Xuzhou area

Historical Level

Before the founding of the country

Xia Shang period, Pengcheng is Peng Guo. In the West Zhou period, Pengcheng was Xu Guo.

When the Spring and Autumn Warring States, Pengcheng is a Song Dynasty, and then he is a child.

After Qin reunion, he sets Pengcheng County. When Liu Xiang, Qin Dynasty, the death of Chu Huaiwang died, Chu Huai Wang Xioneng Jianbu Peng City. At Chu Han, Xi Chu Bawang Jian Yu Jianbu Peng City.

Western Han Shijun County, Eastern Han Dynasty, Pengcheng, Jiandu. At the Eastern Han Dynasty, the state name. Jurisdiction, Sixty-two in the county, the county. The end of the Han Dynasty, the lower county county, in the city of Jiangsu Province.

Three Kingdoms Cao Wei Improve Pengcheng County Pengcheng County, now in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. The jurisdiction is equivalent to the north of Jiangsu Yangtze River and southern Shandong. At the Three Kingdoms, Cao Caoqi Xuzhou Tsing History Department is from Pengcheng County, Pengcheng County, and Peng Cheng is called Xuzhou.

The Wei, Jin and South North Dynasties have set up the Russian and Pengcheng, Dudicheng or Xuzhou Zhiwei and Pengcheng County.

Time to set Xuzhou, and then change Pengcheng to add county, governance.

Tang Ji, Xuzhou and Pengchengshun name have multiple mutually easy, and the middle and late period make the station. When the fifth generation, we appeared in Xuzhou, Zhi Pengcheng, and received 7 counties.

Song and Yuan Dynasty are all in Xuzhou, affiliated and jurisdiction.

Xuzhou Zeng Li Jinshi, which will be Nanzhi.

Qing Dynasty, Xuzhou has successively brought to Jiangnan Province and Jiangsu Province, and the end of Yongzheng is Xuzhou Government, and is jurisdiction of the 7 counties of 1st state.

Republic of China (1913), the government was abolished, Xuzhou Han Di Zongshan County, after the Xu Hai Road, Tongshan County (now Xuzhou Tongli). At the date of the Japanese Puppet, Xuzhou City was analyzed by Tongshan County, which was for the Huaihai Province. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the National Government still placed Xuzhou City and was Jiangsu Province.

Made in Shandong

In 1949, Xuzhou City directly under the Shandong Provincial Department of Management, and Xinhailian City is a manpower of Shandong Luzhongnan.

Xuzhou Zone

The central decision in November 1952. In January 1953, Xuzhou City officially rose back to Jiangsu Province, and also set up a Xuzhou Zone. This Xuzhou City, Xuzhou Zone and long More than 30 years. Xinhai Lian City is located in Xuzhou Zone, Jiangsu Province.

In January 1953, Jiangsu Jianxi Province, set Xuzhou Zone, and the Commissioner was stationed in Xuzhou. The original Xinhai City and the No. 4 county, Huashan County, Pei County, Fengxian 4 counties, Huashan County, Pei County, Fengxian, 3 counties, 3 counties in the Shandong Linyi Zone Zone, and Teng County Zone The Huaibei Salt Area, 2 counties and the original Suichuan Director, Duozi District, Duozi District, Duozhi County, and the Waichi Salt District, which were directly under the regions of the Zhicuk County area. Xuzhou Zone jurisdiction over 1 city of 9 counties. In the same year, Xinyi County, Xiangning County, and Jixian County, who were original Huaiyin Zone, were divided into Xuzhou Zone. Withdrawing 3 counties in Tongbei County, Huashan County, Jixian County, and resets Tongshan County. Undo Huaibei salt area. Donghai County Government moved to Haizhou City. Xuzhou Zone jurisdictional 1 city 10 counties. In 1954, the new sea company was changed to the provincial city. In December of the same year, Xiao County, Jiangsu Province, 2 counties in Lushan County. Xuzhou Zone jurisdiction over 8 counties, namely Tongshan County, Jixian, Pei County, Fengxian, Xining County, Xinyi County, Donghai County, and Yuxian County.

Xuzhou area

In 1958, the original Xuzhou, Xinhai even 2 cities, and will be transferred to the leaders of Xuzhou Agency. Xuzhou Zone jurisdiction of 8 counties, namely Xuzhou, Xinhai Lian, 2 cities, Tongshan County, Qixian County, Pei County, Fengxian, Xining County, Xinyi County, Donghai County, and Yuxian County.

in 1960, Tongshan County was transferred to Xuzhou City Leaders.

In 1961, Xinhai Lian City was renamed as Lianyungang City. In 1961, Tongshan County was awarded the leadership of Xuzhou City.

1962, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, 2 cities changed to the provincial city. Tongshan County, the leader of Xuzhou City, was marked into Xuzhou Zone. Jurisdiction over 8 counties.

October 26, 1965, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Party approved the establishment of a mining area.

Transferring Area

In 1970, Xuzhou Zone is replaced Xuzhou area, the Agency is stationed in Xuzhou, jurisdictional, Fengxian, Pei County, Yining County, Xinyi County, Donghai County 8 counties in Zhangqu County and Tongshan County.

