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Huang Dicong, also known as the zodiac, Huang Dai, as an astronomical language, refers to the earth's mutual turn track surface (yellow road) and equatorial noodles (Tianzhi surface) Integration. The Yellow Direct Corner of the Earth is approximately 23 ° 26 '. Huang Dicong is not unchanged, it has been tiny, but because the change is small, it can be ignored in a short time.

Huang Dicong determines the range of sun direct point regression movement, that is, the latitude of the north-south return line has also determined the scope of the five strips on the earth. Huang Dicong is the root cause of the earth's four seasons and five-band distinction, which affects various natural geographic phenomena that is closely linked.

Earth's unveiled track surface (yellow road) and the angle of the earth equatorial surface are referred to as Yellow Direction. There is a slow change in Yellow Direction, which is due to changes in the position of the spring. The range of Yellow Direct Corner is 22 ° 00 'to obtain 24 ° 30', and the cycle of change is approximately 4.1 × 10 4 year. The minimum of the last Yellow Director is about 28,000 years. Recently, the formula of Huang Dicheng is: Huang Dicong = 23 ° 27'8.26 "-0.4684" t, where T is the number of Confucian years attribute at 1900. Huang Dicong is reduced at a speed of about 46.84 in each century. Yellow Dai Cong (2013.0) was 23 ° 26'15.3308 " 2013.0).

The self-rotating axis (ground) of the earth is inclined with 66 ° 34 '. This relationship between the Earth is related to it, astronomical and geography usually use its width (23 ° 26 '), ie the equatorial surface is expressed in the integrity of the track; The integrity of the zodiac and the herica is also known as Huang Dicong, also known as "Huang Dai".

The two intersections of the Huangdao and Tianzi, called the first point of the Aries Palace (Aries) and the first point of Libra Palace (Libra), called the Spring Points and Autumn Point, respectively, known as two points .

The old distance from the sky is the most equatorial, called the first point of the Cancer Palace (Cancer), the first point of the Capricorn Palace (Capricorn), the summer solstice and winter solstice of the northern hemisphere, collectively referred to point. The two to a bit of the sky is 23.43 °, saying that Huang Dai is a manifestation of the Yellow angle.

Huang Dicong also manifests to deviate from the north and southaminated north and north and north and north-south. The sky axis is perpendicular to the equatorial surface, the yellow shaft is perpendicular to the yellow road, and since the Yellow Direct is 23.43 °, then the air is deviated from the Yellow Pole, it is inevitable to be 23.43 °.


The existence of Yellow Directivity is important astronomical and geographical significance. Yellow Directivity is one of the causes of ground moving, it is still the main reason for the change of the sun's length anniversary. Huang Dicong is the root cause of the earth's four seasons and five-band distinction.

Huang Dicong causes the annual change in the round-trip mobile between 23 ° 26 'of the Earth South Northern Wall, so that the Yellow Tailong integration is balanced at day and night. Although the twenty-four hollow is based on the Bug Dizhen Tong Dynasty. In fact, the cause of the fighting star shift is that the earth is reviving the sun, and the twenty-four hollow arrangement has a close relationship with Huang Dicheng.

⒈ The angle between the equatorial surface generated by the Earth and the zodiac surface produced by the Earth is yellow. Since the earth is turned in the body, the angle between the ground and the zodiac surface (66 ° 34 ') is basically unchanged, the space of the ground shaft pointing (pointing near the Arctic Star) is basically unchanged, so the Yellow Dangeng (23 ° 26') is basically constant. The existence of Huang Dicong is the most northern boundary of the sun direct point to 23 ° 26'n, namely the northern return line; the most south line to 23 ° 26 's, that is, the south return line, that is, the sun direct point is 23 ° 26' S ~ 23 ° 26'n makes the annual round-trip movement. Therefore, the surface obtains heat changes with time and space. Such variations are expressed in a day and night and the time and spatial changes of the midday sun height. It is assumed that the Yellow Directivity is large, then the position of the direct spot of the sun will change accordingly, and the direct point will exceed the north and most south boundaries (23 ° 26 '), causing the tropical to become large. The pole line (66 ° 34 ') will expand, so the surface obtains heat changes with time and space. This increases the range of changeons. Since there is an increase in the proportion of the polar, the range of extremes will increase accordingly.

