Xingcheng Ancient City

Development History

Xingcheng ancient city back against the Liaoqi Hille, Nanbaohai, and the land of the middle of the Liaoning Corridor. It is the traffic situation leading to the Central Plains in Liaodong. Liao San Dynasty and eight years (AD 990) were named Xingcheng. Ming Xi Der's three years (AD 1428) Ming Government set up the government here, gave the name "Ningyuan", the ancient city of Xingcheng, Ming Dynasty, called Ningyuan Wi-city, the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China (1914) Re-enable Xingcheng The name is over.

Xingcheng ancient city has always been the land of the soldiers, the Ming Dynasty Tianqi six years (1626) and the Ming Dynasty Tianqi seven years (1627), Ming Shou will defeat the Yuan Chonghuan with less than 20,000 people Two attacks on the Emperor, the history called "Ning Yuan".

Historical Campaign

Ming Dynasty experienced Ning Yuan Daxie , Ning Battle of Jin's battle .

When the Ming Dynasty, Ningyuan is the side of the main town,

The famous general Yuan Chonghuan has stationed in the city, and the military will enter the Wei Jingshi. Yu Chongzhen Emperor was arrested in the second year of December 1629, and after half a year, "Yuan Chong Han's hitting, specializing in deceiving, with the municipal rice should be inferred, and the sin" On August 16, 1630 (Guan Causa on September 22) was killed in the West City (split limbs), abandoning the dead in the city. Miscassing Yuan Chonghuan made Chongzhen Di destroyed the Great Wall, marking the Daming Dynasty.

Ancient city list

Ancient city

Xingcheng Ancient City (5 photos)

Ancient City is built in Ming Xi Dode three years (AD 1428), for Ningyuan Savings, refreshed in the Qing Dynasty, renamed Ningyuan City. Ningyuan Ancient City and Xi'an Ancient City, Jingzhou Ancient City (now Jiangling County) and Shanxi Pingyao Ancient City were listed as my country's four ancient city pools so far. Ning Yuancheng is square, the city wall is 8.8 meters high, 3200 meters perimeter, four cities and doors, and there are Zhong and Drum Tower in the city.

The ancient city of Xingcheng is the only square savike, and the wall has four main two in the southeast. The city gate has a semi-circular city, and the city wall is still building a fortger, which is used to set up the cannon. Ningyuan Ancient City is the national key cultural relics protection unit. There is a monument such as ancestral stone square and a forest temple in the city. In the Ming Dynasty, Ningyuan Ancient City is a side anti-heavy, and Yuan Chonghuan stationed in the soldiers, and he repeatedly defeated the soldiers. Tianqi six years (AD 1626) In January, the Qing Tai Zu Jahaqi ratio was 130,000 to attack Ningyuan City, and he was seriously injured. In May, seven years in May, the Qing Dynasty Queen Tempo, the Tianshi, the talents, and then defeated the Yuancheng, and then defeated the city.

Xingcheng Temple

There are national key cultural relics protection units in the ancient city scenic spot, which is the oldest part of the Temple in the northeast province, covering an area of ​​16,800 square meters. Door, championship, big temple, argumentation wall, hang map, etc., as well as plant wonders, Tongbai, Tong, and Lin.

Other scenic spots

Xingcheng ancient city (11 photos)

city also has two seats, Chenghuang Temple, Lirector, Zhoujia residential, every attraction in the ancient city scenic spot. They have to tell the ancient city more than 500 years old vicissitudes, the customs and splendid culture.

Many stores in Xingcheng City still maintain the magnificent plaque, the city is elegant, antique. The Historical and Cultural Museum of Xingcheng Folk Museum, Ningyuan Station is also added to the small town.

Night Tour Ancient City

Xingcheng City began to promote ancient city brightization project in April 2017. The ancient city brightization project includes the first city wall of the ancient city, extension to the spring and the city wall and the wall building in the east, and the brightness of the two ancestral buildings and bells in the ancient city scenic spot. The ancient city lighting project is completed in August that year. The light is controlled by computer, according to the season, weather, etc., automatically adjusts the lights and time. During the day, you can taste the thrilling of Ning Jin Daki, and in the night, the light of the ancient city will let you linger. The whole city bathed in Jinguang, as a dream city, God.

