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axial compressor main products, energy recovery turbine means (the TRT), centrifugal compressors, centrifugal blowers, fans five categories of nearly 2000 Series 80 different specifications, mainly used in air separation, more than a dozen areas of the national economy metallurgy, petrochemical, power, urban construction, environmental protection and other pillar industries.

company performance

Over the years, Shaangu closely follow the market, strengthen independent technology research and development, innovation management, strengthen management, the work has achieved remarkable results. Many of which result is unique in the industry, such as:

1, key enterprises economic benefits of the 2004 National Machinery Industry index sorting, Shaangu ranked No. 14.

2, China Machinery Industry sales revenue sorting, Shaangu ranked No. 85.

July 18, 2005, "China Industry News" published 2005 China

3, industrial lines of business, Shaangu ranked first in the fan industry.

4, 2005, China Machinery Industry 500 sort Shaangu ranked No. 166.

5, axial compressor Shaangu and TRT (expander) both won the "National Famous Brand" title.

6, CCPP Shaanxi drum (axial + centrifugal) unit "National Famous Brand" title in 2006. Series of national patent technology.

7, Shaangu has won the national science and technology advanced enterprise, the enterprise customer satisfaction, the State 863 Project CIMS application demonstration enterprises, industrial machinery modern enterprise management and enterprise management model, "the quality and efficiency of advanced enterprises" and advanced enterprise Award.

Xi'an Shaani Drum Power Co., Ltd.

8, since 2003, was awarded the Xi'an tax "tax honesty and keeping promises" enterprise, Xi'an Municipal Government awarded the "Shou contract, re-credit" units.

9, since 2004, have been awarded "AAA" credit rating companies grade corporate clients Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, CITIC Bank and other six banks.

10, since 2002, Shaanxi drum stable domestic same industry leading position.

11, 2011 was selected in the first "national technology innovation business model."

12, 2005, the output value of enterprises has reached 25 billion yuan in 2006 reached 30 billion yuan, is expected in 2007 will reach 40 billion yuan. These results tree a new milestone in the history of the development of Shaanxi drum for Shaangu bigger and stronger, to achieve sustainable and efficient development and laid a solid foundation.

13, 2020 January 11, "2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility 500 excellent list," released in Xi'an, Shaanxi Drum Power Co. ranked No. 65.

14, 2020 September 16, elected to the national technological innovation model enterprises by 2020 review the list of evaluation.


sources of technology and the development of compressors

technology transfer and co-production

Shaangu in 1979 the introduction of the original Swiss company Sulzer license by way trade (now part of MAN-TURBO companies) compressors full range of axial flow compressor technology, since the 1980's to the present has independent design, manufacture nearly 700 axial flow compressor. The technology is widely used in the metallurgical furnace, catalytic cracking, nitric acid, fermentation, pharmaceutical, PTA, and other industries. After

In 1994, Shaanxi drum with the original Swiss company Sulzer signed a co-production agreement of centrifugal compressor 2002 incorporated into the MAN-TURBO company Sulzer company, but also to continue with the MANN-TURBO We signed an agreement to co-production of centrifugal compressors. In recent years, Shaanxi drum and another from Germany, the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, etc. purchased multiple advanced real gas centrifugal compressor basic level.


while grasping design technology, attention Shaangu manufacturing technology and also to improve the manufacturing level. Since 2000, the Shaanxi drum inputs more than 70 million yuan of funds for technological upgrading equipment, the manufacturing level Shaanxi drum fan Habitat industry-leading level. Meanwhile, the establishment of a specialized collaborative networks, taking advantage of specialized processing of domestic resources, the production capacity of Shaanxi drum has been greatly improved, so that all co-production and transformation projects were required to complete the contract. Through the implementation of co-production and transformation projects, Shaanxi Drum mastered the large air compressor and centrifuge processing and manufacturing technology.

Shaangu have the original introduction of technical computing software for a number of upgrade and improvement, technology has been successfully introduced into Shaangu own technology world-class level of aerodynamic calculation software. Special media master compressor air and nitrogen oxides, synthesis gas, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and other gas circulation aerodynamic design.

system technology and complete sets of technology

Shaangu is a pioneer of system technology and complete sets of technology research and application within the industry, through the study of the process system and study complex units, Shaanxi drum sets have mastered the complex technical systems and technology units and compressors. Such as: Shaanxi drum has been designed, complete sets of more than 200 sets of large and complex units, including more than 40 sets of units nitric acid; 600,000 tons of PTA unit level, has contracted more than 30 sets of large-scale engineering contracting projects, including Jin opened 270,000 tons / engineering contracting projects in the nitric acid plant.

automation and control technology

Shaanxi drum unit instrumentation and automation control technology from the introduction of technology, and then after with the actual after years of constant development, has been recognized by our customers and domestic praise, especially the coordination and performance of large and complex units and process equipment with automatic control system reliability, integrity, reasonable, advanced industry has maintained a leading position. For example: PTA units, large units nitric acid, catalytic cracking unit, air separation unit and so on, the commitment to import foreign units instrumentation and automation system design, software programming, system commissioning and commissioning, user training.

Listing of

2010 Nian 4 15 April. Xi'an, Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd. initial public offering of RMB ordinary shares (A shares) 109,251,349 shares have been the China Securities Regulatory Commission license [2010] No. 375 approved the text. April 28, the company is publicly traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the funds raised 161,766.43 yuan, the company stock code: 601 369, abbreviated name: Shaanxi Drum Power. The lead underwriter for the China International Capital Corporation Limited.

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