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  • Qujiang College Xinjiang Academy

According to Tongzhi six years (1867) widely believed the government prefect Zhong Shizhen described in the "rehabilitation letter River College records," the preface: "there are College of the letter states, Mayor Zhang Gong since the beginning." Zhang Gong, that is widely believed prefect reign of Emperor Kangxi Zhang Guozhen, No. Kun to Zhili Baodi people, Kangxi 30 years Ren Guangxin prefect. Kangxi thirty-six years (1697), the local gentry proposed his Shengci. Zhang does not accept, to set up free schools, day plaque: "Qujiang College." In a letter today to the hospital site River College.

  • Chung Ling speak hospital

Kangxi year (1712), prefect week Chun be repaired, renamed the "Chung Ling speaking homes." Speaker extension division, recruit seven counties namely: Shangrao, Yuen Foong (now Guangfeng), Kanayama, Yushan, Guixi, Yiyang, Larix (now Hengfeng), health workers scholar of years in which to learn. Wen Yuan Ge scholar, to whom Li Bu Shang as "mind", much appreciated founder of Zhou Chun "Chung Ling College."

  • Ziyang Academy

Qianlong eight years (1743), the prefect Shi increase with less books Scotia tolerate toast on the grounds of repair and augmentation. Renamed the "Academy '."

  • letter River College

Forty-six years of Qianlong (1781), prefect of Kang Qiyuan change " Ziyang Academy "to" letter River College. " After any of various officials conducted a large-scale expansion and maintenance. At this time, "the letter River College," "self into the door, and calendar order rise, as lobby for the auditorium, for the wind to PanChi ...... fence, shade-chia plant, quiet and God will, if Kuang-day tour" spirit really extraordinary, during which Albatron Court, a collapse Hin, middle Pavilion, Wen Wei Xuan, Markham House, Pu Xu River eddy whirl, Lingyun temple, four according pavilion, Banshan Ting, evening show kiosks dotted, scattered mixed, each other . College is spectacular and become a full garden of the school.

Jiaqing fourteen years (1809), Wang Geng Yan to take the lead donor to buy the nearby houses, the letter River College to scale an area of ​​60,000 square meters (20,000 square meters now remains).

of the Qing Dynasty, the college system after a long development process, with the decline of feudal society, the promotion of education deteriorate, the college has become more corrupt, more and more long-standing deep, fertile different materials has been difficult, academy restructuring potential in the pipeline. After the Sino-Japanese War, large and small, national academy after another into a new school. Twenty-eight years Guangxu (1902) letter River College to set up the Guangdong International Trust and middle schools (now Shangrao City, the first secondary school predecessor). In the beginning, said the Xinjiang River Middle School. Followed, it has changed Jiangxi Li tenth middle school, middle school sixth. Founding of the state, said the provincial school in Shangrao. Transmutation after high school division Shangrao, Shangrao junior high, high school Shangrao, Shangrao Normal school site.

Agrarian Revolution, northeastern Jiangxi Soviet founder of the ecliptic, Shao equality had been in engaged in education, the spread of Marxism-Leninism. After the liberation, the performance for the memory of martyrs, St. Augustine's hospital in the area built Shangrao revolutionary martyr monument, built at the hospital site east corner of the tomb of Shi Huang Daolie.

1987 years, the letter River College was listed as heritage conservation units in Jiangxi Province.

Since 2007, has invested more than 700 ten thousand yuan renovation of the ancient building, refurbishment environment.


letter River College is located in Nanping city of Shangrao northern foothills, "after the confrontation in Zhongshan, bowed before the Mountain", the central uplift, ancient Taoist Mountain, North Central letter of water, with the abundance West River, East and Xiangfu Temple (now the people's hospital) adjacent, covering more than 100 acres, excellent geographical location.

geographical coordinates: longitude 117 ° 37'30 ", latitude 28 ° 26'30" between.

confident River College on the river, rolling hills, dense forest vegetation, since ancient times Nanping Hill said. From the Han and Tang dynasties, temples, pavilions and Ciyu clouds, Nanping Hill is considered the case of the House rule juncheng pattern of feng shui in the mountains, the natural environment has been better protected. Due to its special geographical location, through the ages, it has always attracted many writers, poets's a bit of exploring ancient feelings, leaving many precious inscriptions and chant to make, including Chen Yun and the poem "Jiang's letter. College. Normal. " Since the Qing Dynasty, the letter River College stand out, dominate three hundred years, were broadcast far and near, Shangrao old times, an important symbol of cultural blend.

architectural layout

extant letter River College with a total area of ​​about more than 25,000 square meters. Qianlong heyday of more than sixty thousand square meters. In such a large floor space, and the layout region North College are tight and compact natural interest features, and several other areas are more loosely.

Save the academy ancient buildings Chung Ling Taiwan, spring pavilion, a couch Hin, evening show booths, auditorium, eighteen row (school building), Nisshin House, and the new House, by training tang 10 many buildings. See site still within Qulang step back, and ancient trees, tall bamboo clip trails, beautiful scenery.

