Wuhu Binjiang Park


forty-six years before the Ming Dynasty (1618), but the "Unfinished work", "wreck the second floor." Qing Emperor Kangxi eight years (1669) "Reconstruction, is completed."

First, the two-story building in the Ming Dynasty, three, four, five-story building in the Qing Dynasty, spanning around 60 years. Forming a five-story octagonal tower feng shui, "outlet to the town."

masonry tower, 35 meters high, was built when the tower there is a river of brake brimmed.

are each one on each side, each side of the door a window, designed for nighttime home lamp, navigation and from the vessel, so called in the column marked Jiang Wuhu geographical location.

Wuhu Riverside Park (3)

In ancient times, people from the Yangtze River in Jiujiang to Jingkou (Zhenjiang) period, called the River, and obtaining the appropriate Wuhu place, so it is in the name of the river; said ancient river, east Taihu Lake, west flow of the Yangtze River, Wuhu ancient land that is in the river, which is called Wuhu in the river, the river tower hence the name. As early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Northern and Southern Dynasties, where the small tower has become the Yangtze River, Qingyi River two vessels night lighthouse beacon for ships entering Wuhu. Before the 2007 flood season, flood wall transformation had been fully completed; resist the rare Yangtze River floods.

Second, traffic function, Riverside Bridge through early 2008, communication Qingyi River north and south, the north and south of the river opened the Wuhu channel; building a healthy way and the river tower underpass is the formation of local small cycles, reduce traffic pressure on the main road;

Third, landscape construction, composed of up to 2 kilometers of Riverside Scenic Area, set flood control, culture, landscape, transportation, commerce, leisure, tourism and many other functions into one, highlight Riverside landscape of the new era of people living environment.


Wuhu City, Anhui Jinghu District Riverside Road


Park scenery

Main Attractions

Jiang tower Park is a big attraction in the park, there are trestle, water, Wuhu City, two more iconic tower - tower and river in Riverside tower.

Jiang Tower has a long history, ancient tower at sunset shadow oblique already seared into people's hearts Wuhu, Wuhu Riverside Tower is a modern, young and symbol of Wuhu, "fish" shaped figure standing in the same green Yijiang shore. Matched two towers, marking the perfect fusion of ancient and modern.

Not far from the old Customs bell provincial key cultural relics protection units, it is Wuhu port open to testimony.

People love to pursue here in the late history, here has become a great attraction for outdoor photo shoot.

As one of more than 40 old China Customs, Excise Wuhu old started to build in 1876, 1877 officially switch, special taxes levied import and export cargo ship shipped with the Secretary General of the Department of the British consul customs management, keep a close watch harbor, navigation, handling of postal, meteorological and other services, it is also responsible for inspection of opium smuggling.

Let this building 100 years ago, through rivers and seas historic building at sunset way forever reside.

Wuhu old customs Bell

Wuhu Riverside Park (9)

On the best place to watch Riverview, Kyrgyzstan and squares certainly among them, where the sight of all Tongjiang is open. The segment with large water feature as the main feature, set the fountain.

spectacular theme music fountain up to over 80 meters, the equivalent of 20 storeys high, the fountain also simulate fire, described as "fire and water blend."

Kyrgyzstan and plaza facing the Catholic Church in Wuhu, Anhui province key units.

In addition, the river's water platform, layers of high and low level, dedicated to the tourists the opportunity to get close to the river.

boardwalk park is a scene, walk over to see the river from a height, with sweeping river view, but also high flood wall to hide under the boardwalk. Every night, walking in the boardwalk couples, couples numerous.

park also opened a special children's park, not much, but all of the most innovative rides are all imported equipment.

The "moon rocket" for the first time the introduction of a domestic recreational facilities, as well as sand traps, rocking chair for children to play.

Wuhu Riverside Park (3)

scenic areas along the Yangtze River, the most attractive to the number of Zuozuo fancier, sculptures, and they are also tourists taking pictures of choice for framing.

ancient rice market bustling, hard-working woman riverside Huanxi, the vicissitudes of the fishermen stoop tow, crab claws in Congjiang rampant ashore ...... these sculptures are a true reflection of this riverside Wuhu views of the city. It is reported that Riverside Park from south to north, a total of 16 sculptures.

Wuhu Riverside Park (3)

In addition, the park green grass, lush bamboo forest, as well as peach, jujube, loquat and other fruit trees and sweet-scented osmanthus , Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora and other dozens of trees, flowers environment, and become a good place for late morning exercises to practice, come to visit every day of visitors.

In Riverside Park, you can lean on a railing overlooking rolling in the Yangtze River, and the river boat ship wheel, you can also look back and see our beautiful city: the river after another high-rise towers, modern city atmosphere blowing ...... < / p>

Riverview, landscaped, panoramic city views ...... can in Riverside Park.

Here both the natural landscape, but also the cultural landscape, I believe we can cater view of the Yangtze River, Wuhu travel desire.

scenic features

Wuhu Riverside Park Sculpture (5)

Wuhu City, Riverside Park pursuit of high taste of design, through an international tender, the Dutch national architectural design firm won the bid Rita undertake comprehensive design tasks.

Riverside Park landscape design incorporates Wuhan, the essence of Shanghai along with the landscape, highlighting the European style, cited river into the city, pushing the city into the river, the river soul recast as a construction concept, the impregnable levees without a trace of hidden among the picturesque landscape, the flood, landscape transportation, business and many other features combine to improve the urban environment, the people, improve the quality of life, the formation of Chinese and Western architectural styles, but also protection, restoration, has deep cultural integration heritage of ancient architecture Catholic church, old customs, Swire dock, the river tower.

Wuhu Riverside Park is open to a project, from the original Wuhu Qingyi River entrance to a rice mill, including tourist pier plaza, customs Park, Riverside specialty commercial corridor, Kyrgyzstan and squares, the river at Tower Park 5 big government in the landscape of public construction projects, consisting of up to 2 kilometers of Riverside Scenic Area.

traffic routes

city by bus 15/27/42 Road to Riverside Park station or Theater can stop

bus No.15

(Yan Chai hospital, bright community - first people's hospital) first class 06: 00- 19:00 last bus

bus 27 Road

(Nanxiangwanshang - New Town North mouth) first class 06: 00- last bus 19:00

42-way bus

(east of the city transit hub - new city at North) first class 06: 00- last bus 19:00

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