Xuhui Middle School, Shanghai

synonyms generally refers to Xuhui Xuhui High School High School

school history

Xuhui High School, formerly known as the Qing dynasty, founded by Jesuit three years (1850) Xuhui Public School, and the name of St. Ignatius public school, founder of the Jesuit Shinan Ge Lu. Xuhui Middle School was renamed in 1931, the implementation of middle and high school "three-three system." 1953 by the government to take over for public use.

Xuhui Middle School is located in the bustling Xujiahui commercial center of an ancient and peaceful campus, is a distinctive, innovative school. It was founded in the Qing dynasty three decades (1850). Daoguang 29 years (1849), the southern region flooding to many refugee children Xujiahui Xujiahui local residents unable to keep food, they put a difficult child to the Xujiahui Catholic Church, priests try to request Xujiahui housing and education facilities. They can see the handsome priests teach, when he was president of the Society of Jesus Xujiahui De Chao-hand generously promised, hut-to-call room number to charge the classroom. 1850 inviting students to 31 people, and are excellent to teach, so a change in temporary accommodation for organized teaching, the establishment of the school, named Xuhui Public School, thus forming a prototype of the Xuhui Public School. Emperor Guangxu four years (1878), because the current situation is stable, the surge of students, old school is insufficient, decided to build a three-building, heightened after layer, the term of the old school building (1991 was converted into a school yet building). Then, they built two-story school building west (which was rebuilt in 1991 as the most important German House), the upper faculty dormitory, the lower the classroom. In 1905, the school is to promote sports, but also shed stadium, now the big playground. February 1904, due to the school to teach foreign students increased drastically, so the set on, middle, and lower hospital, the implementation of branch management. Upper house, the House granted endogenous, exogenous teach classes in the hospital. The hospital gave birth to religious activities, physical and mental training; teach exogenous organization also learn to speak, after the "Regulation Mian society." Thus the implementation of different levels of school religious education and school education. After graduation, send Aurora College (Aurora University predecessor) or overseas university for further study.

Xuhui Public School because Jesus would progenitor St. Ignatius-based insurance, it is also known as St. Ignatius public schools. This is the founder of the first French Catholic missionary schools in China. The school hosted over the years, mostly France and Italy priest, the school's internal organization and management methods, in addition to style with a Jesuit school, but also with a strong color and Italy French education system, and this is At that time different national schools. Xuhui Public School Use Jesuit public school charter school to the boys, to boarding school for boys.

1931, the church filed to apply for Chinese government education departments, renamed Xuhui Middle School. In 1949 after the liberation of Shanghai, the implementation of policies schooling and religion separate, and canceling branch system. June 1953 changed the City, and began to recruit girls. School site is now No. 68 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District.

Famous alumni

For over 160 years Xuhui Middle School has trained many talents, alumni around the world. Famous educator "patriotic old" Ma Bo, geology dean WH Wong academician, the "father of modern sculpture," Zhang Chongren, former Health Minister Chen Min Zhang, Bishop Zhang tree Jin Luxian, the Division Vice President Yan Yixun, world famous atomic physicist French Academy of Sciences known line Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Ming, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Ying Luo, Chinese Academy of Engineering Shiwei Dun mountain, translator Fu Lei, dramatist Hong Shen, entrepreneurs Renjiu Gao, modern writer Ye Xin, swimming world champion Yang Aihua, etc., have studied here.


