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The development history of xun6

News 6 Free Network Hard Drive started to provide free storage services in February 2008, and it has developed rapidly since it was invested by Hong Kong Bain in January 2009 , Has a broad user base!

Judging from the user attention of the term "xun6" provided by Baidu Index on the right, the xun6 network disk has really attracted more people’s attention since September 2009. The overall development trend It's upward!

Access ratio

As can be seen from the table on the right, the main users of xun6 network disk are from:

1. China-Taiwan: 41.3%

2. Mainland China: 32.6% (huge potential)

3. Hong Kong, China: 15.1%

4. United States: 2.6%

5 .Malaysia: 1.6%


1. China-Taiwan: ranked 49th

2. China-Hong Kong: 79th

< p>3. China-Macau: 86 people

4. Mainland China: 725 people

5. Malaysia: 792 people

Provide services

◇The limit for each uploaded file is greater than 100MB (for free registered users), and the premium member system will be launched soon;

◇The number of files to be uploaded and the number of downloads is unlimited;

◇ Allow settings There are file types and multipart uploads, with file password protection;

◇Allows to upload 8 files at the same time (registered users);

◇File storage: continuous downloading, permanent Storage, automatic deletion without download for 60 days (free for registered users);

◇File sharing earning system: The shared files are downloaded to obtain revenue.


On November 16, 2011, the well-known network hard disk news 6 network officially announced its bankruptcy today. The founder of the website said that because the website was operated by only two people, after the DDOS attack, the black-and-white incident of Google's customer service, and the server supplier's bankruptcy by Microsoft, Xun 6 has been unable to compete in this business or be bullied by big companies. Small companies continue to survive, so Xun 6 has decided that bankruptcy is the best and most correct choice.

Announcement content

Due to poor management, Xun 6 officially announced its bankruptcy in November 2011. Thank you very much for the support and encouragement of all users for a long time. Xun6 also provides network hard disk services for Asian users for more than 4 years. News 6 is actually just a small company. It should be said that there are only two people. Created by myself. And my wife helps with the operation. News 6 has made a lot of achievements in the past few years. Including one of the world's largest Alexa TOP 1000 websites, Hong Kong's 100 largest websites, Taiwan's 100 largest websites, one of China's 400 largest websites, China's best-selling network hard disk service, and so on. For a long time, ZX6 has provided users with more than 50 million files, downloaded more than 200 million times, used 3000 TB of traffic, and has more than 1 million registered users from all over the world.

In the past few years, a lot of problems have occurred, especially the large-scale DDOS attack on the server of our news 6 makes the website unable to log in. The evil Google customer service black and white incident. The server provider was sued by Microsoft for bankruptcy and other issues. This type of business competition will only occur in the Internet industry. Because Xun 6 cannot survive this business competition or the situation where big companies bully small companies, Xun 6 decides that bankruptcy is the best and most correct choice. Hope you all understand our position.

Anyone who has the sincerity to buy any assets or business of Xun6 can contact me by email. The sale includes domain names, companies, programs, businesses, etc. As long as the price is reasonable, we will be very happy to sell.

Finally, I would like to thank all the users who have used Xun6 within 4 years, the users who have made online earning, agencies and advertising partners, etc. Thank you, there would be no news 6 without you, and it would have been impossible to operate for 4 years without your news 6, thank you, thank you!

Operation guide

xun6 online disk registration

Although Xun6 online disk can upload files without registration, after registration, you can have a personal space that is convenient for data management , And you can join the file sharing system to make money, and you can get a certain amount of income while sharing files for the convenience of others.

Upload files

There are three ways to upload files from the xun6 network disk:

1. Upload directly;

2. From other websites Upload;

3. Use FTP to upload.

File download

Downloading the file is very simple, the procedure is as shown in the right figure 2:

System description

1. The minimum payment is US$30 , Or the equivalent exchange rate of other countries.

2. The income statistics are only calculated and only the downloaded files are completed.

3. Downloaded files smaller than 5MB will not be counted.

4. The uploaded file must comply with our terms of service.

5. Downloading your own files will not be counted as revenue.

6. As a user, you need to save all uploaded files for us to check and verify.

7. If we find that you are trying to sabotage our system or cheating, you will be frozen or disqualified.

8. There are no country restrictions-it is guaranteed to provide free downloads to users all over the world.

9. Visitors can download 100MB of data per hour, unlimited download times. Free users can download 200MB of data, which is also an unlimited number of downloads. Advanced users will be able to start downloading immediately, with unlimited download traffic and times.

XUN6 description

- Each upload file limit is greater than 100MB

- File type and multipart upload are allowed


- Unlimited number of file uploads

- Unlimited number of file downloads

- There is a traffic sharing system, all users get the same traffic

- Average file download speed: 1mpbs

- Unlimited download recovery function

- File password protection function

- With download verification code function

- Allow 5 files to be uploaded at the same time (visitors)

- Allow 8 files to be uploaded at the same time (registered users)

-File retention period: 30 days without download and automatic deletion (visitors)

- File retention period: 60 days without download and automatic deletion (registered users)

- There is a time for downloading resources

- The download opening time is within 30 minutes after obtaining the resource; the maximum can be up to 6 hours

- Allowed file content: no pornography, violence, illegal, drugs, weapons, copyrights, etc. And other related content

- Sharing and making money with high-quality system

xun6 file price description

The revenue price is based on every 1000 successful file downloads

b>< td>


Guest + Free User

Premium member


$0.60 p>








< /td>



200MB-400MB< /p>



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