Regional concept

Xuzhou City

in 1983, Jiangsu Province implemented the municipal government and county system, withdrawing the Xuzhou area, will be jurisdiction邳 邳, Fengxian, Pei County, Xinyi County, Xining County, Tongshan County 6 counties, Xuzhou City, Xuzhou City, Mikou, Yunlong, Jia Wang, mining area, and suburban area. The 3 counties in the Xuzhou area, Donghai County and Huaiyin area, launched the leaders of Lianyungang City. Lianyungang City has a new sea, Lianyun, and Yuntai 3 municipal jurisdictions.

Since February 1990, the State Council is approved, and the Xinyi County, Jixian County, and the new Yizhong City, Zhangzhou City. Xuzhou City has jurisdiction over the 4th city of 4 counties.

In 1998, the People's Government of the Provincial People's Government was approved, and the town of Xinyi City will return to the jurisdiction of the city; and the jurisdiction of the Xinyi City in Hengzhou City; Pan Town, Tongshan County Jurisdiction in Quanshan District, Xuzhou City; Pan Town, Quanshan District, established Pan Tang Street Office.

On May 18, 2005, the State Council was approved (Guo Huan [2005] No. 41): Music Town, Tongshan County, Dahuangshan Town, Xuzhou City, Gulou District. On September 18, 2010, the Jiangsu Provincial Government "Notice on Adjusting some administrative divisions of Xuzhou" (Su Zhengfa [2010] No. 113)

1, revoked Xuzhou City Jiuli District. The original Jiuli District of Jiuli Street and Pangzhuang Street were marked with the jurisdiction of the Gulou District of Xuzhou City; the sparks, Sushan, Taoyuan and Pangzhuang, the original Jiuli District (excluding picking up the village, picking up the Zhen Village 4 streets were judged in Quanshan District, Xuzhou City; Hui'an, Zhang Ji, Yucheng, Power Plant, Zhang Shuangli, Sanhe, Power Plant, Zhang Shuangli, Sanhe Tip, Pien, Pangzhuang Street, Pangzhuang Street and Pangzhuang Street The neighborhood committee is governed by Tongshan County.

II. Tongshan County is revoked, and the copper mountain area of ​​Xuzhou City is established. Tongshan District People's Government stationed in Tongshan Street.

Lianyungang City

In 1949, Xinhailan is a Jurong Luzhongnan Experts.

January 1, 1953, Xinhailand is a Xuzhou area jurisdiction.

in 1954, it is changed to the provincial city.

In 1958, the new sea company was transferred to the leadership of Xuzhou Zone.

In 1961, Xinhai Lian City was renamed as Lianyungang City.

In 1962, Lianyungang City was changed to the provincial city.

In 1983, the city-management system, Xuzhou area, East China Sea and Huaiyin District, Irrigation, 3 counties, and the leaders of Lianyungang City. The urban area is located in the city, Lianyun, and Yuntai 3 municipal jurisdictions.

In April 1986, the Xinhai District is two districts from Xinpu and Haizhou. Lianyungang City jurisdiction over 3 counties 4 districts. In 1996, I will be marked with Yunnang City in Huaiyin City.

October 1, 2001, the State Council approval, revoke the Yuntai District, Chaoyang Town, Xu Wei Town, Banqiao Town, Xujing Town, Sangqiao Town, and Zhongyun Street, and Nancheng, Huaguang Township, Yuntai Township and Monkey Street are governed to Xinpu District.

2005, (1) According to the Jiangsu Provincial Government "on the agreement to adjust the approval of some administrative divisions of Lianyungang" (Soviet Fu [2005] No. 20) and Lianyungang Municipal Government "on the street of the new venue of Xinpu District Notice of the Office of the Office of the Office of Lianyun District (even politics [2005] No. 76 on April 26th, China), the jurisdiction of the Xinpu District Monkey Sub-district Office; the rope of the monkey district office Sea areas and beach, one and marketed from the jurisdiction of Linyun District. After the administrative division adjustment, the administrative area of ​​Xinpu District is 214.1 square kilometers, and the population is 300,000. It has 6 sub-district offices, 1 town, 2 townships; Lianyun District administrative area is 506.35 square kilometers, 198,000 population, There are 4 street offices, 4 towns, 4 townships. (2) According to the Jiangsu Provincial Government "on the agreement to adjust the approval of some administrative divisions of Lianyungang" (Su Zhengfu [2005] No. 37) and Lianyungang Municipal Government "Notice on the Jurisdiction of Ninghai Township in Yunyun County" Send [2005] June 13, June 13th), will be accepted from Ninghai Township in Jiyun County. After the administrative division, the administrative region of Xinpu District is 259.54 square kilometers, the population is 324,500 people, and the 6 sub-district office, 1 town, 3 townships; Irrigation County administrative region is 1834.56 square kilometers, the population is 10.455 million. Jurisdiction over 8 towns, 12 townships.

2008, Pudan Town, Donghai County, was jurisdiction in Xinpu District, Lianyungang City.

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