Si Chong Building, Shanghai outstanding building, Xuhui District, cultural relics protection units. The school now covers an area of ​​38.6 acres, the building area of ​​24,882 square meters. Chong think House is brewing in 1915 and the beginning of the new school building. At that time a Belgian priest, the architect of Disney (Chinese name is Yip) design sketches and engineering Rendu, January 8, 1917 placed the first stone, Qing Shanghai Shen Baochang county governor attended the groundbreaking ceremony. June 20, 1918 completed, celebrity-studded inauguration ceremony in Shanghai, Songhu Hujun General Lu Yongxiang attended the ceremony, said "new school." In 1992 former president Wang Jinsong be renamed "thinking Chong floor." Comrade Jiang Zemin in 1940 when he attended boarding at Jiaotong University Xuhui Middle School, had pictures of the occasion in front of the small auditorium of the new school. The new school building is masonry facades, the internal structure of wood-based, a total of four. By the red brick facades mill and artificial chiseling granite-based materials to build from. In the main entrance hall is small axis 9 on both sides, will have up to the top floor of Corinthian columns, a major artistic style reflected. Pillars on both sides of the inlet is also something Corinthian. Ancient Greek Doric column by the many, Ionic style, and then evolved into Corinthian said its inspiration from the designer moved to a basket of flowers stigma of good wishes. According to Western art historian Riegl research in "a matter of style," a book, a Corinthian decorative patterns as "buttercup sweet potato leaf patterns," is a lotus pattern ancient Egyptian symbol of the sun, palm leaf patterns change comes. Cirrhosa potato leaf pattern on the stigma cup is used as a ring torr flowers, palm leaves and flowers by the pattern configuration. Since buttercup sweet potato leaves pattern has a strong "fit patterns" feature, will deal with the whole building for architects building carving provides a unified tone, he put the small hall of the main entrance of the domed brick door trim, rounded window lintel decorative patterns, by "filling fit", "coherent echoes" and other artistic techniques, the buttercup sweet potato leaf veins becomes life-line of organic combination of artistic effect gives rise to pleasure to think of flowers, green leaves, sunlight, wave. As Nobel Prize winner in literature, contemporary Greek poetry

People Elytis enthusiastic chant of "drink the sun Collins, scrutinize marble texture", "across the ocean and vineyards," the ancient Greek Chinese classical art shine in Xujiahui. At the top of this building it adopted Spanish architectural style, but because of leaking severely demolished unfortunately in the early 1990s, after reconstruction style no longer greatly affect the overall style of the building.

The new teaching building: grind line floor, still learning and re-Tak House floor. House grind line is the administration building and laboratory features, yet is junior high school building, re-building is a German high school.


Xuhui Middle School known as "the first Western Learning school," said the mission is to "advocate science, school-wing patriotic, colorful development" of the traditional school. Shanghai Science and Technology as a featured model school, officially opened the experimental center for life science innovation will achieve a new leap in Xuhui Middle School Technology Education. Life Sciences Innovation Experimental Center opening ceremony.

September 1, was held in Xuhui middle school life science innovation center opened experiments ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening ceremony Xuhui Middle School first semester of 2008. Minister of Xuhui District Committee, Publicity Minister Zhang Weimin, director of the municipal educational supervision Yangguo Shun, Wang Jue Xuan, director of the Department of Municipal Education Commission, Education Xuhui District Party committee secretary Wang Jiyuan, Dean of College of Life Science and Technology, the new Jiaotong University Lin Zhi, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Dr. a Wang Ling, Chairman of the Education union Gong Xiaofeng and experimental center Mr. Ren Jiugao principal benefactors Mr. Tao Yi Xun attended the meeting.

Zhang Weimin, Minister of Municipal Education Commission and the leadership of interest to visit five major centers of laboratory experiments, Lin Zhi heard a detailed explanation of the new president and president Zhuang Xiaofeng, this city and the country a handful of innovative science experimental base full of praise. The creation of experimental center of life sciences innovation is another milestone in the history of the development of Xuhui Middle School, Zhang Weimin, minister on behalf of Xuhui District District House have expressed warm congratulations and best wishes Xuhui students can swim in the ocean at the Experimental Center of Life Science, emerged more high-tech elite.

