Yang Jingyu Martylle Cemetery

Geographic location

is located in Jingyu Mountain, located in Weijiang City, Tonghua City, Jilin Province.

consists of 5 glazed national models, the front main building is a hinge and a tomb, and there are four opposite side of the halls, solemn, solemn, magnificent. It is tall and bronze statue of General Yang Jingyu.

Yang Jingyu Martylle Cemetery

Construction History

Yang Jingyu is an excellent communist warrior, great anti-Japanese hero. In 1929, he was sent to the Northeast Leadership against Japan in 1929. He once served as the commander of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union, and the troops made a hard struggle with the Japanese army. He was heavy to fight the Japanese counter-rule, and encouraged the Northeast people's anti-Japanese Fighting, strongly supporting the national anti-Japanese war. On February 23, 1940 he had a strong sacrifice to the enemy's fight, only 35 years old.

in 1954, in order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs, the educational descendants, the party and the government have decided to establish Jingyu Cemetery in Tonghua City, the anti-United activities. Since July 1954, we started construction and completed in September 1957. It has been used for three years and two months to build a palace-style cemetery. At the 100th anniversary of the birthday, Yang Jingyu's martyrs' cemetery re-exhibition, and has built an anti-Japanese coalition military memorial hall with an area of ​​3,800 square meters, which is integrated with the cemetery. In large numbers, information and cultural relics in the museum fully demonstrate the history of the fight against aggression against aggression.

Main exhibitions

The cemented wall south, north, East three is a green brick flower wall, the west wall is solid, the cement white rice stone pattern, the dark green wall top, the center is the cement door. From the front of the square, we will go to the 14th and five stone steps to the cemetery. The mainmen and the two sides are iron fences, and they are coated with a deep green. There are four big characters in the threshold, and there are red five-star and blue rolls pattern. In front of the garden gate, it is a laud road, and there is a bronze statue of General Yang Jingyu. The bronze statue is designed in the Wi-year design of the Shenyang Lu Yuru College. For the standing body image. The general worn the coat, wearing a cap, the foot of the foot, hanging on the telescope, hand holding the gun, the eyes, the head, the leader of the general, the heroic national saving country. Bronze statue in black granite in black.

Positive is the inscription of Peng Zhen Chairman "General" National Heroes Yang Jingyu General "copper nine big words. The door of the garden is the cement road, directly to the end of the end of the road, Jing Yushang Tang and the Mausoleum. The building has a national style: there is a gallery in front of the front door, and there is a stone pillar in front of the corridor. The upper part of the pillar is connected to the arch. There are four open doors in three in the Mausoleum. The intermediate is large, and the left and right gate is slightly small. There is a piece of vertical plaque above the main entrance, the book "Lingtang" is two words. Indoor is in the middle, there is a milky white marble base. The front of the general resume of the generals of Yang Jingyu. The base is plastic with a high-grade of Jingyu half body plastics. There is a four-door door behind the statue. The horizontal above the door is the "People's Heroes Yang Jingyu Comrade Yong Dynamic".

After the hall, it is a mausoleum, and the room is dome. The inner wall is white, there is a gypsum embossed on a cang, the snowflake roll and flowers pattern, the tomb is placed in the water stone, and the white butter sauce is placed. The body of Yang Jingyu martyrs inside. The body and skull of General Jingyu were on February 23, 1958, from Jingyu County and Harbin to the General's hem and buried here. At that time, Yang Jingyu Comrade Huayuan will be held here. Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other party and national leaders have sent a wreath, and the leaders of the Korean Democratic People's Republic of Korea also sent a flow circle. The General Jingyu was 1.46 meters high, and the black velvet was covered. The wreath of the relevant departments and the family's dedicated wreath is placed around the surroundings of the tomb. On the two sides of the cemetery, the relics of the generals of the generals and some supplies and vibrant products, such as those in the hardships of the Anti-Japanese War, have a total of more than 280 pieces. Eighth parts. 1. Adolescents; 2. Initial revolutionary activities; 3. Organize the masses; 4. Implement the party's policy, strengthen the anti-Japanese armed forces; 5, lead the leaders of the first army, heroically fight the enemy; 6, hard work, stick to the war; 7 , Strong people, before, before; 8, Pine Cuicy, Wan Duqing.

Get Honor

Yang Jingyu Martyrs Cemetery (29)

In April 1961, Jing Yusongyuan is approved by the Jilin Provincial People's Government Provincial Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit.

In November 1986, the Yang Jingyu Martyrs Cemetery was a national key martyrs to commemorate building protection units.

November 1, 1996, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Cultural Relics, and the central government of the Communist Youth League, and the Political Department of the People's Liberation Army was named the national primary and secondary patriotic education base.

was named the National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base in June 1997.

In 2010, Jingyu Keyuan and Northeast Anti-UNAMSIS were named the first batch of national and clean government education bases by the Ministry of Central Committee.

2014, included in the first batch of national-level Anti-Japanese War Memorial facilities, and a list of ruins.

In August 2021, the China Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base was identified by the China Overseas Chinese.

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