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Xu Teli

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Hunan protection units. Located 43 kilometers east of Changsha five US Director Sha County township. Is a brick courtyard houses. It was built in waiting. 1914 renovation, expansion and twice thereafter several repairs. It covers an area of ​​about 1,700 square meters. Facing south, the central axis in turn has a gate, hall, courtyard, a house, etc., about the construction wing, miscellaneous house. After 1916, Xu Teli opened here five US senior primary school, in addition to houses on the east side of the house and the east wing counter nine retained, the rest are owned by the school management. House out from the original east wing door hospital, a hospital has wells, corridors forming the eaves, it plays tile roof, a window pane is supported inwardly. Just before the field, after relying on a hill, surrounded by pine and cypress, camphor, bamboo surrounded by very elegant. On the west side five new secondary schools in the United States and floor exercise, with the piece. In 1980, the former residence of a new repair and restore the furnishings have Teli couples and dry and teacher Chen Chang Xu, Mao Xun and others of housing. Mao Xu Teli teachers who in 1927 joined the Communist Party, the CPC Seventh, Eighth Central Committee. In 1968, he died in 1983, re-released as the former residence of Hunan Province key cultural relics protection units.


Mr. Xu Teli (1)

Xu Teli (1877 Year - 1968), formerly known as Mao Xun, word division pottery, 1877 born in the town of Changsha County back Jiang, Chinese proletarian revolutionary, educator, teacher Tian Han Mao Zedong and other famous people. In 1906 the leadership of Changsha private school teachers and students against "state-owned railway" movement. After returning home in 1924 founded the Women's Normal School in Changsha. 1927 joined the Chinese party and participate jointly August 1 Nanchang Uprising. Central Soviet workers and peasants democratic government of the Central Executive Committee and the Minister of Education in 1930. 1934 to participate in the Long March, after the Shaanxi-Gansu served as education minister, vice minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, border Senate senator. After the liberation of a former member of the Central People's Government, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Administration Council Culture and Education Committee, the first, second and third National People's Congress often members of the committee; CCP seventh, eighth member of the Central Committee. Author of "Teli education anthology." November 1968 death of 28.
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