⒉ is called "place" according to the time determined by the specific location of the sun. Different long places are different. The zone is divided into one time zone at a time zone per 15 °, in the local time of each time zone, such as Beijing and Tianjin are very close, but the place is not The same, Beijing time is better than Tianjin. However, in order to facilitate the unification of the East 8 Times, there will be Beijing time.

Earth's Earth is a time zone (ie, the sun walks within 1 hour). Thus, the surface of the entire earth is divided into 24 time zones. The "Central Wire" of each time the time is 0 ° (ie "this junior meridian"), the things are 15 °, things are 30 °, the things are 45 ° ... until 180 °, in each of the main lines All locations in the range of 7.5 ° are used as a standard time when they use the central line. "Time system" has been largely solved the chaos of all parts, so that there are only 24 different moments in the world, and because the time difference between adjacent time is just 1 hour, this is made to convert the time at different intervals. Be extremely simple. Because the time zone divides the only one hour between each time zone, the time zone is equivalent to the time difference.

⒋ Calculate a lot of the central wire line, take time, calculate the central warp line can calculate the time zone.


Effects Earth's Sports

Huang Dicheng size determines the range of sun direct point regression movement, that is, the latitude of the north-south return line, also determines the earth The range of the top five. If Yellow Decoction is large, the range of tropics and cold strips becomes large, and the range of temperate is reduced.

The size of the Yellow Directivity determines the ratio of long-term growth in all over the world. Taking the northern hemisphere in Summer New Year, when Huang Dicheng increases, the day of the northern hemisphere becomes short (except for extremely phenomena), that is, the gap between day and night is expanded; when Huang Dicong is changed, the northern hemisphere The short night (except for the region of the extremely phenomenon), that is, the gap between day and night is reduced, ie, the annual gains in the year increases, decreased, decreased with the increase of Huang Dicong. . Since the mobility of the sun is high and the length of the day is a regular change in the year, it has produced more than four seasons and affects the scope of the five bands.

Natural phenomena affects

Huang Dicong integration In addition to the meaning of the meaning of Earth, other natural geography phenomena that are closely related to it. Such as: Yellow Direct Corner Corner → Solar Direct Point Moving Range Change → Five Range Changes and Pneumatic Tape, Variable Moving Range Change → Climate Belt Distribution Range Change → Natural Belt Distribution Scope Changes.


Yellow Direct change

Huang Dicheng size determines the range of sun direct point regression, so that all the earth is high and long-term There is a regular change in the year, and it produces more than four seasons and affects the scope of the five bands. When the number of Yellow Directivity changes, these geographic phenomena will change accordingly, and Figure 1 shows a series of changes produced after the increase of Yellow Directivity (the ground shaft and the zodiac angle is reduced).

As shown in Figure 2: If Yellow Direction is increased, the regression line degrees becomes 23 ° 26 '+ a, the sun direct range is south, the northern extension A degree; the extreme zime 66 ° 34'-a, extremely bright (night) area to advance A degree to a lower latitude; the tropical range increases 2A degrees, south, north cold zone to expand A degree, south, and northern temperature tape reduces 2A degrees.

set a geographic latitude as the value A, the regression line degree (Huang Dai angle) is a variable A, and the different levels of the sun height is: 1 South, North Return line, all localities The mobility is 90 °, the minimum is 90 ° - (A + a), the change amplitude is a + a; 2 return line and extremely rings, the maximum year of the year is 90 ° - (aa) The minimum is 90 ° - (A + a), the change amplitude is 2A; 3 pole circle, the maximum height of the day in the year is 90 ° - (aa), the minimum is 0, the variation is 90 ° -a + a. It can be seen that the high-year change amplitude of the world's midday in the world is positively correlated with the number of Huang Dangeng angle. With the increase of the Yellow Red Corner (A), it is reduced, but the decrease is reduced, but different regional increase or decrease is different.

Influence of other natural phenomena

Huang Dicong Corporation changes In addition to the impact of Earth's significance, other natural geographic phenomena is deeply related to it. For example, Huang DC Corner → Sun Direct Point Moving Range Change → Five-band Range Changes and Pneumatic Belt, Wind Tape Moving Range Change → Climate Belt Distribution Range Change → Natural Belt Distribution Scope Changes, etc.

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