Zhang Weimin, said: "The use of Xuhui High School alumni donations and with the founder of modern biological technology university teaching training base, this will become the school running mode features and highlights, to provide a broader prospect for the development of the school . "Creating experimental Center fully reflects the high school with well-known universities in Xuhui, then under the characteristics of primary school, cross-linking activity centers" concept Blue Ocean strategy ", Lin new president led the National Chiao Tung university School of life Science and technology, 15 professors, Dr. as a mentor experimental Center for technical support in venue construction, instrumentation equipment, installation and acceptance, teacher training, research, teaching materials, etc. throughout the guide.

Xuhui Middle School of Life Sciences Innovation Center will test five areas of today's cutting-edge life science research, to bear modern biotechnology education for all students and innovative research work, provide for all high school students and middle school students in class activities science experiment platform designed to enable students to experience life science advanced and practical.

Status: There are placement test, 1 class for the Direct Entry (junior helicopter), 2 classes for Kechuang classes (Placement exam 40), the rest of a randomly ordered high school.

There are badminton courts and an indoor basketball court open

gymnasium successive leaders


Name Tenure of Office

Ningue Paul founded in 1849, 1850, naming, Xuhui public school

de Chao-hand pharmacology 1852-1866

Ma Bo Science 1871-1874

Jiang Ruo Science 1880-1899, 1901,1904,1905

Ya Science 1900

Pan Gu Sheng Science 1902-1903

Joseph Chang of Science 1906-1907

Lang Science 1909

mountain Zanty science, dean 1910-1911,1913-1914, 1932-1934

Zan Tang Yao Science, Dean 1912, 1925-1928,1934-1937

Di Binfu Science 1915-1924

loose Science 1925-1927

Wan Jordan Dean 1928-1932

Zhang tree of science, hospital long 1928-1937, 1937-1943

Shen Baishun Science 1937-1942

Zhang Boda Science, dean 1942-1943, 1943-1949.5

Wang Fang Science 1943 -1944

Zhushu De SCIENCE 1944-1947

Hong Zhu acoustic acceptable 1947-1949.5

liberation: after 1949.5


name term

Zhang Alberta 1949.5-1951.5

Young Roth 1951.5-1963.4

Xu Yin 1978-1981.3, Vice president presided over the work 1960.7-1978, 1979- 1981.3 branch deputy secretary

Lili Nong 1984.12-1989.9

Wang Jinsong 1993.5-2006.4, 1991.7-1993.5 presided over Vice president

Zhuang Xiaofeng 2006.4-2011.2

Liu Xiaoyan 2011.2-2015.3

Zeng has a 2015.3


name term

Wang Chung Lin 1950.2-1952.11, 1981.6- 1982.3 principal

1952.11-1956.7 Ganjing Lin, Vice-president 1952.11-1956.7

Yao shall surely 1956.7-1971.2, 1954.6-1956.6 Vice President

Jia-Cong 1971.2-1976.3

Ke from rope 1978.3-1986.11

Liu Gao Yun 1986.12-1992.2, 1980-1986.12 branch deputy secretary, 1984.12-1989.9 Vice-president, Vice president and Chief 1989.9-1991.7 presided over the work

Zhou Deyu 1992.2-1995.10, 1992.2-1995.10 Vice-president, Vice president 1984.12-1987.8

Duli Quan, deputy secretary 1997.8-2006.7, 1995.10-1997.7 presided over the work, so far 1995.10- Vice-president

Zhuang Xiaofeng 2006.8-2011.2

Liu Xiaoyan 2011.2 so far

school address

school address: Shanghai Hongqiao Road 68

peripheral subway: line 9, subway line 1, subway line 11 (Xujiahui station)

peripheral bus: 946,923,548,926,920,93,44,43,836,72,42,572,572 interval;

school address ( West Campus ): Xuhui Panyu Road 1138 (pre First Grade)

peripheral subway: line 3, line 10, line 4 subway, subway line 9 Metro line 11 < / p>

around the bus: 113, 138,171,26,320,328,44,548,572,572 interval, 72,752,754,76,827,830,836,855,911,93, 931

school address ( South Campus ): Huafa Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai No. 68, September 2018 enabled. (Middle school)

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