Xu Guangqi

Main achievements

Calendar aspects

Xu Guangqi's achievements in astronomical calendar, mainly focusing on the compilation of "Chongzhen Book" and the various places written in reform calendar Substance. In the alternative, he introduced the concept of round globe, introducing the concept of longitude and latitude. He provides the first all-day star map according to the Volius and Chinese traditional star table, which has become the foundation of the Star Table in the Qing Dynasty. In the calculation method, the accurate formula of spherical and plane trigonology is introduced, and a fixed parallax, the aberration and the time difference are first. In addition to the summary of the "Chongzhen Book", Xu Guangqi also participated in the specific compilation of the book "The Survey" and "Survey", "Survey", "The Survey", "The Survey", "The Survey", "Survey", "Sunday", and other books.

Mathematics aspects

Xu Guangqi's maximum contribution to mathematics as a "geometric original" (top 6 volumes). Xu Guangqi put forward the idea of ​​practical "learning of the degree", and also wrote two books of "Character" and "Measurement". Xu Guangqi first uses the word "geometric" as a professional noun of mathematics. "Geometric original" translation, greatly affects the habit of China's original mathematics learning and research, has changed the direction of Chinese mathematics development, is a major event in Chinese mathematics. But until the early 20th century, China was abolished, and the school, with the first class of "geometric original" as the main content of the secondary school, the secondary school compulsory subject. Xu Guangqi in the revision of the calendar, discusses the mathematics in the astronomical method, water conservancy project, the mound, weapon and military projects, accounting wealth management, various construction projects, machinery manufacturing, Juita measurement, medicine, and instant time. Ten aspects of the device. It is also recommended to carry out these subsection research.


Xu Guangqi's refinement of agriculture, there are many books, with "Agriculture Book", "Sweet Potato", "Agricultural Site, Draft" "Thaird Law, etc.

The first draft of the "Agriculture Book" is completed, Xu Guangqi is busy responsible for the revision of the almanac, no time, after the death, by his door Chen Zilong and others are revised and printed in 1639. Books due to 12 mesh, a total of 60 volumes, more than 50,000 words. 12 Top 12: Agricultural Boast 3 volumes, Farm 2 volumes, farming 6 volumes, water conservancy 9 volumes, agricultural equipment 4 volumes, tree art 6 volumes, silkworm sang 4 volumes, sericulture, wide-class, planting 4 volumes, animal husbandry 1 Manufacturing 1 volume, the rolling 18 volumes, basically cover all aspects of the ancient Chinese Han agricultural production and people's lives, and the "agriculture" thinking of the governance people.

Military aspect

"Strue" and "Instrument" are the core of Xu Guangqi military ideas, he proposes "extreme realistic material with alternate", "poor practical equipment "China and foreign fight", "Extremely seduce specialists to protect", "pointed to the capital of 10,000 years (guns)," "" "" "

Xu Guangqi pays special attention to the manufacture of artillery, many recommendations, continuously sparse, hopes to introduce the manufacturing technology of the artillery. Xu Guangqi also explored the use of firearms in practice, and explored the firearms and urban defense, firearms and siege, firearms and steps, and ride. Xu Guangqi wrote "seeding strip" "Practice strip" "Practice strip" "" "strip strip" "Fire strip" "Fire attack" "" fire drug law "and other orders and code It is a batch of orders and codes in modern times in modern times.

Xu Guangqi Tomb

Xu Guangqi Tomb (7 photos)

Shanghai Xujiahui is Xu Guangqi's hometown, Xu Jiahui, the name of Huahui, later in order to commemorate Xu Guangqi Renamed Xujiahui. The Tomb of Xu Guangqi is located in the Guangli Park in Xujiahui Nan Dan Road. There are 10 graves in the cemetery, buried, and their lady, Wu, around the four grandson. There is a stone tablet, stone man, stone horse, Chinese watch, stone arch squares. "Wenwu Yuan Xun" on the stone arch side, the right question "Xi Dynasty Yuan Fu", the left question "Wang Ge Ru Zongzong", the top question: "The Dafu Taizi is too guaranteed to pay a small insurance Taifu Ministry Shangshu and Wenyuan University University文 文 公 公 ". The stone archway has a pair, the Shanglian "The Academic Experience Ming Dynasty" is the same as Tianwei, "the next" will enter the court. " The Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall is also in the park. The Memorial is divided into four major exhibitions: Xu Guangqi Pingsheng, "The Agriculture Book" and "Geometric Original", "Chongzhen Book" and "Xu Yan" and Xu Guangqi and Shanghai.

Publishing Book

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