renamed the White bamboo drama drama. Semi-professional troupe of 5,6-person, you can perform "Chun-e godson" "Zhangyi Peng", "Zhou anti-married", dozens of plays. Dynasty, "White play champion" Huang Chengfeng good addition to white and acted drama projects, but also for the puppet Rod and operating skills, and white opera singing accompaniment reforms around the white troupe grown to more than 40. After 100 years, western and white drama classes as a puppet of white folk in the form of rap show, while widespread in the region. By the late 1930s, it has been written in white script patriotic content by the people instead of the puppet show. 1963 white professional theater group Lianjiang County. Active in dozens of rural farming and arts western white puppet drama classes. After 1971, with a live concert of western white theater project in large numbers after 1974 years ago and acted reflect modern life "Red Mei Yingchun," and other operas, but get much praise.

repertoire western white drama, there are drawn from folk tales and historical legends "high Wenju" "Huaiyin mind", "Chen Shimei does not recognize his wife," and so on, but also "Three Kingdoms", "Outlaws of the Marsh", etc. Novel in accordance with adaptation, has also transplant "Ocean's money" "locust tree village" "Chaoyanggou" and the creation of "festival of Youth Canal" and other modern drama. Singing music which is basically divided into a long cavity, and the cavity plate variant type 3 songs, lyrics 7 is the end of sentence words. White western drama based on a representative song Loon the troupe. Many surrounding villages are to village schools, and upon graduation, often played under the banner of "Long Song class", to touring. White opera originated in the Qing dynasty Qianlong period. This drama, with the local vernacular folk singing, accompanied by simple homemade puppets, usually two to five people can perform. As is the use of bamboo with strike rhythm, also known as "Muyu class." This is the first play of the white shape. Dynasty, white drama development has entered a period of prosperity. Singing innovation, constantly enrich the musical tunes, puppet making to introduce opera facial makeup, techniques and meticulous realism, has become a mature local opera. Performance stage play white, mostly temporary main arena, mostly ride in the village, the street. Stage device is simple, background activities linked to the canvas.

Yuexi White Opera


White drama originated in the Qing period of anpu song dragon near the village, initially to play with bamboo, the masses called "bamboo drama", also called "Muyu class . " To Jiaqing (1796-1820), artist Qu Long village in Guangxi, Yunnan and other places as porters, after being subjected to all over the drama and inspiration, when added to the musical accompaniment performance, from "bamboo drama" renamed "white drama" . Daoguangnianjian is prosperous period of the development of white drama, singing update, musical instruments and diverse, rich musical tunes. And more and more people participating, only a song dragon village, there was eight white troupe.


white drama, caused when some celebrities attention. Qu Long white village drama artist Huang Ming Huang Chengfeng grandchildren, disposable test fame, Suiban performances, he or staged Jianyou, known as the "White play champion." After the dynasty, the county has white Puppet Theater play up to more than 20, replaced the Wuchuan puppet show on the ground. White opera was originally performed ballets, mostly carried out "impromptu" concert According to folklore, followed by other opera repertoire transplant and adaptation, plot twists and turns, full of comedy, to reflect change our habits "Red Mei Yingchun," popular in Zhanjiang troupe strife and play, much audience.

Development Overview

Qing Emperor Qianlong asked, Lianjiang City, Guangdong Province along the ancient trading port security Dipu songs in vogue, apart anpu six li Long song singer Huang Shiyuan often villagers from rap songs entertainment, but also to sing for local people. A time when the inflow anpu Wuchuan puppet show area, Huangshi Yuan imitation Wuchuan puppet form, composed of small social classes, one singer, a puppeteer. A bamboo percussion person engaged in farming and performances arts. Because with only singing rhythm hit with bamboo performances, the people called "bamboo drama", also called "Muyu class."

