Xu Ji Expressway


The entire Ji Xu Express is divided into Shandong Section (Lu Expressway S33) and Jiangsu Section (Su High Speed ​​S69), the starting point is Jinan, the end is Xuzhou. Among them, Jiangsu section was completed in 2010; 266 kilometers in Shandong were divided into three constructions, Jinan to Dongping section, Dongping to Jining section, 2007, 2013, 300, December 28, 2016, Jining After the fishing section is opened, it is connected to Dongping to Jining section, and the whole line is officially accessed.


Shandong Section

Ji Xu Expressway North Jiji Guang Expressway Jinan to Heze Section (G35), Ji Xu Expressway, Ji Xu, Ji Xu, The whole length is 110.5 km, of which 104.1 km from Jining section, 6.4 km from Taian section. Economic Ning City Wen Shang County, Rencheng District, Jiaxiang County, Jinxiang County, Fisai County, five counties. Construction standards are two-way four lanes, design speed 120 km / h, roadbed width 28 meters. Eight levels along the line, 2 service area, 1 high bridge, 2 bridges, 16 bridges, 90 culverts, 90 separation, 86. The project permanently covers an area of ​​11088 mu, temporarily occupied an area of ​​10,855 mu, the construction period was 3 years, and the estimated total investment was 5.368 billion yuan. Jining northern section, Ji Nilan Expressway (G1511) to Jikuang Expressway (G35) connection section, has been opened on January 20, 2013, in the way, Wen, Western Western, and two toll stations. Jining to the fishing section of Ji Ning, Jining Airport, Jining South, Jin Townside, Fisai West Five Toll Station.

Ji Xu Expressway is an important part of the "five vertical and four-horizontal eight-year" highway network, which is the major transport infrastructure of Shandong "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", in 2016. Officially built a whole line on December 28.

Jiangsu section

Jiju Expressway (Jiangsu section) is 79.5 kilometers long, which is the only provincial passage in Jiangsu Province in the northwest, from the resilive area of ​​Shunhe Town, Fengxian The end point is connected to the northwest of Xuzhou, the Jingfu Expressway, and the 15th district of Fu County, Pei County, Tongshan District, and the two counties. The four cars, the road is 28 meters wide, the design speed is 120 kilometers per hour, the project The total investment is expected to invest 365 million yuan. At the end of 2010, it was only half an hour from Feng and Pei County to Xuzhou. It will be shortened than half a time. Ji Xu Expressway (Jiangsu Section) Fun County North Interpretation to Xuzhou Section 62.2 kilometers opened on November 3, 2010, and 4 highways in Jiangsu Province were also: Jiangsu Yangzhou Jiangdu to Nantong Hai'an, Lianyungang to Linyi, Xuzhou to Jining Wuxi to Zhangjiagang, located in Suzhou, Su Lu, Southern Southern District.

Jiju Expressway (Jiangsu Section) Phase II Project Route is 17.22 kilometers long, from the Ji Xu Expressway Fengxian North Inter-Shandong Inter-Shandong, total cost is 153 million yuan. According to the plan, the entire project is expected to build a car at the end of 2014. After the completion of the Popular Road, Jiangsu Expressway (Jiangsu Section), it will be connected to Xuzhou Section to Xuzhou Section, which will improve the traffic conditions and investment environment in the northern part of the Suzhou, which is important to further develop rich minerals and tourism resources along line. .

January 28, 2021, Ji Xu Expressway Shunhe Interchange officially opened.

Pass influence

Shandong Province

Ji Xu Expressway through the whole line, making Shandong Province have added a provincial channel. It is not only the second channel of Jinan to Xuzhou, but also radiates the central and western region of Shandong Province. It is the provincial highway in Nort-South, the central and western regions, which must not only deliver part of Shandong Province, China and Western regions, including traffic volume in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Help to reduce traffic pressure in the above-mentioned intervals in the above-mentioned intervals, which is also conducive to strengthening the three provinces of Luusu, accelerate the rise of Russia's economic band.


Ji Xu Expressway built-in traffic will not only improve Shandong, Jiangsu highway road network structure, and will greatly reduce Xuzhou to Jining, Heze, etc. Time and space distance, and will improve the highway network of the Yangtze River Delta, improve the traffic capacity of Beijing (G3) national highway, strengthen the social and economic links between the Yangtze River and the Bohai Sea and the Chinese area, improve the southwest and Xuzhou Feng, Pei County Traffic conditions and investment environment.


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Zhengji < / p>

Mileage Xu Ji Expressway



Jinan section

Juka High Speed ​​(Parallel)

G2001, G2, G22

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Jining section


Dongping Lake Hub

G35 Juka High Speed ​​


Dongping South

s255, Shahe Station Town


Western Western

s333, Wen Shang County, 寅 镇


Wen South

S252, Qiqiu Town

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Cao Lin hub

G1511 Lan Expressway ( Lancao Direction )

Xuzhou section


Fengxian North

X204 Huanfeng Line, Feng County County, Shizhai Town


Fengxian North Toll Station


Daxusha River Service Area

Pei Feng

< P> S321, Luzhou Town, Feng County County, Pei County County

Pei County

Pei County County


s322, Zhengti Town


Liu Ji Ying

G3 Beijing High Speed ​​

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