Not far away in front of Swan Lake, White Deer Hollow Academy two, are equipped with access Guanting, officials from afar in order to be able to take a small interest in which to rectify dressed, then calmly walk to St. door, this is a fine design. And it is close to its letter River College of Tainan, it omitted this part.

Features letter River College, and both follow a standardized program that starting from the feudal moral concepts and gradually form, nor is it limited, innovative, but also a breakthrough. This is the main building for the center, large-scale development to the terms of the cross, the development of the two aspects, east and south of the main building, according to the topography, clever to learn and utilize some of the features of the southern landscape construction and expression, the need to adapt to the taste of the feudal gentry and literati landscapes, well-designed, rational distribution around the main building has continuously expanded, have formed a number of their own personality traits, there are courtyards interconnected units, also known buildings. Between each other, seemingly shaped from God and indeed will, a bundle of small buildings are a natural blend harmoniously in a large building groups, showing tailoring, unique combination of ingenuity, this part of the building, in line with the Confucian "poetry and literature ritual, "a comprehensive educational thought, also included within the College upright build the building. We are different from building a simple ritual system and education system, and the system architecture called pleasure system. For example, high-Chong Court, it is appropriate overlooking the mountains and rivers, stonewalls, cultivate character, it has a subtle to the human mind functions. This is a historical ambience and feudal society with a strong basis to small-scale peasant "farming and studying culture" color that is consistent.

When the Qianlong period extension letter River College, in East auditorium provision Qingyun Court, in the cabinet door front pavilion, intent is obvious, is to be formed after the second group of buildings on the west side of the main building to the main building is limited to make up the terrain constraints, shallow depth caused by the lack of shape. Later renovated several times, Ceremony Disintegration collapse, breaking the frame, this second group of buildings will be developed mainly towards recreational system. So Court after the Mongolian spring, the fish counter of the set, climb the stairs, set middle Pavilion, and the concept of charities connected, the complex was built because of the terrain evening show booths, change Wun Wun Court for the villa, and Lingyun Abode symmetrical. In this way, tight unfolded according to the first group of buildings on the eastern side of the existing pavilion Abode have a second set of buildings has become a transitional building between the two systems between education and leisure, nexus, on the overall layout from a good buffer.

The third group of buildings is the key region amusement park system, it is thought very poor fine, moderate select hospital location, Bangshui Gangqiu on difficult terrain, slope splitting cut stone, fly plank suspended in thereon; near the water near the river, pavilions Composing therebetween. According Okahira group, run up the hall, provided beryl, set in the landscape scene, stacked rockery, mountain outside the mountain. Everywhere because of the situation with the appropriate home landscape, something less carving and natural interest; open up a little and especially magnificent. Ruoshi rain started falling, fog Man River, on the ground, walking between Tinglang, will travel almost the parties themselves there is a smug, almost indistinct indistinct the sense in Wonderland. Therefore, before the National People's Congress book the words of its territory, saying: "Little Penglai." Wang Geng Yan "also music hall show all students undergrads poem" in a few scenes Quotes, it is also in the drizzle, misty in written: "Zijin Chengque Man Hing song, Kunihiko instrument type Zixi and more. Nanping new mountain to the antipodes, the water stream gradually drawn Curcuma Zhi. ...... storm Chiaki chat still friends, how □ She was training intended? "

the fourth group of buildings along the construction of the third set finish in the Eastern profile's original Shinto hospital with understatement style approach, the river small tributary shelves a stone arch bridge, built next to a pavilion, said: "asked month", retained the valley Shinto hospital Laos homes, floating Hui temple, by training Hall and other ancient buildings, expanding the profile College East landscape.

In the Taoist Shannan, due to low and flat, wide chisel pond, formed a listen frog pond, pool bath Germany, and other efforts clouds landscape full of fun pattern, inclusive of a glass of Tang and Song era have survived Pavilion, Hall Mountains, including Fai Court, which form a cultural landscape within the College, to meet the objective needs of the literati gathering of dignitaries and feast travel.

In short, due to sparse stream or pond and chisel, or rock and built according to the Court, Ling insurance building sets, waterfront pavilion structure, are believed to nature and the clever embellishment, because of potential landscaping, landscape bake potential, constitute a natural beauty and harmonious environment.

From the above analysis, the college building build from starting to follow the enlightenment function, in addition to the main building basic stylized ritual and rigid system, the freedom fresh garden gradually integrated into the architecture of the building Build Academy and gradually developed into a recreation building systems, expanding the size of the College building, reflecting the Chinese Academy system from the old pure poly-books, books, books - the evolution of the leisure gatherings, dinner tour combining - to gather only lectures gradually the social education functions of the College of diversification. Xinjiang River College build building layout, in particular, reflect this trend.

After the liberation, the party and the People's Government of the Xinjiang River College very seriously. In 1983, the municipal government announced the approval letter River College for the municipal units. In 1987, the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government for the provincial cultural relics protection units.

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