Yangming Mountain Hot Springs


The surroundings of Yangming Mountain Hot Springs is the beautiful scenery, it is a good place for hot springs and comfort. Spring is divided into Shurazzan, but the main Based on Bai Deola, the hot springs in Yangming Mountain Spa are frequently hot in the volcanic, which is different from the mineral components of the entrained, causing the spring, water temperature and efficacy of each hot spring. Each characteristic.

前山 温 <

Yuthan Hot Spring Spring Source in the east side of the Sunshan Building, the water is inexhaustible, the water temperature is more than 70 degrees Celsius, the water is clear and micro-gem, which is weakly alkaline reaction, After the impeament trace is imported, the water temperature is slightly decline, but still reaches about 68.5 degrees Celsius. In addition, in the parking lot in Zhongshan Building, there is a sulfur sulfur, spring water source, due to cold water mixing, water temperature is only 48 degrees Celsius, water is milky, water quality is weakly acidic.

Yangming Mountain Hot Springs

Yogan Spa is located in the Yuthan Park, and there are two public bathrooms, and the men and women are alone. The female public bathroom is opposite Leshan Village near Yangming Mountain Administration; the male public bathroom is next to Yangming Mountain Workstation For a round building, the appearance is quite unique, and it is available for free bath in the public bathroom. Each person only needs to pay a cleaner, and the bath is taken. In addition to the public bath, there are also several hot spring pools, providing tourists to rest; Yogan Park is also known as Zhongzheng Park, located on Yang Ming Mountain, the landscape is simple and elegant, and there is also a sightseeing flower. , The swimming pool, every holiday is always a very lively, enjoying the baptism of Fen Duo.

Shou Mountain Hot Springs

Yangming Mountain Hot Spring, located in Zhongxing Hotel in Houshan Park, the area is a special control area, the average person cannot enter, except private residential reference In addition, there is no public bathroom; Houshan Park is Yangming Mountain Park, which was originally the private nunzhuang expansion in the era, but because of the long history, the trees in the park, the tree age is a bit old, and The old house left by the Japanese Age is the welcome of Taipei Mayor.

Springs special quality

Yangming Mountain Hot Spring is mainly based on Sale, and the series of Siluques. For skin diseases, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism has an efficacy. The hot springs are concentrated in the six caves in the humens in the humens, the seven caves, which can bubble to soup, including the hot spring area, cold water pits, horsonarks, (fire) Gengziping, etc. Since the thermal movement of volcanoes is quite frequent, the hot springs in the regions are different from the mineral components of the entrained minerals, so that each hot spring region is different, water temperature, and efficacy. For example, the hot springs of the cold water pits are present, and the temperature is lower than that of other Yang Ming Mountain, so there is a cold water pit.

Spring water efficacy

The springs of the hump Spring is about 70-75 degrees Celsius, and there is a curative effect on women, diabetes, gout, but there are too many uric acid, and uric acid stones should be special. Notice.

(fire) Gengzi Pingquan Temperature can reach 99 degrees Celsius, chronic arthritis, drum pain, chronic skin disease, gout, syphilis has the effect, but excess uric acid, uric acid stones, cystitis, chronic gastric disease Enteritis, bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, neuropector, do not soak.

The hot springs of the cold water, showing milky white, the temperature is low, so there is a cold water pit, this area is about 40 degrees C, for chronic arthritis, drum pain, Chronic skin disease, anemia, diabetes, gout, measles, etc. have an efficacy.

In addition to enjoying the fun of soaking soup, nearby scenery, such as Bamboo Lake, Optimenang, Datun Nature Park, Xiaobei Pit Rejection Zone, Grass Mountain Culture, Yangming Mountain Park and other places It is worth visiting, you can feel the charm of Yang Ming Mountain natural scenery, and taste the mountains in Yang Ming Mountain, such as Cui, Mountain Ping, Gaoli, Ma Zhu, Spa Taro, etc.

Travel information

to Yang Ming Mountain Tourism, not only visit the scenery of Yangming Mountain National Park, you can also experience the hot spring of the Datun volcano, taste Yang Mingshan Specialty - handmade small steamed food, etc., there are also Turkey City, Coffee Garden waiting for our visit. In addition, Yang Mingshan tourism can make two days and one night, Yang Ming Mountain Bed and B & B, with many local attractions, such as bamboo Lake Haravar farm, cold water pits, milk lake, etc., let the people come to Yang Mingshan to travel, and can experience the beauty of Yangming Mountain.

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