Yang Boptista Fan Haiermont


Yang · Boptista Fan Haieront has an excellent contribution in chemical theory and practice, thus becoming a representative figure of alchemy to modern chemical transition. The willow trees he did is also the work of biological research. He cut four elements in the four elements into water and air, distinguishing the gas generated by the air and other chemical reactions, studied a variety of gas properties, often considered to be the founder of gas chemistry research, he emphasized the control of the experimental conditions And analyze the quality, the famous willow tree experiment is one of the representatives of alchemy to modern chemical transition. His medical work tends to exclude the mysterious and religious factors in the time of medicine, and hope to explain symptoms and treatment with exercise power.

Life Cristian Van Haieront is a member of the public prosecutor and Brussels court, and the mother Maria Stasalt is the most prominent family of Braban Descendants. In 1567, two people were married in the Biochemocain of the Emotion of St. Mori, Haiermont is their fifth child. After 1580, Crostian Fan Haiermont died. He received education in Catholic Leuven University. After taking the course of the disciplines, he chose medicine, but in turn, it is already a relationship with the textbook or less. The actual segments of the Geardian system.

1599, Fan Haier Mont took a Ph.D. in Medicine University, and then began to swim in Europe. 1600 - 1605 He is in Switzerland, Italy, France and the UK, still feels that he has not touched something new. In 1605, Antwerp had a plague, and Haiermont returned to his hometown. After the plague, he rejected the coach of Cologne and LuDolf II. In 1609, he held a grand wedding in Vilud, married to the rich man Margaret Van Lente, and then hidden in the local chemical and medical research.

Gas chemistry

Haier Mont hung after reading the work of alchemist Parlase, often conducting alchemy research. According to his son's record, he received a late night to visit in the northern suburbs of Brussels, and gave him some mysterious powder. He heated the powder with Bapturg mercury with Baptan. Gold of the same heavy. This firmly he has deeply studied confidence in alchemy.

In addition to the influence of Palasell, he also suffered from William Harvey, Galileo Galilele and Francis Bacon and others through experimental research to explore the idea of ​​science. This makes him less using hard philosophical concepts more inclined to describe experiments and observed phenomena to draw conclusions. For four elements, he believes that only air and water can be called an element. He first distinguished the different gases and air, using the "GAS" term, such as what he believes that the wood (carbon dioxide) generated in the closed room is different from the usual air, while with plants The fermentation produced, vinegar and seashell reactions are produced by the same gas, and the flammable gas (mixture of hydrocarbons) generated by heating organic matter is a different kind of gas. Van Haier Mont influences the research of gas chemistry, Robert Yubi, and Yubi Ever have highly praised Van Haier Mont in the "vintage chemist" published in 1661.

In order to prove that the plant originated in the water this kind of elements, he installed 200 pounds in the basin with a dry soil, which planted a 5-pound of willow, weighed. The soil and the weight of distilled water added. Five years later, he once again weighed the dry soil found still 200 pounds, while the weight of the willow increased by approximately 164 pounds, and it concluded that the quality of the willow trees was only because of the added water. Despite the modern point of view, this reason is not complete, the weight increase is mainly from the sugar produced by photosynthesis, which is not only from water, but also from carbon dioxide in the air, but also the inorganic salt group in the soil. point.

Volumely involved in religious debate and persecuted

1608 German scholar, the same as Luolf, Sussers, Palasell, published a one. This booklet lists the "Weapon-Salve" method to treat trauma, and it is considered to be a natural force. In 1609, Farmis scholar Ya'an Roberti wrote refuted, think this is not medical, but is a category of magic, and the two have argued for this long long, and the 1621 FA Helmont published a brochure "on magnetic treatment", This still has a small booklet, he believes that Roberti's slamming is too harsh, but the power to return it to nature, but still adhere to "Weapon-Salve" is an effective therapy. It is therefore incorporated into the arguments of both parties.

Fan Haier Mont is Parasell's worshipers to make the debate from normal orbit, 1623 Ru Wen Medical guild condemns the Hayelmont this book is an evil booklet. In the 1625, the Spanish Religious Referee recognized that more than 20 statements in his works were suspected, and his works were prohibited. In 1627 and 1630, Haier Mont admitted that he had faults, but he wrote in the letter he wrote to Malan Mason, and his basic view did not change. In March 1634, he was arrested for four days due to the "spread of chemistry philosophy in the world", and later had been infected to 1642. In 1644, he published his Dutch book "Dagraad ofte Nieuwe Opkomst Der Geneskunst" ("Dawn, or emerging medicine"). In the same year, Fan Haiermont's self knows, and his son Francis Kosols Fan Haiermont (English: franciscus_mercurius_van_helmont) To put your own works to publish.

After the body

1646 Fan Haiermont died two years later, it was reversed. In 1648, his son published "Ortus Medicinae, Vel Opera et Opuscula Omnia" in Latin, published "Ortus Medicinae," The Source of Medicine, Or Complete Works "), brings together the main content of" dawn, or the emerging of medicine "and Van Haiermont Other works, suddenly became a large medical book influence in the 17th century, and was translated into various languages ​​and five editions were found in 1707. In this book, Van Haiermont criticizes Aristotle and Gelan uses excessive mathematics theory in the study of natural phenomena, and believes that star elephants have only indirect impact rather than direct correspondence, Natural phenomena and diseases are from "Blas". He uses this word to express a movement of a movement, different substances such as human body, plants, minerals have different kinds of BLAS, so different. He also mentioned his views on the digestion process. At that time, the general point of view considered that the heat gave digestive food, Fan Haiermont asked "How does the cold blood will survive?", According to this, he believes should be Some chemicals generated by the body help digest food.

2003 historian Lisa Zan Din found a portrait in the Natural History Museum of London, she believes this portrait is a physicist Robert Husk, a scientist. . But Sinnati University's William Qisen and the University of the University Andrice Pentet believe that this portrait actually depicts Van Haier Mont.

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