Xerographic Copier

Product introduction

The electrostatic copier is a convenient document copying device, also called Xerographic printing or electrophotographic; Xerographic copiers are usually divided into two categories: indirect electrostatic copying and direct electrostatic copying.

The printing process of electrostatic copiers is to project the original text or image onto a semiconductor plane. , And then apply a layer of reflective load powder on the surface, the charged area can quickly absorb the load powder, thus get a powder map, and then transfer the powder map to the white paper, heating and drying, you can get a The fixed file is exactly the same as the original.

The world's first dry-plate photoelectric copier came out in 1949 and was put into production by the American Hammond Company.

Because the copier is quick and convenient when copying a small number of documents, and can keep the original original, it has quickly been promoted and used, and it has become a commonly used modern office equipment.

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