Yucatan is located in the eastern Eastern Jukatan in Mexico, with an area of ​​39,600 square kilometers, a slightly large area of ​​Taiwan, with a population of 19.56 million, area and population. 20 and 21.


Geographical Environment

If Mexico is compared to a big grass hat, Yuchan Peninsula is in the position of the hat, things are carried out by the Caribbean and Mexico Hug. Overlooking the peninsula from the plane, both sides are green clear sea, a lush in the middle, with a beautiful sapphire in the beautiful sapphire, a magnificent, amazing.

Yucatan Peninsula is a tropical semi-humid climate, and the average annual temperature is between 24-28 degrees Celsius, and it is hot in the whole year.


Yuszhou is a must-have a rich species diversity and property, of which turkey, honey production ink. The half-sea fishery resources are rich in fishery resources, is an important part of the seafront, squid, squid and sea cucumber.

2012 Eju per capita GDP is $ 8,385, the total economic quantity is 24%, about 1.4% of the total amount of ink. Yushu is in the region where the ink has a relatively backward area, but has a good natural resources and a long history and culture, and the development potential is huge.

Leaves in 1824, there is a full jurisdiction of the entire Yucatan, in 1858, Campeche, 1902, precipitated from Jin Tarova, and finally determined Today, Jukatan's border.


The state is the hometown of the Indian Maya, has many Mayan rules.

Yushu Yusu Merida has a rich colonial architecture and is an important cultural and tourist city. Basteolide, located in the city, is in the intersection of tourism routes, and there are many Mayan civilized sites around the country, and also the famous cultural and tourist cities.

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