Xidan Commercial Street

Xidan North Street

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Xi Sidi Commercial Street South Quan Xuanwumen, north to Xinjiekou, 5.4 km. In October 1983, the Xicheng District proposed planning and transformation of the Western Street, and developed an industrial layout plan. In October 1990, Huawei Building was built. On January 15, 1991, Xidan Shopping Center tried to open. In 1992, the government identified the development ideas of "prosperity Xidan, developing Xicheng", and determines the prosperity of prosperity, driving the economic development of the district, and the whole district realizes the prosperity of the economy. In the same year, Beijing has successively passed the West Side Planning Program (referred to as "West Engineering"), and the southeast side of Xidan North Street.

Environmental transformation

In recent years, Xicheng District adheres to the commercial external environmental renovation and remediation of Xidan Region (Xi Ling Project), and has undoed nearly 100 zero-spared stalls; rectifying the light box advertisement, The window, enhanced the night lighting effect; trimmed the sidewalk tree; increased the pedestrian brick, the teeth, and renovated the road.

Business Service

Construction of Xidan Commercial Street adheres to the renovation of the old street and the development of multi-grade, multi-state, and distinctive development of modern commercial service industry, with the capital Times Square , BOC Building, Xidan Cultural Square, etc., etc., in the construction of the project, forming large-scale commercial facilities, new cultural, scientific consultation, intermediary, etc., making it an international advanced level, collectible, food , Entertainment, service, office, tidy, order, civilized, and bustling commercial street.

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