That year, the village of artists influenced song dragon around the opera, during a performance; added musical accompaniment. Local initially taken from a wild plant "Acanthopanax ancient", fir and the head plate, made of imitation erhu "Hu Acanthopanax ancient head" track. Sound rough and vigorous, full of characteristics. Then, gradually add banjo, flute, pin na musical accompaniment, replaced by bamboo wooden fish, small percussions, cymbals, gongs and other percussion instruments high side, since then, "bamboo drama" White renamed play. Later, due to the limitations of history and social development of the arts and drama white slower, it has stalled. That year, Huang Ming Huang Shiyuan offspring, while the performance of musical drama inspired by the field, musical accompaniment, the local puppet show began with instrumental accompaniment. And later added flute and cross-month string (banjo) collectively known as "three heads." As well as the introduction of drama gongs, bamboo is a big hit to change, small wooden fish, "bamboo drama" Since then renamed the "white drama earners." "White drama class" puppet class class increased to five or six people, including lead singer and a person operating a puppet, puppet dance exercise special one hand, the operation of the instrument three to four people. Often repertory of "Zhang Yiming" "Zhou anti-married", "Dong prostitute" and so on. Dynasty, white drama development has entered a period of prosperity. Music singing tunes innovation continuously enriched, puppet making to introduce opera facial makeup, techniques and meticulous realism, white drama has become a unique place to play. White opera performances prevalent in western Guangdong. Qu Long village there are eight white troupes, artists have five to six people per class. Four townships artists have studied under the Bailong village Arts, and upon graduation four organizations troupe performances, often played under the banner of "the song Dragon class." In Lianjiang, Suixi area, some 40 more to village white troupe performances. White opera troupe Lianjiang, Suixi two places to the development of more than forty, and extended to seven to eight people per class. Plate change in the late dynasty, yellow-white drama artist rife absorption of Cantonese opera, the simple folk tunes main tone of the white opera singing is how development benefits, plate integrated use of singing.

liberation, white arts play a new life. Enter a new stage of development. White opera repertoire performed through collection and collation, innovation, creative adaptation, became more varied. It has hundreds of as much. Not only retains the tradition of excellent programs, but also created many modern repertoire. In 1961 the county set up a professional white puppet theater group, reform and development of dialogue drama played a great role, now the county has a puppet theater show from more than 90. A troupe of artists and more than a dozen people, few have seven or eight people. Also broke the rules all-in artists, there are many female artists joined the ranks of white opera performances. After the seventies, there was even an attempt by the white people show drama, by the national and provincial theater of attention and praise.

l961年成立了国营廉江县专业白戏木偶剧团, for the first time to absorb the actress to attend the show, many people take the form of sub-sing-white drama to promote the reform of the art of singing, greatly promoted the self-drama the popularization and development.

1974, a number of cultural artists try to play the role of the employer white singing opera, drama premiered white eye, "Red Mei Yingchun," "Hongxia married" well received. Since then, the white people played amateur theater troupe have been established, western white drama developed.

interpretation of the long drama with reality, began in the early 1980s. Camp was born in the town of Aberdeen white dragon has a little family drama, theater arts courses organized white, after the establishment of professional "white Lianjiang County Experimental Theater play", a total of more than 30 actors and actresses. Long has led the troupe slightly, active throughout western Guangdong, with live interpretation of the long drama, will continue to assimilate, integrate Cantonese opera and other artistic features for rich white opera performance program for the development of white play, made a lot of useful try.

80 years, modern white theater project "water Love Song," "Sweet Creek" won the first prize of Guangdong Province and selected works of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Guangdong Province Award for outstanding literary and artistic works. 2005 White Theater Project "dumb Aberdeen cut car" by Zhan Jianghong Shi Festival Award. Thus affecting western white drama growing. White western drama, deeply rooted in this land in western Guangdong, more and more people's favorite. White existing theater groups over sixty, western white drama has been collected in "Chinese Dramas" and "Chinese opera music integration." In 1996, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture named after the town of Lianjiang Tsai camp to the west of Guangdong white drama arts village. In 2000, Lianjiang City TV were interviewed have little dragon and produced the album "magical white western movie"

"white western movie last years of the Qing Dynasty formed in Lianjiang, Guangdong." This is Tianjin (Guangdong) Hall records. Tianjin (Guangdong) China Center now known as Theater Museum, built in the Qing dynasty 33 years (1907). Today the museum is a national key cultural relics protection units, is the first theater museum. About Guangdong, Guangdong Museum of Art opera West White (Chen Clan) have documented.

After long-term development, especially after the liberation of reform. White drama mature artistic eye. Learn Cantonese opera role of business is divided into "three faces" (large painted face, Erhualian, bad cop), "four clean" (niche, Takefu, older students, ugly life), "five-day" (star, distribute, color Dan, Dan Mei Xiang less Dan). The art of singing, reserved for people with a knowledge of the original characteristics of the "Adagio," which, supplemented by "Allegro", "anti-money Adagio" and so on. Libretto structure. Substantially retain civilian format seven words, phrases activity can also be added according to needs of the story content. Bright and lively music, the length of the cavity, the cavity plate variant, songs and tunes four drums spectral components. White opera stage performances, is still provisional stage the main village street, at any time can take a stage show. Stage device also retains from simple features, activities linked to the canvas.

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