Xingcheng Ancient City

Building format

Xingcheng Ancient City is built in Ming Xi Der's three years (AD 1428), for Ningyuan Save, re-repair in the Qing Dynasty, renamed Ning Yuan State City. Ningyuan Ancient City and Xi'an Ancient City, Jingzhou Ancient City (now Jiangling County) and Shanxi Pingyao Ancient City were listed as my country's four ancient city pools so far.

Xingcheng ancient city is slightly square, and there is a city gate in the four sides of the city, and there are semi-circular Yucheng. The wall of the city wall is blue strips, the outer blocks of green bricks, the buffet giant pieces, and the middle is zoomed in the middle. There are two floors in the city, and the enclosures of the enclosures are paled in the wort. In the past, the outer city and the inner city have been taken. The four-head guns, highlighting in the city corner, with red scorpion. At that time, the Qing Dynasty is in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, and the Qing Sunzujahachi is hit by the red scorpion, and he is seriously injured. A Southeast Horn Building a Quexing Building. City, West, South, North Street intersects, the center of the ancient city, there is a majestic bell and drum building, which is a flying flying, and it corresponds to the four city gate, which looks majestic and magnificent.

The ancient city gate has four: Dong Xiachun and the south of Yan Hui; Xi Yongning; North Weiweiyuan. Bell and drum tower in China Street.

Drum Tower will enter the drum in the war, usually report it more.

Gulou Building is 17.2 meters high, divided into three layers. The base plane is square, as high as a city wall, and the cross coupling hole of the four streets, all the big bricks, the architectural channels of the division, the west, south, and north. The two-story pavilion, the second floor of the external veranda hangs the party and national leaders and important foreign guests who come to Xingcheng inspector. The internal development of the cultural relics exhibition hall. Exhibition "Hongshan Culture" period (about five or six thousand years ago) and the precious unearthed cultural relics such as bone needles, pottery, knife currency during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Also set a giant leather drum. The large drum has a diameter of 2.25 meters (the whole cowhide trample), is a rare in the country. In 1995, Prime Minister Li Peng once visited this for the second time. Three floors are the National Hero Yuan Chonghuan General Wax Museum. This wax is a sultry, and the character is rich and delicate, and it seems to announce the determination of "I am with this city (Ningyuan City). Surrounded gallery, hits, Peng, Feilong, Zhu Gong Painting, Northwest Word Cave, there is stone steps can be up and down. When you board the drum tower, the ancient city scenery is full of eyes, and it is refreshing.

Chengquan Island

Xingcheng has a unique tourist resources, in the 42 square kilometers of region, set "City, Spring, Mountain, Sea, Island" in one, Ball joint, every year, the Chinese and foreign tourists will reach millions of Chinese and foreign tourists. The ancient city of the ancient city, the hot springs of Ruiqi, and the beautiful Shan Mountain, the blue waves of the sea, Taoyuan Xianghua Island, every attraction will be loose. The five major landscapes completed the sputum, adding a few gods to this ancient and young city.

Xingcheng Beide National Scenic Area is the only tourist resort in my country's only one of Jishan, Sea, Island, Spring and City. Here is the beautiful seashore known as the "Second North Daihe", there is a magnificent spring, there is a magnificent chrysanthemum island, there is a spa group with a leisure holiday atmosphere, and a well-preserved Ming and Qing Ancient City. Shan Mountain - located 2.5 km from the southeast of the city, with an external shape like a person. Pingpened, more than 300 meters above sea level, surrounded by water; there is also ancient gibes to build it, the temple pavilion is distributed. Looking at the viewing booth, the mountain customs inside and outside is full of eyes. The beach-water-8 km southeast is the waterfront. The waterfront bath is 14 kilometers, and the sand beach is slow, and the trend is stable, and there are 4 waterfront baths. Shore reef, green shadow, pavilion, Taiwan, building, hi, there is no time, the fun, there is a landscape such as "Three Remeasure Range". Hot Springs - 2.5 km in the southeast of the city, there is a hot spring, the poet of the Ming Dynasty, Tang Yan, poetry: "The spring is in the first, and the ground is not equited." Liao, golden period has been famous, so far, water temperature is still 70 degrees Celsius, containing a variety of chemical elements, can treat dozens of diseases, and has more than 50 nursing homes. Chrysanthemum Island - also known as Jerhua Island, in the 15 km of the city, beautiful mountains, ancient trees ginseng. There is Yoshan Island and Yama Island in the south, there is a grinding Mountain in the north. Liao Di is a Buddhist holy place, so far, it is still in the ruins of Longguang Temple, Haiyun Temple. There are also monuments such as Tang Wei Cave and Ming Dafa and Ming Dafa and other monuments, as well as natural landscapes such as nine stone, stone forest.

