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Yonglong Bank was founded in 1933, one of China's Hong Kong's long history, and the purpose of "progress is not forgotten, and service must be loyal". To provide customers with comprehensive banking services, including deposit, loans, investment wealth management, credit card, online banking, silver group loans, corporate loans, billions, rent loans, exchange insurance agents, mandatory provident funds. Yonglong Bank provides services throughout the securities futures broker, insurance brokerage and general insurance coverage, property management and trust, and trusted control.

Yonglong Bank Co., Ltd. (HKEO: 0096) was a financial company listed on the Hong Kong Exchange, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank.

As of June 30, 2012, the total amount of comprehensive assets was HK $ 174 billion (about $ 22.4 billion).

Historical Development

Established Process

1933, Yonglong opened on February 25, 1933 in Hong Kong Wenchi East Street 37, named Yonglong Silver number, capital Hong Kong dollars 455,500 yuan, business search, exchange, deposit, all ports, valet trading stocks, gold and domestic public debt, etc., the results are increasing year year.

In 1937, in order to expand its business, moved to No. 1, Hong Kong Queen Avenue.

In 1941, the Pacific War broke out, Hong Kong fell. Yonglong is the same person, transfer to Macau to continue to operate the bank, and set up a Yonglong Golden number in Liuzhou, Guangxi, and actively clean up the old account in Macau, Liuzhou.

In 1945, the war is over, and returning to Hong Kong.

1950, participating in the ticket exchange.

in 1952, the business deposit business; the old head site is completed.

In 1953, it became the general agent of Hong Kong and Macao, New Zealand National Insurance Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Co., Ltd.

1956, registered as a limited company. Due to business development, employee increases, the original number of quarters is not allowed, and the preset right neighboring and shop are rebuilt, expand their business. In 1960, the Chinese name was renamed Yonglong Bank Co., Ltd. by Yonglong Silver Co., Ltd..

In 1965, in order to cooperate with the business development, the original header will be raised the third reconstruction.

in 1973, located in the New Building in the DVD Duo Road in De Fu Dao, a forty anniversary of the founding of Yonglong. The head building is three hundred, a total of 25 floors, with a total area of ​​more than 145,000. It is the year to publicize the public. Standard, the bank is added to Yonglong shareholders.

In 1975, Yonglong's other property Mong Nat Tathan Road is also completed, and the building is three hundred, a total of 25 floors, with a total area of ​​more than 20,000 feet. Set up a kid from the building. Yonglong also started using a computer to process deposit business. In the early stage, the computer company was set up, and the computer center was set up in 1981, and the various businesses were set up.

Shares and development

At the beginning of 1980, Yonglong Shares were listed, and 25% of the two fifty-five shares were launched and traded at the stock exchange.

In 1982, Yonglong Lianxin has four Hua capital banks to form UnionPay Tongbao Co., Ltd., providing customers with ATM services.

In 1984, the first overseas branch was opened in Luo, USA. In 1986, wholly-owned Yonglong Insurance Co., Ltd. was authorized to operate insurance business.

In 1987, Slag playing banks with the change of investment policies, withdrew from the Yonglong shareholders, and will transfer the company's household control companies. Establishing Kangling Co., Ltd. (now renamed Yonglong Securities Co., Ltd.) and provides securities investment services to customers.

In 1992, Singapore Development Bank contracted 100% Yonglong equity from Wu's family control, joined for shareholders.

In 1994, the representative office was set up in Guangzhou, which is the first business base in China. In 1995, it began to operate the credit card.

In 1996, a service logistics center was established, and the various business processes of each department and each branch were set in the center. Increasing the Cayman Islands branch to provide the offshore bank service.

In 1998, the rent loan business was operated through wholly-owned Yonglong Financial Co., Ltd. Launched Yonglong Online Bank, using the Internet to provide customers with automation services. In 1999, a representative office was set up in Shanghai. Yonglong links with several associations, UnionPay CITIC Co., Ltd., and develops mandatory provident fund services. Launched an electronic stock trading system Yonglong Telephone Trading Securities and Yonglong Online Trading Securities Service.

2000, with the same industry, Silver and Rehabilitation Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., further expand the insurance business.

In 2001, a set of high-intelligent teller platform systems introduced a high-intelligent teller platform system to the International Commercial Machine, China Hong Kong Co., Ltd., strengthened the service of customers. Establish a financial center to expand our financial business.

2002, Yonglong's increasing capital is delivered to all shareholders in the development of red shares. On December 31, 2002, the total value of Yonglong assets was HK $ 61.7 billion yuan. In 2003, the 70th anniversary was founded.

2004, Yonglong is the implementation of the Mainland and Hong Kong's more closely economic and trade relations, the first Hong Kong bank approved by the China Banking Supervision and Administration Committee in the Mainland. The first mainland branch is located in Shenzhen, and customers are now providing foreign exchange deposits, lending, remittance and billing services. Open RMB business. Yonglong's major shareholders Wu Yiyi Co., Ltd. purchased back to the Star Exhibition Bank.

2005, the branch was added in Shenzhen Nanshan District. On December 31, 2005, the total value of Yonglong assets was $ 7.47 billion yuan. On December 31, 2006, the total value of Yonglong assets was HK $ 8.5 billion.

2007, there are forty in the existing branches, with a total number of staff.

2012, now in Hong Kong, China, China, Macau and Overseas Agency, more than 1,600 employees.

China Merchants Bank acquired

May 30, 2008, China Merchants Bank and Wu family signed an agreement, purchasing 53.1% of Yonglong Bank, 53.1% of HK $ 19.3 billion, became an absolute control shareholder .

January 16, 2009, China Merchants Bank completed the mandatory acquisition of Hong Kong Yonglong Bank, Yonglong Bank became a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank. From the morning of January 16, Yonglong Bank Shares will withdraw its listing position at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Yonglong Bank is now 41 in China, overseas, and more than 1,600 employees.


Shenzhen Branch

Shenzhen Qianhai Branch

Shanghai Branch

Guangzhou Branch

Macau Branch

Tuen Mun Branch

Tsuen Wan Branch

Yu Long Branch

Upwater Branch

General Australian New capital Branch

Sha Tin Square Branch

Size Branch

Tai Po Branch

Kowloon Branch

< P> Hong Kong District Branch


US Los Angeles Branch

US San Francisco Branch

Bank Honor

2020 In February, 2020 "Global Bank Brand 500 Rankings" released, Yonglong Bank ranked 286th.

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