Yabo 4 Satellite

Historical Level Yabo 4 Satellite

Ya Hong Battle Ten thousand years ago, ancient Jedi built a underground city on Yabi 4th satellite, and transformed there. The climate make it a jungle. Later, I finally left Yaxi No.4 star. This abandoned underground city is called "The Jedi's Forgotment City" and very few people know. According to legend, Obwan Knobier has moved the grandson of Palpatine, and the final city was once again discovered by Luke.

Yue Wen battle five thousand years ago, the Sith Lord, the Sith Lord, which defeated the supervation battle, led the rest of the Mazi warrior to Naxi 4 star. In there, Heds was tested in Sand, and the Matsui warriors who had already become a red skin color were used to mutated to a barbarian with a smart and dull. The Matsu warrior will be honored as God and have established a magnificent Matsui Temple to serve.

Subsequently, Shazi launched a long sleep in the Pakistani, waiting for someone to extend the blood of the West. Until Yabo's battle 4400 years ago, the fallen Jedi Samurai Florly Dun Nad exiled to Ya Wen 4th. There he got the attack of the Matsu warrior. At this time, Nard used to uniform them, and this also waken up the memory of the Matsu Warrior about the Golden Times of Sisse. The Mazi Warrior took Nad to the front of Sand, and the Sandon woke up will train Nad into a new powerful Sith Lord, and then the Sandon is hidden and may be killed by Nad.

Ya Wen Campaign 3997 years ago, the fallen Jedi Samurai Akase Kun was attracted to Yaxi 4th, where he slave the Matsu warrior and self-descending Sith Lord. Kun combined with the Dark Eravitation of the Tower Solar System, the Corres, and the origin of the degeneration of Urick Kui Zoa offensive Jedi. There they attracted many Jedi to join Sis, and then the Union Daran people launched a large large Siss War. The final Republic army will sleep in Ya Wen in Ya Wen, and I know that I use a cruel Siss ceremony to use the cruel Sism to get my soul into the Matsui Shenshen's building. Eternal life.

During the war period, Anakin Skywalker, who was tail with the darkness of Asaki Wen Cui arrived in Yaxi 4th, where two launched their first The secondary swords were muttered, although Arkin defeated Wen Cuis, but she took the dark side (Dark Side).

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