You're the only

Creative background

"You is the only" The first fairy tale of Zhang Yinjing is a rock song, which is made by the March stone and Xu Zhepe as Zhang Yujing. The lyrics are very in line with Zhang Yujing's free personality, Fully build a colorful rock new world of "Kyoto Rock".


Rainforest to snow, you yearn, travel

I turn into a special plane to bring you forward

If you are an intraceration I will never resist

to re-define the level

love is a blank diary I am pen

let you graffiti memories

fill in Moved smile in your heart

Tub every moment Beautiful

Go straight to the sky, you are looking forward to the flight

I become a cloud to accompany you

If you are a cotton candy machine I want to melt the true heart

Rotate the hand of the cloud

Love is a colorful light, I am a rain

give you colorful Rainy season

refract warm smile in your eyes

calling shining Tianqing

(shining Tianqing)

love is Transparent crystal love is you

Sealing in the chest

Clear guard memory makes me cherish

because of your complete life

love Every once I have been with you

You are the only pursuit of

song appreciation

"You are the only" song is started by melodious strings, plus Free romantic arms, the whole song romantic and beautiful, dreamy lyrics, Zhang Yuxin's small prince in this song is toned to the dream world of notes, constructing a huge and fantasy and fantasy rock world .

Song MV

"You are the only" Opening MV is completed in Hong Kong, but also specially hires to make a movie Shaolin football special effect, the Hong Kong animation director of the best MV of the gold song award Zhong Weiquan was produced and photographed. Zhang Yujing changed a variety of styles in MV, with handsome blond little prince, and the dark prince living in the deep sea, etc., the light is a way for a few hours.

Release Information

Distribution time Record company Home album Reference
2010-07-09 Gold Break " I "
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