Geographic location

Xingcheng Ancient City is located at 120 ° 06 'to 120 ° 50', and between 40 ° 16 'to 40 ° 50' north latitude.

Xingcheng Ancient City Scenic Area

Travel Information

Traffic Information

Xingcheng Ancient City Yong Ningmen (West Gate) is only two or three hundred meters from Xingcheng Railway Station, walking distance It can be reached; it can also be taken from 1, 2, 3 to the Nanguan Station and walk to Nantuan Commercial Street, from Yanhumen (South Gate) to Xingcheng ancient city sightseeing.

Xingcheng to Jinzhou, the mountain customs is flowing through the train, to Jinzhou 1.5 hours, to the mountain customs 2.5 hours.

Train route:

Take the train, car of Xingcheng Station / Xingcheng Bus Terminal, can take Xingcheng Bus 1 / Xingcheng Bus 2 / Xingcheng Bus 3 The road is in the Get off at the ancient city south gate .

Take the train group train to the North Railway Station of Hulu Island, you can take the Huludao bus K3 Road, in the Liao Saita Station change Take Xingcheng Bus 2 / Xingcheng Bus 12 Road Get off at the ancient city south gate .

Take the train from Huludao Station, you can take the Huludao bus 9 in Nanguan Station get off.

Take the car of Huludao passenger station, you can take the Huludao bus No. 17 in Liaochuan Taiwan get off at Xingcheng Bus 2 / Xingcheng Bus 12 Get off at the ancient city south gate .

Self-driving route: from Shenyang, Beijing Shenyang Expressway, Under the exit of Xingcheng.

From Beijing, Beijing Haqi Express / G1, about 390 kilometers, from Xingcheng Exit (Jingcheng Toll Station).

Tourist line

Huludao travel line 1 According to the tourists, two types of fares are implemented, Take a ticket system for a single ride, the fare is 5 Yuan ; Single Day package is 10 yuan per person, and the tourists who purchase package can be transferred to any of the car for free.

The entire site is set up, and it is the Dragon Bay Beach - CBD Peace Plaza - Dragon Turning Scenic - Bikini Square - Xingcheng - Zhang Zuolin Villa - Silver Eradicin Yuancheng Shopping Center - Xingcheng Ancient City

practical information


Ancient city new ecological parking, parking is more convenient, management is more scientific .


There are many restaurants in Xingcheng Haibin Scenic Area, and the price of meals here is cheaper than the big cities such as Beijing, 10 yuan. Many, seafood is generally 20-30 yuan (not much more than 40 yuan), as long as you take a bar price, seafood can generally beat 20% off. However, pay attention to the roar of the real thing, rather than cutting the recipe, otherwise the price is cut down, and the vegetable amount is cut down.


The high, medium and low-end hotels in Xingcheng Haibin Scenic Area, the guest house should have. Like electricity reception, the Navy Guest House is cheap, affordable. With color TV, the double room of the bathroom, as long as 30--40 yuan per bed, you can take it at 10--20 yuan. You can also find Xinyi Hotel at the travel website.


Ancient city scenic spot has a pass and attractions tickets, 100 yuan / person, Yan Liaoguctor 40 yuan / person, city wall 25 yuan / People, Wen Temple 30 yuan / person, city wall 25 yuan / person, Zhonggu Building 20 yuan / person, will lead 5 yuan / person. 60-69 years old and half price, free of charge for 70 years old. Student ticket half price. Children are free of 130cm or less, over 130cm half price.

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