Yin Zheng Expressway

Synonyms Zheng silver HSR generally refers to silver Zheng high-speed railway

Line Station

Yinchuan - deckle - Qi - Zhidan - YANAN - Linfen - Jincheng - Jiaozuo - Zhengzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway

Zheng silver high-speed rail line plans (2)

Yin Zheng Expressway


together with the Health Committee believes that speed up the construction silver Western Railway, planning and construction of Beijing call silver blue, Yinchuan Zhengzhou speed railway (green silver Yinchuan Jingbian section and collinear HSR) is imperative. Important areas of Ningxia and Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu economic belt along the Silk Road are home to undertake the important task of opening up the country to the west. Planning and construction of Beijing call silver blue high-speed rail, to the west with blue new second double, Xu Lan off special convergence, at the eastern end may specifically connected with the Beijing-Zhangjiakou call the customer and communicate Jingha passenger line, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity and other fast passenger rail, together form west open a major thoroughfare. Planning and construction Yinchuan Zhengzhou HSR (Yinchuan Jingbian segment Green silver HSR collinear) and by the national "four vertical and four horizontal" rapid transportation network main skeleton Xu Lan passenger dedicated Jingguang off special phase connection, can effectively promote the western and eastern complementary advantages, economic interaction and improve together "go west" ability and level, and enhance the effectiveness of opening to the west. Construction of the West Bank, calling Beijing Zheng silver blue and silver high-speed rail, not only to fill gaps in areas along the fast passenger rail, improve integration, networking, and international level integrated transport area, but also shorten the distance between the temporal and spatial correlation region and create favorable conditions for trade and cultural exchanges along the area.

Yinchuan - deckle - Qi - Zhidan - Yan'an - Linfen - Jincheng - Jiaozuo - Zhengzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway. The total length of 850 km, of which 150 km in Ningxia, Shaanxi Province 340 km, 280 km in Shanxi, Henan province 80 kilometers. Municipalities play their own advantages, mutual cooperation and jointly strive included in the national high-speed rail network "Thirteen Five" plan. After the completion of Yinchuan and the surrounding area can make through the Zhengzhou hub Unicom southeast coastal areas high-speed rail network, improve regional rail passenger levels, which make up the integrated transport short board.

Northwest currently being planned high-speed railway: Yinchuan Qi had been to Yan'an Zhidan by Zhengzhou passenger line, passenger line from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, Tianshui, Lanzhou to Hanzhong by intercity rail.

Zheng (state) silver (Sichuan) railway line as an extension of the railway line Zheng Jiao, preliminary work has been carried out.

July 2, Bureau of Transportation Zhongwei City and adjacent areas joint meeting of the Transportation Development Forum held in Shapotou District Zhongwei City, Alxa League, Xi'an, Baoji, Yan'an City, Yulin City, Lanzhou City, Silver City, Wuwei City, Pingliang, Qingyang City, Xining, Yinchuan, Shizuishan, Wuzhong, Guyuan City, 15 City transportation Bureau, City of District roads, railways, waterways, aviation transportation 27 transportation projects were negotiated and signed, in order to seek regional cooperation in transport development of new strategies to promote the rapid development of regional economy, and strive to complete the construction of key projects of regional traffic by 2020.

11, via Yinchuan, Wuzhong, Yulin, Yan'an City

Zheng silver built HSR. Yinchuan by Salt Lake, deckle, Wuqi, Zhidan, Yan'an, Linfen, Jincheng, Jiaozuo to Zhengzhou railway passenger line, a total length of 865 km.

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